It’s no surprise that in several workplaces across the country, employee are forced to submit to random drug screenings. Now, a Republican lawmaker wants members of congress to send to the same. Representative Clay Higgins (R-LA) introduced a resolution request senators and representatives to undergo a random drug test when every term.

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Higgins declared members must be topic to the exact same kind of drug screening the working-class Americans have to endure. Why? the believes Congress must not acquire to live through a different collection of rules, and maintain accountability and also ensure sober business to ?We, the People.? His decision come after Higgins had to undergo a random medicine test while serving as reserve deputy marshal because that the city the Lafayette, Louisiana.

Higgins is a first-term congressman up because that re-election this November 2018 and also created this proposal after points he?s ?personally witnessed? ~ above Capitol Hill. Under Rep. Clay Higgin?s new bill, which has actually no cosponsors as of yet, members of conference would have to reimburse taxpayers for all cost related to medicine screenings and be report to the home or Senate Committee of ethics Committee if the test optimistic for illegal substances.What?s the best component of this bill? If lawmakers refuse to obtain tested, their name would be make public.

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Higgins was an initial endorsed this summer by president Donald Trump and has previously made headlines in the previous for inflammatory comments, and also eye-raising antics, inciting that this is no a “stunt.” that first suggest the idea of testing members for substance in June v a on facebook live but hasn’t actually confirmed or stated whether he has seen any colleagues abusing any form of drug. Yet, v an interview through Monroe News-Star, Higgins stated:

?Based upon few of the habits I?ve seen, I?d be really interested to understand what sort of illegal drugs space flowing with the veins that our elected officials in Washington, D.C. It?s about our human body adhering come the same standards nearly every various other working man and woman is hosted to ~ above the job. We need to be reflective the the people.?

In 1997, the supreme Court ruled a Georgia law, requiring politics candidates submit to medicine testing before their name would show up on the ballot to be unconstitutional. However, there has actually not been a comparable ruling for federal lawmakers. Louisiana democratic Party executive director Stephen Handwerk dismissed Higgin?s resolution, stating it was a gimmick, urging voters to assistance Higgins? opponent, Mimi Methvin.