For those who recognize me personally, they recognize I say what is on my mind, based much more upon logic than emotion, and also they know I am a Christian. I create this learning those who recognize me will gain it, and also hoping that those that don’t recognize me will certainly not take this blog as offensive come our God.As a REALTOR, ns help two – 3 dozen families each year through the biggest financial decision their family will face. Even outside of real estate, together a Believer, I hear the comment plenty of times the if God desires it come happen, he will certainly make that happen. Over my 9 years in actual estate, yes, I have clients call me that if God wants their home sold, climate he will make that happen, nevertheless of mine effort, regardless of the market, nevertheless of lenders, nevertheless of current price!

As a Believer, I completely know and also trust the God can make noþeles happen. Anything! he made this Earth and also all it’s resources and also inhabitants, including us. He can do all things – Period! But God’s abililty to make something take place can’t it is in questioned when He doesn’t make something happen. Do sense? over there is a difference between having the capacity to do something and actually act it.One of God’s biggest characteristics detailed to united state as humans, is our free will. We have actually the free will to do a decision to monitor Christ or not, why would certainly we also not have actually the cost-free will to do decisions that impact real estate, and other factors of our personal lives? The biggest gift detailed to us is eternal life with Christ, yet God doesn’t make united state accept Christ and follow His will. If God will certainly not ‘make’ everyone expropriate him, and also follow his every desire, together a dictator would, why execute we periodically throw it the end there the God will certainly make it occur if he desires to? What is an ext rewarding? Someone following you due to the fact that you do them perform it, or someone that chooses, based upon your own free will, to follow you?Maybe I to be what God has sent come you. To guide you, defend you, and to use my knowledge and expertise for the advantage of her family, based top top God’s desire? as Believers, we have actually the holy Spirit to guide us, due to the fact that we can’t do it on our own. The holy Spirit help us, everyday, through discerning what is the will of God. Execute you believe that God puts world and tasks in ours path? even if it is to advantage from that interaction, or periodically to endure from it! What about the an excellent Samaritan? must the hurt traveler have actually rejected the services provided by the Samaritan and waited because that God to provide him personally? I can see the injured traveler now, “No thanks, ns don’t need your help. Allow the blood continue to circulation out. No, you re welcome don’t acquire me out of the wilderness and into safety. If God desires to save me the will present up himself.”I am always nervous once I hear one more Believer do comments, and also act, ~ above the concept that they deserve to sit ago and perform nothing and also God will certainly make it every happen. God never tells us to carry out nothing. The is in reality the opposite. Throughout the Bible, God’s people were directed to action! so why then, execute Christians not listen to reason, or the existing market data, or the experienced opinion and direction the those that are maybe put in their path based upon God’s desire to help them?As a side note, ns guess this blog is intended because that Christian clients. I would certainly assume that if you don’t believe in God, then you aren’t making the comments about if that is to be, God will make the happen.Without a doubt, ns truly believe that God has provided me with methods in real estate to overview my client according to His will. To administer them with moral intent because that the betterment of their family, based upon your situation, without the affect of selfish desire on mine part. This doesn’t average that God can’t make your residence sell nevertheless of price ,or condition, or the local market. Nor, as a buyer, obtain the perfect house for the very low ball sell you submitted. God have the right to do all things regardless the efforts, direction, or influence from a genuine estate agent, the local sector or third party entities such as lenders, appraisers, and buyers. Trust me, I have seen some houses sell that it had to it is in God! There was no logical sense why that residence sold!The good news is that God listens, and there room actions we deserve to take to aid our particular real heritage needs.

Do pray for your house, whether that sells or not. Pray that every human who enters with your doors will sense God and also will want to know him more. Pray for God to send buyers who will be blessed by life in her house and also who will certainly serve him. Pray the God will direct you to the right location for her own brand-new home. “Come to my aid, O God. O Lord, make haste to aid me. Friend promised those who ask, would receive, those that seek, would find, those that knock, would have doors opened up to them. Hear the prayers of her church, provide my requests, and pardon mine sins. Amen.”Don’t succumb come superstitions or look for “luck”. These are shortcuts which attempt to manipulate God so friend can control your own life. Understand that God is on your side as you placed him first. That’s a entirety lot better than every the happy in the world.Pray that God will reveal Himself, and His will, to you. Pray the God will give you the discernment you should make education decisions based ~ above the expertise of those supporting you.Don’t be embarrased to ask God for aid with your genuine estate needs. God is thrilled the you asked because that His assist to market your home. “May the Lord approve your heart’s desires and also make all your plans succeed.” – Psalm 20:4.Know that God cares because that you. 1 Peter 5:7 “casting all your care upon Him, because that He cares because that you”, NKJV. Matthew 11:28-30, “Come to Me, every you that labor and also are heavy laden, and also I will provide you rest. Take My yoke ~ above you and also learn native Me, for ns am gentle and also lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Because that My yoke is easy and also My load is light.” NKJV. 3 john 2 “Beloved, ns pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” NKJV

Certainly over there are many factors involved in marketing a home such as current market, present pricing, state that the neighborhood economy, etc. However as far as praying for a house to it is in sold, quickly, at the best price is concerned, it’s all about unwavering faith, that God will carry out proper discernment and direction follow to His will. What matters many is having the belief that God hears and answers our prayers according to His will, and it is feasible that God’s will is that the house is to sell based upon the current market activity, the person who lives demand, and also professional instruction of a real estate expert.So i don’t ‘preach’ to simply clients, allow me direct this come those that are actual estate agents. The above holds true as well. Her success together an agent is something God might ordain without much action from you, yet that is not likely. Success together a real estate agent relies on your desire and will, and also definitely not specifically on your skill. Seek discernment and direction indigenous God on what you need to do come be successful as a genuine estate agent, not just to support your an individual and family members needs, but to serve the requirements of those friend come throughout and represent.I had an certified dealer of mine call me one time that if God want her to close transactions, then God would administer her with clients and deliver transactions to her, there is no her having actually to perform anything. She is no longer in the business.

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Possibly that was God’s will certainly for she to no be in actual estate. Probably she missed part incredible methods desired by God since she wouldn’t put a small desire and also will right into her very own actions.