I should have my toes in the Gulf of Mexico best now. I need to be pondering fresh shrimp because that dinner rather of the tuna fish sandwich I’m gaining ready to do at residence in ft Worth.

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As newly as a couple of mainly ago, mine husband and I had actually planned to spend this week in ~ the south Padre Island condo that us co-own through friends. Our ultrawhite winter flesh needed some sun.

Even after ~ the virus take it hold, us thought around going—the coast seemed like a great place to hole up—but we didn’t for a variety of reasons. For starters: We’d must stop at gas stations and also restaurants along the way. Also: nobody wants united state there.

All those world from Galveston and South Padre Island who generally love visitors and the money they lug to the neighborhood economy? They have actually yanked the welcome mat. They want us far, far away.South Padre’s main tourism slogan right currently is “Stay Home. Remain Safe. Visit Later.” Locals on social media placed it more bluntly: “Geez, people, stay home.” “Go away!!!!”

And I gain it. Us think we’re healthy right now, however are we? us can’t it is in sure. Lock can’t be sure, either. They’re terrified we outsiders and city people are walk to lug the virus come their small communities, where there space fewer medical facilities.


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It goes without saying that restaurants space takeout just in both communities, and also all traveler attractions space closed.

In Galveston, the beaches room closed. Come everyone, consisting of locals. Every Texas beaches are under the jurisdiction of the general Land Office and also the Texas open up Beaches Act. Local governments can close the beaches for public health and wellness reasons, but they can’t pick and choose that can’t go. It needs to be everyone. So in Galveston, nobody have the right to be on the beach.

Even though brand-new rentals aren’t allowed, you deserve to go to Galveston if you own property there. Even if it is you must is another matter.

In southern Padre, the city’s beaches room open. Locals will tell girlfriend it’s locals only, but that’s no the case. The beaches space either open or closed, and also today, they’re open (for exercise; friend can’t sunbathe). Tomorrow, who knows?

As in Galveston, if you own property on south Padre—a home or condo, as we do—you legally can go there. I showed this through both market Patrick McNulty and also Convention and Visitors bureau chief Ed Caum because I’d heard in different way from so many locals, and I’ve heard a lot of anecdotal reports the police stopping human being and transforming them about if lock don’t have a southern Padre chauffeurs license. I’m not saying that doesn’t happen, because people aren’t constantly on the exact same page. I’m saying over there is no main proclamation closeup of the door the leg to anyone however locals.

But nobody un-local is truly welcome ideal now, and you could be harassed. In fact, you virtually surely will certainly be harassed. So late Thursday, south Padre Island collection up checkpoints come make certain cars headed because that the island have a good reason for being there. Also, so late Thursday, harbor Isabel, the last town before you overcome the bridge, describe its own set of strict rules, including a half on an ext than two human being in a vehicle. And it has set up a checkpoint come enforce those rules.

Bottom line, though: carry out you want to chance obtaining sick in a beach neighborhood where medical care isn’t as widely obtainable as it most likely is where you live? whereby there are much fewer respirators? I deserve to tell friend from experience that it’s tough to find a medical professional in southern Padre who takes insurance or Medicare. Ns did discover a clinic across the leg in port Isabel a couple of years back that took my insurance. However it billed me as an emergency room. Ns wound up in the ER in nearby Harlingen, once. I specifically asked if it took my insurance. It did. The medical professional did not. I don’t think I ever before paid that huge a bill.

But what medical resources they have–two hospitals in Harlingen an hour away, one in Brownsville—they’d really like to reserve because that the world who live there.

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So we made decision not to take it our probably-fine-but-possibly-virus-ridden bodies down to the beach where bad stuff might happen. Paleness is the better part the valor. Tuna fish that is. We’ll storm the beaches later, when they love us again.