Jane Fonda is well-known for her remarkable career and inspiring activist work, but her world doesn’t revolve around entertainment and also showbiz. Transparent the years of she decades-long run in Hollywood, the Grace and also Frankie star provided love a shot through her three ex-husbands, i get it Vadim, Tom Hayden and Ted Turner.

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The Barbarella actress stated “I do” through her an initial husband, Roger, in 1965. The couple was together for three years before welcoming their only child, Vanessa Vadim, in September 1968. Return the two called it quits in 1973, Jane and also the late French movie director — who passed away in 2000 — stayed on good terms.


“When i was married come Roger, one day, among his girlfriend said, ‘God, Jane, you’re just like us,"” the Oscar winner recalled to British Vogue in 2019. “And ns took it as a compliment!”

Shortly after she divorce was finalized in 1973, jane walked under the aisle, this time with Tom, that very same year. Just months later in July, the book Club star offered birth to the couple’s son, Troy Garity. They also later embraced their daughter, Mary Luana William, as soon as she to be 15 years old in 1982.


Jane and also the late activist — who passed away in 2016 — delighted in 17 year of marriage prior to going your separate ways in 1990. Back she stayed solitary for much of the next decade, this wouldn’t be the critical of Jane’s marriages.

The Barefoot in the Park star married for the 3rd and final time in 1991 to Ted. Jane and also the American media mogul were with each other for an ext than 10 years, return they never had any children. Castle ultimately break-up in 2001.

Following her three nuptials, Jane entered a new relationship once she met music producer Richard Perry in 2009. Fans wondered if she would exchange vows because that a 4th time as the pair seemed to it is in going strong, yet the two finished their eight-year romance in 2017.


Nowadays, woman is very content through living life together a single lady. “I’m not dating anymore, but I walk up till a couple of years ago,” she called Extra in 2018. “I’ve closed up shop under there!”

While the Emmy compensation winner said Page Six she wishes she would have “been better” at preserving her previous marriages, she has no interest in detect love again at this suggest in her life. “I don’t want to. See, ns live by myself. I have the right to watch everything I desire on TV,” she jokingly said the outlet in march 2021. “So ns don’t ever before want to be married again.”

Scroll v the gallery listed below to learn more about Jane’s ex-hubbies!


Roger Vadim — 1965-1973

At the moment Jane met Roger, he was a heavyweight in the entertainment business. Not only was the a screenwriter and director, however he likewise produced and also occasionally acted. He’s finest known because that his work-related in And God created Woman, Barbarella and Pretty Maids every in a Row. Roger also authored a handful of books, consisting of Bardot, Deneuve, FondaMemoirs of the Devil and more.

Before Jane, roger was married come his very first wife, Brigitte Bardot, native 1952 come 1957, too as Annette Stroyberg native 1958 to 1961. Following his divorce with Jane in 1973, i get it tied the knot two more times. He was married come his 4th wife, Catherine Schneider, native 1975 to 1977, and Marie-Christine Barrault from 1990 come 2000.

Sadly, i get it passed away in 2000 ~ a battle with cancer. He was 72.


Tom Hayden — 1973-1990

Like his wife Jane, Tom was really prominent on every fronts once it came to activism. Not just was the a committed political and also social activist, the was also an author as well as a politician. That eventually came to be the director at the Peace and also Justice resource Center.

Before trading vows with Jane in 1973, Tom claimed “I do” with his first wife, Casey Cason, in 1961, yet the two finished their marital relationship a year later. He likewise married his third wife, Barbara Williams, in 1993. The pair were with each other for over a decade till Tom passed away at period 76 in 2016 following an illness and stroke.

Ted Turner (1991-2001)

Ted is best known together the founder that the Cable network CNN, as well as the driving force behind TBS. The is additionally a producer and philanthropist, and helped placed the Atlanta Braves and also professional wrestling earlier on the map.

Although Ted did no remarry ~ he and Jane split, he is the proud dad the his 5 kids, Laura, Jennie, Beau, Robert and Rhett, from other relationships.

In 2018, Ted revealed the he is battling Lewy body dementia.

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