The Aquaman star said he hopes to make a movie through his girlfriend Dwayne Johnson once the actors" schedules align

The 41-year-old Aquaman star appeared virtually ~ above The Tonight display Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday, wherein he spoke about his longtime friendship with Johnson, 49. The 2 actors have actually been pals for almost 20 years after meeting in Hawaii though a shared friend, and during the interview, Momoa voiced his really hopes that castle will have the ability to make a movie together as soon as the time is right.

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"We do the efforts to obtain together and make a movie together however it's just he's method busier than I am and also I'm pretty liven right now so, one of these days!" the said.

Host Jimmy Fallon excitedly replied, "You need to make a movie together!" prior to Momoa joked the it's definitely possible because Johnson actually owes that a favor.

"We will! and it's yes, really cool because now he's type of in my bag so ns can call him up and be like, 'Yo!' and I obtained him," the star said.

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In April, Momoa aided Johnson memory his daughter Tiana Gia's third birthday by sending a personalized video message indigenous Aquaman, one of her favorite superheroes.

"I'm sorry ns couldn't be there yet I love you and also tell your papa that ns love the too," Momoa stated in the celebratory video. "I'll check out you soon, happy 3rd birthday. Farewell Jazzy, taking leave Tia, love you."

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The Jungle Cruise star filmed the sweet moment his daughters Tiana and Jasmine, 5, both of whom he shares with wife Lauren Hashian, to be glued come the television screen, and also called the birthday girl's reaction "priceless."

"I had actually to make the's what daddy's carry out 💪🏾🌺," Johnson captioned the clip. "I can't say thanks to my brother
prideofgypsies enough for do this adoring 3yr old's birthday the best EVER. She reaction is priceless and what it's every about."