Over the years, fans have actually loved the town hall Jennifer Garner and also Ben Affleck‘s three adorable youngsters grow up in the spotlight. As their eldest daughter, Violet Affleck, gets older, the resemblance between her and her renowned mama becomes an ext and more uncanny. In fact, Jen’s firstborn boy looks favor the actress’ total mini-me!

Even despite Violet — that was born on December 1, 2005 — has always looked choose the Peppermint star, the similarities in between the two came to be especially evident after Jennifer and her kiddo were spotted taking a stroll around their L.A. Community in early on April. The mother-daughter duo looked favor twins together they took pleasure in fresh waiting while security some high quality time together.

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“Violet a genuine mommy’s girl,” a source told In Touch Weekly. “Not only does she look the same to Jen, lock share similar personality traits, too, favor their passion for cooking.”

The gorgeous teens is additionally just together caring as her mama — especially when it pertains to her younger sister, Seraphina, and also baby brother, Samuel. “Violet’s extremely protective and really watches the end for she siblings,” the insider shared. “She’s exceptionally mature for her age.”


When Violet’s no in the kitchen v the Alias alum, you can usually discover her outdoors with her friends and family. “She loves sports, especially soccer,” the source continued. “They pat in tournaments with other children but also have a blast practicing v Ben in his backyard! Samuel gets affiliated too.”

Considering Violet is quickly farming up, it won’t be long prior to she starts dating and also doing other things. However, Jen previously shared why she won’t let her eldest daughter on Instagram despite currently being a teen.


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“Without also having parental who space well-known, i worry about all kids having to address this brand-new pressure. My daughter’s in ~ an all-girl school, and it’s such a huge problem,” the actress revealed throughout an illustration of “Next question With Katie Couric” in November 2019. “She’ll sometimes talk to me around getting Instagram, and I have the right to see why since I’m ~ above there and also it’s something sort of funny that i do, and also I to be modeling the contrary of what I desire for her to do.”

It looks prefer we’ll have to stay tuned because that the day when Jen allows Violet sign up with social media!

Scroll through the gallery listed below to check out photos the the mother-daughter duo through the years. 


May 2021

Violet accompanied she dad, Ben Affleck, ~ above an ice cream run, where she looked all set for summer in a pair of in its entirety shorts. In ~ one point, the actor lovingly placed his arm approximately his oldest child as they walked under the sidewalk in L.A.


July 2020

Jennifer and also Violet looked deep in conversation together they walked down the beach in Malibu ~ above July 22. The teenager is currently as tall together her 5-foot-8 mother. While lock look so lot alike, Violet deserve to no much longer be referred to as Jen’s “mini-me” v her height!

June 2020

Violet sported blue denim jeans and also an lover sweatshirt that review “Favorite Daughter” when out with her dad, Ben, and also his girlfriend, Ana de Armas, in June 2020. Jen’s spitting image made certain to defend herself native coronavirus together she wore a challenge mask throughout their outing come the supermarket.

April 2020

Jennifer and Violet looked at sight adorable together they strolled around L.A. On April 13. Because Los Angeles “is on lockdown” between the coronavirus pandemic, Jen’s been “having to keep occupied” in new ways, a source told Closer Weekly. 

October 2019

Pretty ladies! The mother-daughter pair sported similar ensembles while shopping together in October 2019. The golden Globe winner wore a two-toned skirt and also gray top, while her look-alike daughter stepped the end in a polka-dot dress.

April 2019

Jen and also Violet donned gorgeous mididresses while attending church through their renowned family in April 2019. Look just how well she go in heels!

December 2018

Former pair Ben and Jen were photographed leaving church after ~ attending a service with their children, Violet, Seraphina, and also Samuel, in December 2018. Their little girl looked adorable as she sported a floral button-up dress paired v cute sandals and also french braids — entirely a look at her renowned mom, Jen, would certainly wear!

August 2018

Jennifer posed v her Violet in august 2018 together she was honored through a star ~ above the Hollywood walk of Fame. At the unique event, the lovely actress was likewise accompanied by her friends, family and her two various other kids, however it to be Violet’s resemblance to her mom that really caught everyone’s attention.

March 2018

Violet looked just like her mom’s mini-me when the 2 touched under at LAX Airport after a fun expedition in march 2018.

February 2018

Jen and Violet were spotted shopping in February 2018. Jen looked casual together she wore a white and red stripe tee paired through jeans and sneakers while Violet rocked her college uniform.

July 2017

Jen donned a cute rose-patterned dress once she was spotted taking Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel come church in summer 2017. Though Violet was a little smaller than she is now in this pic, she quiet looks favor a perfect younger variation of her mom!

December 2016

Seraphina joined her mom and older sister because that a rapid outing in December 2016. If Violet’s looks favor mommy Jen, Seraphina absolutely looks choose her dad, Ben!

September 2015

The twosome to be dressed cool and also casual for their September 2015 outing come the ice cream shop! Violet opted to undertake her brief tresses over she shoulders, while mommy Jen tied she locks up in a ponytail.

January 2013

Seeing double! The Elektra actress and her youngster looked choose fashionistas together they to be spotted out in L.A. In January 2013.

April 2011

Jen and also Violet both wore sunglasses together they stepped out in April 2011. The doting mom lugged her lover mini-me on she shoulders while enjoy it their funny outing.

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June 2010

Little Violet verified off her equivalent dimples while out and around with she mama in June 2010. We can’t think how lot she’s grown up since!

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