Earlier this mainly on Tuesday, the 30-year-old rapper to be admitted to Los Angeles"s Cedars-Sinai Hospital. He to be released the next day. However just hours later, among Carter"s bodyguards discovered him, unconscious on the floor of his room.

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He was automatically taken earlier to the hospital. That was brought to the ICU. Yet he apparently never regained consciousness, suffering severe seizure-like symptoms. And also now, follow to TMZ, Carter is ~ above life support, awaiting last rites.

UPDATE Lil Wayne not dead, released from hospital.

UPDATE #2 Lil Wayne has actually suffered one more seizure. He"s been rushed come the hospital. And also he says, "I"m one epileptic, man."

The YMCMB rapper"s mother is flying to L.A., TMZ reports, preparing to decision whether to remove her kid from life support.

The cause of Carter"s seizures is claimed sizzurp binge. Doctors apparently discovered a high level of codeine in the rapper"s blood, promptly pumped his stomach several times, and also finally placed him into a medically induced coma.

But shedding doubt on TMZ"s report, Young Money chairman Mack Maine has actually tweeted:

Wayne is alive and well! we watching the Syracuse game...thanks because that the prayers and also concern..he will upgrade you every soon. #love

— Mack Maine (
mackmaine) march 16, 2013

We will be publication an main statement shortly yet dont think the nonsense around comas and tubes to breathe...that"s false!!

— Mack Maine (
mackmaine) march 16, 2013

Let"s hope Maine is telling the truth.

UPDATE A tweet was additionally posted to Lil Wayne"s Twitter account (either by the rapper or his team) contradicting the seriousness of the instance as portrayed by TMZ:

I"m an excellent everybody. Thx because that the prayers and love.

-- Lil Wayne WEEZY F (
LilTunechi) in march 16, 2013

Meanwhile, Crossfade"s sisters blog West shore Sound in Los Angeles also visited Cedars-Sinai, waited outside the hospital, and also spoke v a woman member of the rapper"s entourage, who called reports of Carter"s fatality "lies."

She added: "He"s sit up, drink water."

Contributing to the confusion, TMZ has removed that is original insurance claim that "Wayne is being ready for his critical rites ... V his household surrounding him come say their goodbyes."

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