plan a trip to Florida in the wintertime is a great feeling. Prior to you pack your suitcase, you might be wonder if you can swim in Florida in the wintertime. After all, it’s still winter.

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You can certainly swim in Florida in the wintertime. Florida boasts several of the finest water temperatures in the continental united States, year-round. Yet just due to the fact that you can swim doesn’t median that the water temperature is walking to be warm. If you’re perceptible to the cold, you might want to consider a wetsuit for your Florida winter trip.

The ideal time of year to swim in Florida is going to be in between April and October when the water is walk to it is in the mildest. The water temperature is generally going to be warmest the farther southern you go in the state. If you’re heading down towards an essential West or Naples, you probably won’t have an worry swimming. Also, save in mind that anything top top the western coast of Florida is bound to it is in warmer due to the fact that the Gulf that Mexico is actually warmer 보다 the Atlantic.

Where Is The Warmest place In Florida In The Wintertime?

The warmest median temperature in Florida is going come be uncovered in the Miami area. What’s an average year-round temperature of around 74 levels it is 1 comfortable ar to be. That’s simply the mean temperature; in reality, it’s typically up around 80 degrees. Orlando’s generally about 10 levels colder, which tho isn’t bad.

In the wintertime, the Everglades boasted a temperature of around 71 degrees. That’s during the day. No issue where you walk in Florida in the wintertime photo won’t be cold by most standards. Across-the-board, the temperature spread in Florida is quite close. No matter what time of year you’re visiting, the morning and also evening space both walk to be the chilliest time.

St. Andrews State Park in Florida throughout the winter

Is it Warm sufficient To swimming In Orlando In February?

Orlando is one of the peak vacation destinations in the world. This is where the majority of the template parks are. The concern really boils down to room you talking around swimming in the ocean, or room you talking about swimming in the hotel pool?

The water temperature during the wintertime in Florida is going to be in between the mid-60s and low 70s. Therefore it’s absolutely going to be warm sufficient to swimming in. Especially compared to what say like North Dakota. If you’re going come swim in the ocean, you could want to usage a wetsuit this will keep several of your body heat in and the chill of the water out. Most of the hotel swim pools are actually heated. Therefore yes, you can certainly swim in them throughout the winter.

Can girlfriend Swim In Florida In March?

You can definitely swim in Florida in March. This is just prior to the peak swimming season start in Florida. Water temperature are beginning to rise, and also the weather patterns space usually lovely. The water might still have actually a chilled on it, specifically in the morning and in the evening. Temperatures around Sunrise room generally about 53°. Temperatures in the at an early stage evening space usually down in the low 70s. The locals could look in ~ you a small bit funny, but you can certainly swim.

Is Florida warm All Year round?

In this case, warm is a loved one term.

Orlando, Florida

Compared to the desert, it’s not going to it is in heated. Compared to the remainder of the unified States, it will be warm in the wintertime. Spring is usually a really comfortable time in Florida. The daytime temperatures are usually in the mid-80s v a tenderness breeze. Summertime in Florida deserve to be hot and muggy.

This is additionally the rainy season. Sometimes you can tell whether the rain is falling under or up. V its subtropical climate, Florida is a beautiful destination, no matter what time that year. The northern part of the state is normally a tiny cooler 보다 the southern part. Therefore your loved one warmth is walk to be in relation directly to your geographical location in Florida. The Panhandle is definitely a small chilly. Save in mind the the entire state is subject to cold snaps in the winter. Warmth is not a direct science, and also you can’t guess it. It does occasionally snow also in Florida.

Is Miami Warmer 보다 Orlando?

A pathway in Miami beach

Miami is typically warmer 보다 Orlando. The temperature difference is usually about 10 degrees. The median yearly temperature in Miami is about 74 degrees. The mean temperature in Orlando is roughly 64. The difference is often ties into the wind and also humidity. Throughout the summer, Orlando is walking to be less warm than Miami, but you won’t really an alert the difference because of the moisture. In the evening, the wind can also be a factor.

Orlando is top top the eastern coastline of Florida, which means all of its wind comes from the Atlantic. Miami is in ~ the southern pointer of Florida. It gets the wind native the Atlantic and the wind crossing end from the Gulf of Mexico. The winds from the western side room going to it is in warmer.

A “sandman” in Florida coast (we didn’t take it the photograph – uncovered it top top a stock photograph site and thought it to be funny!)

Bring a swimming fit along

Whenever you’re traveling, it’s always a good idea to bring a wide selection of garments with you. No matter what time that year you’re going, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit come Florida and be prepared for anything. If the weather is nice, you might just use it to take a dive in the hotel pool – or because that a more adventurous outing come the beach, or a neighborhood swimming hole.

Consider a wetsuit too

If you’re bending on swim in Florida during wintertime and also don’t choose cold water, a wetsuit might actually be a good idea. This is especially true if you setup on swimming through manatees. Manatees go additional inland throughout wintertime, trying to find warmer water, but that temperature may still be also low for comfort for many people.

The solution is to wear a wetsite the helps insulate girlfriend from the cold. Here’s a recommended model (Amazon link) –


Important reminder –

If swimming with manatees is the focus of her trip, take it the time and plan ahead. Plenty of state parks and reserves don’t enable swimming, come prevent people from bothering these fragile creatures. Your ideal bet might be to take it an organized tour. Tour operators can get you to an area where swimming through manatees is legal. They also know the ideal spots to find the most manatees, which gets you the ideal chance because that an encounter.

These operators often carry out visitors with wetsuits as soon as needed. That’s where planning ahead comes handy – you may not need to buy among your own and also bring it along.

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Florida can be fun – all year around

As with every destination, you need some luck in acquiring the best feasible weather, however in Florida, there’s a an excellent chance you’ll obtain just that during wintertime. Swimming is a definite option. V a swimsuit if girlfriend don’t mind cool water, or with a wetsuit if you do.