JACKSON, MI – Those wanting to visit cabinet Block 7 space running out of time to suffer what life was prefer behind bars in a Jackson prison.

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The Ella sharp Museum has actually announced it’s permanently closing the jail museum it opened five years earlier at the previous State prison of southerly Michigan. The last day of procedure is Dec. 29.

High operational costs were component of the decision to close the five-floor, 516-cell, seven-block building, Ella spicy Museum executive, management Director Diane Gutenkauf said.

Cell Block 7 is a partnership between the Michigan room of Corrections and the museum. The expense of keeping the building operational was as well high for MDOC, and also the Ella spicy Museum decided taking top top the price was too an excellent for it, too, and didn’t to the right the museum’s mission, Gutenkauf said.

“This was more than we could sustain, so we involved that very challenging decision that us really essential to wind the down,” she said.

More than 35,000 visitors have actually been to cell Block 7 because it opened in June 2014, according to a news relax from the museum. MDOC stopped real estate prisoners in the basic in 2007.

Current exhibits encompass the history of prisons in Jackson because 1837, a collapse heroes memorial, the story that the 1952 riot and more, follow to the museum’s website.

Three movies have actually been filmed there, consisting of a 2018 movie certification Robert Redford dubbed “The Old Man and also the Gun.” Robert De Niro stared in the 2010 movie “Stone,” which used the museum because that filming, as did the hilary Swank movie “Conviction.” Keepsakes from the three films are on display screen in various cells.

Some that the artefacts from cell Block 7 will go ago to the Ella sharp Museum, including oral histories of human being who were imprisoned or functioned there, Gutenkauf said.

“We think that telling the story that Jackson’s prisons is a huge piece that the story of our community,” she said. “We are sad to lose that very visceral suffer of walking right into that space, yet I think we deserve to do justice to informing the story with the food of our operations right here at the Ella sharp Museum.”

The museum, 3455 Cooper St., is open from 10 a.m. To 5 p.m. Friday with Sunday through Dec. 29. Tickets are $15 because that adults, $8 for kids 5 to 17 and also $10 for legislation enforcement, military and corrections employees.

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