Is Acapulco safe? check out all around the forsaken paradise of Mexico and discover the ideal things come do and see in Acapulco, mine wonder friends!

Having spent 18 years of mine life in Acapulco, that is regular that each time ns tell who that i come native this former paradise, the most frequently asked concern I gain is a sport of “Is Acapulco safe?”.

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While the is true that freshly there has beenan extraordinary outburst of violence, Acapulco is not as negative as somesensationalist papers portray it. Ns hope you gain this article aimed to debunk few of the poor reputation the Acapulco has and also show you several of the ideal things to do and see in Acapulco.

Ready to check out the wonders of Acapulco with me?

A short Story the Acapulco, the paradise that as soon as Was

Acapulco to be founded in the 16th Century together a seller port in the Pacific Ocean and was well known at its time for the plenty of pirates that tried to assault it (today, the only pirates discovered in Acapulco room the ones marketing counterfeit DVD’s).

It to be only during the 1950’s that Acapulco rose to fame together a resort-town thatmany Hollywood Celebrities not just visited yet actually bought property here and legendary movies such as Elvis’ Fun in Acapulco to be filmed.

To many, Acapulco to be the true paradise of Mexico. Acapulco was everything you’ve ever before dreamed of and more. Acapulco to be THE place to visit. However, this soon would pertained to an end.

Drugs, crime, violence and also corruption were several of the determinants that cause the decline of Acapulco together a traveler destination and also soon, people began to vacation in other places as Acapulco sank much more and more into despair.

Hotels closed, world lost your jobs and also unemployment led to more crime as more and more people were unable to do ends meet leading to an unlimited recession bike fromwhich Acapulco hasn’t totally recovered.

And yet… over there is still hope because that Acapulco for hope never ever dies. There will come a day whenAcapulco will certainly be an ext than one empty covering of its former glory. There will come a work whenforeigners won’t be fear of Acapulco.

There will come a day whenAcapulco will be deemed as for sure for everyone.

The organic Green areas of Acapulco

Is Acapulco safe ? must I Visit Acapulco?

While it’s normal to be wary of visiting Acapulco, the is necessary to be afflicted with in mind that the majority that homicide victim in Mexico are connected (either straight or indirectly) in a life of crime and the factor for their fatality is, an ext often than not, because of a rival gang.

Of course, there is a visible decimal of chaste victims that simply were in the wrong ar at the dorn time but you together a tourist have actually nothing to fear around Acapulco because Acapulco is perfectly safe for tourists.

In the end, i recommend you not to give in come paranoia and also just reap the countless wonders that this beautiful city that Mexico has to offer.

Trust me, girlfriend won’t remorse it!

The 7 ideal Things to Do and also See in Acapulco

Watch the Clavadistas (Cliff Divers) that the Quebrada

The number one attraction the Acapulco by far is the legend cliff recognized as the Quebrada wherein young guys risk their stays every day in stimulate to bring the power of a life time to both locals and foreigners alike.

The time schedule the the Clavadistas the the Quebrada is every day at 13:30, 19:30, 20:30, 21:30 and also 22:30 (* the last show features a clavadista jumping v flaming torches).

Would you dare take a leap of confidence from the Quebrada?

The legendary Quebrada. Acapulco, Mexico

Sunbathe in ~ the Beaches of Acapulco

Acapulco’s main beaches are situated in the bay area although there are some covert gems located outside of it such as the small Playa Langostinos and the calm Playa Caleta.

But no issue which coast you select to relax, you have the right to be certain that you’ll discover everything you have to fulfill every one of your needs (including people selling food, clothes, jewels, seashells and also floating devices).

Truth to it is in told, i haven’t uncovered a selfie-stick merchant in Acapulco yet but I guess it’s only a issue of time.

Droning about Acapulco, Mexico

enjoy a Panoramic check out of Acapulco’s Bay

In the residential area known as las Brisas you will uncover the finest spot to see the only of Acapulco in its whole splendor. That name? La Capilla de la Paz (Chapel the the Peace).

From this minimalistic style chapel you have the right to see a panoramic view of the bay of Acapulco and the Roqueta Island. If you don’t have actually a car, the best method to reach this ar is by taxi although be conscious that accessibility to the chapel is just from 10:00 come 18:00.

Alternatively, you can fly your drone from the middle of the bay as I did. Is this a wonderful watch or what?

Panoramic see of Acapulco Bay

Experience an epos Sunset at Sinfonia del Mar

Near the Quebrada girlfriend will uncover an out theatre well-known as Sinfonia del Mar (Symphony that the Sea) where locals gather every day to suffer an epos sunset that wonders.

This place is perfect for world watching and it’ll provide you a an excellent idea of what the median Costeño (named used to explain the locals the Acapulco) loves around life due to the fact that these little moments room the ones that matter the most.

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Also, be sure to visit Diego Rivera’s mosaic located in the Inalambrica street if you’re a lover the the good arts.