As well as the jokes over there are also the bad reviews from some passengers the flew spirit Airlines.

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A many of civilization get pissed when they end up payment extra fees for include ons like seat selection, carry-on bags, extra legroom, water, and also snacks.

They go digital outraged and also bad-mouth the airline. Insults acquire thrown and also claims get exaggerated.

Sure, these charges have the right to be annoying specifically if girlfriend didn’t read the rules and also anticipate them, but is heart a attention airline just because they don’t include totally free peanuts?

Some world are scared to fly through Spirit due to the fact that they think if the seats are cheap, everything will it is in cheap and also that method it’s unsafe.

These fears space unfounded, aviation safety and security doesn’t occupational like that, and also Spirit airline is for sure to fly.

This short article will prove it to you to placed your mind at rest.

Spirit airline “Bad” Reputation

When anything walk wrong v a soul flight civilization assume it’s since they room cheap.

When the plane hits some disturbance Spirit gain the blame because that being cheap:


But Jon… turbulence has nothing to do with which logo is painted on the plane. It’s simply rough spot of air.

Or if a Spirit trip gets delayed:


Spirit gets bad-mouthed together being unreliable. Yet the stats present that Spirit flights come on time more frequently than part “big” airlines prefer American airline or United. It to be unfortunate that Darian’s travel was delayed however it happens an ext often with other airlines.

Or take it Sean’s joke:


He’s arguing you if you take trip with heart you’re one of two people going to shed your luggage or no arrive safely.

Yet Spirit has actually a pretty an excellent record the not losing luggage. Last year Spirt lost fewer bags per 1000 passengers 보다 Delta, United, and also American. Spirit lost only 5.3 vice versa, United shed 7.1 and also American shed 7.9 bags.

You check out what is happening? any kind of time a problem occurs the fact that heart is cheap it s okay the blame. However in reality difficulties occur with full service airlines too.

And the fear about arriving safe is totally unfounded too.

People are presuming that due to the fact that Spirit is cheap they need to be unsafe, yet the truth tell a various story.

Spirit Airlines safety and security Record

Spirit Airlines have actually a good safety record, they’ve never been involved in a significant accident.

They have a modern-day fleet the aircraft. Numerous of the plane that heart fly are newer than tradition airlines.

Spirit is a fast-growing airline and they are constantly buying new planes. The average age of a Spirit airplane is 6 years old. In contrast, the average period of a United aircraft is 15.8 years, Delta’s average is 15 years, and also American airlines is 11.3 year old.

Spirit’s airplane are largely from the Airbus A320 family. You carry out realize that heart doesn’t build their own planes right?

And guess that else uses Airbus aircraft?

Delta, United, American, JetBlue, and also loads of other non-budget airlines.

You can be thinking that soul are also cheap come maintain and also repair their aircraft.

But airlines space continually inspected by the commonwealth Aviation administration (FAA). Yes, it’s the job of the federal government to certify the safety and security of aircraft and make sure they room safe.

Budget airlines prefer Spirit are required to acquire the exact same certifications as tradition airlines.

Take that from Les Dorr of the FAA:

“Every airline, whether it’s a spending plan airline such together Spirit, or a tradition line such as United, must meet the safety regulations set by the FAA, since everyone meets the same standards, there is no airline the is much safer than another.”

Les Dorr – federal Aviation management Spokesperson

So as soon as Joe Bloggs or consumer Reports says that heart Airlines is the worst airline that has nothing to carry out with the safety and security of Spirit.

These space reviews the the client experience. Some think heart is a negative airline since their bare fares space so basic.

I addressed this object in one more post. I’ll just say right here that ns don’t think heart is a poor airline, they have a different pricing version where it’s cheap fares + expensive whatever else.

If girlfriend know just how to paris Spirit and also your expectations are in line with the fact they space a budget airline you have the right to have a great experience.

The Verdict

Flying spirit is simply as safe together flying various other US airlines.

Lack that legroom might reason your knee to pains after flying but I wouldn’t course this as a security risk.

And if girlfriend think friend would like extra legroom you deserve to simply purchase one of the large front seats for a reasonable price.

Getting hit v a $65 penalty if you exceed the dimension limit because that a an individual item might cause your blood pressure to go v the roof. Yet that’s no really one aviation safety and security issue and you can avoid this shocks by learning what the rule are.

You could be bored since there is no in-flight entertainment. However boredom isn’t dangerous and also you deserve to just download a movie to your phone or tablet.

You might find it a challenge to pack whatever you require in your small personal item, yet ending up needing to pay extra money because that a checked bag isn’t a safety risk it’s a jae won risk.

Spirit safety measures are same to various other US airlines. Airlines are simply not enabled to reduced corners ~ above safety, they space regulated.

So spirit is a for sure airline, the only danger flying soul is in no understanding exactly how their pricing model works.

The risk is the you will certainly be struggle in the pocket, however don’t issue you have as much chance of getting here safely together you perform with those various other expensive airlines, and flying is a very safe setting of transport.

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One that the great things around traveling light is that it enables you to paris on budget airlines and also avoid all these stroked nerves extra fees. So i encourage you to visit our page on packing irradiate to watch if friend think you might downsize her luggage and also fly with spirit for your cheapest fare.

Or invest the money you conserve on checked luggage top top those comfortable huge front seats!