The fact star verified off her 38-week baby bump ~ above Snapchat, which method we space that lot closer to conference Jenelle and also David Eason‘s baby daughter, Ensley. This would make her due date roughly the 29th that this month.

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Jenelle and David — who started dating in September 2015 — announced in August that they space expecting a baby together. Both have two youngsters from previous relationships.



Baby renders four! The pregnant star posed with her 2 sons, Jace and also Kaiser.

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Snack time! Jenelle"s infant bump looked therefore cute in this sun dress when she take it a food break.

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Jenelle got serious backlash end this photo, together the mommy-to-be had tiny Kai out during a hurricane.

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Pumpkin picking! Jenelle proudly flaunted her infant bump while enjoying a family members day out.

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Bumpin"! Jenelle was very open around showing off her infant bump on social media this time around.

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David take it this stunning photo of Jenelle and also her bang overlooking the water. You deserve to tell he"s therefore excited!

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Awards show ready! Jenelle and Ensley looked fabulous at the 2016 MTV video clip Music Awards.

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Always snappin"! Jenelle take it this infant bump pic when on a roadway trip and also shared the to her Snapchat story.

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How clever! for Halloween, Jenelle to be a "mummy" and also wrapped little Ensley up through toilet paper and a pink bow.

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Any day now! She captioned this pic, "I"m still very pregnant everyone."

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We"re gaining closer! This current snap point out 38 weeks because that Jenelle.

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Jenelle is completely embracing her third pregnancy! She captioned this pic, "My veins look choose webs!"

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