When mine wife and also I moved to Springfield, Missouri almost exactly 5 years ago, one of the selling points (or at the very least what preserved it in the running) was the there to be a nearby airport that offered a variety of destinations. Unfortunately, while that is convenient, flying the end of such a small airport can additionally get pricey in ~ times. This is particularly true as soon as you’re looking to fly critical minute.

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Once upon a time, a friend of mine required me come head out to Orlando with simply a pair of days’ notice. Usually I would certainly fly Delta, passing through Atlanta on my means to Orlando worldwide Airport (MCO). But, with ticket prices above $700, that didn’t seem really feasible for such a short trip. Luckily i remembered that Allegiant wait — a budget plan airline that serves a variety of markets — readily available direct flights to the Orlando area. Not only would I be able to fly straight to Florida on Friday and also return residence on Monday however my base fare come in at less than fifty percent the price of Delta. That course, v Allegiant gift a “no-frills” airline, the suffer of booking and traveling with them is a bit various from the big guys.

Since that excursion, i’ve flown Allegiant on many occasions, catching direct flights to ras Vegas and also Los Angeles native Springfield in recent months. Together a result, ns feel I’ve obtained to understand the airline quite well, including numerous of its quirks. With that in mind, this is what you must know prior to booking her Allegiant wait flight.

Booking her Allegiant air Flight

One that the very first things to know around flying v Allegiant wait is the you won’t uncover them detailed on popular third-party travel sites prefer Expedia, Priceline, or Kayak. Instead, similar to exactly how Southwest operates, booking for Allegiant is done specifically on their website. Once there girlfriend can check out which destinations castle service, view flight schedules, and also of course publication travel.

Like i said, what yes, really attracted me to Allegiant was your fares, which start at less than $100. However, these basic prices deserve to be a bit deceiving together they don’t encompass everything your common airline fare would. Additionally, there are a couple of other measures in the booking process to be conscious of.

Flight schedules

Prior to my initial Orlando expedition on Allegiant, there had actually actually to be times in the previous where I taken into consideration flying them come Los Angeles. Sadly this no happen because of the airline’s minimal flight schedule. Because that example, my trip to Sanford (SFB — close to Orlando but about an hour far from Walt Disney World) was being readily available on Friday and Monday but not on one of two people of the work in between. Moreover, over there was only one trip each method each day.

Because that this, for succeeding trips, I’ve discovered myself planning around Allegiant’s flight schedule. This supposed spending a mainly in vegas when 5 days probably would have actually sufficed. I’ve also had time (like later on this week) once their trip days to L.A. Happened to work-related out perfectly. Ultimately you’ll simply want to consider the included costs you might incur — such together spending one extra night or two in a hotel — against the savings you’d view by paris Allegiant.

Booking majority (Allegiant Bonus and also Allegiant Total)

Once you’ve selected your flights, you may be gift with different bundle options. Because that example, Allegiant Bonus has a carry-on as well as Trip Flex (more on the later) while Allegiant Total additionally adds seat an option and Priority access to the mix. Both of this bundles sell a discount price when contrasted to what the would expense you come select all of these options à la carte. 

When I first encountered this bundles, ns was originally excited together I have tendency to walk for all the bells and also whistles anyway. But then, looking at the price, ns pondered why it to be so high. That’s as soon as I realized the the inflated cost was due to Trip Flex gift included. Together you’ll see, ns don’t frequently purchase this option, so these bundles nothing really do financial feeling for me. That’s why it’s an excellent that girlfriend can constantly choose to proceed with Allegiant simple and include your extras top top individually later on in the booking process.

Hotel and travel offers

An interesting facet of Allegiant’s booking process is that, in in between selecting her flights and entering your personal information, you will do it be invited to publication hotels, rental cars, and also other travel services. Presumably Allegiant has actually affiliate deals in ar with these assorted vendors, entitling them come a reduced of booking profits and permitting them to store their fares low. It would additionally partially describe why castle shy away from listing top top third-party sites.

Personally, i didn’t have any kind of need to book a hotel, back I suppose it can be convenient to have all of your travel appointments in one place. Native the limited research ns did, it seemed the price Allegiant provided were in heat with various other travel sites. Ns should also note that, unlike some other sites i have encountered, Allegiant made the really straightforward to decrease these extra services and also get to the an excellent stuff, together it were. So, 3 clicks later, i was all set to get in my info.

Entering passenger info

This next step is reasonably straightforward. Below you’ll get in your name, bear date, e-mail and also other info that’s usually forced by waiting travelers. For those with disability or who want to travel with their pets, this is additionally where you can make those arrangements. Together I’ve due to the fact that learned, this is likewise where you can go into your well-known traveler number if she a TSA Pre✓ or worldwide Entry member.

Choosing her seat

After you select your flights, make it through the additional services sections, and enter her traveler info, the next step in the Allegiant booking procedure is to choose your chair — or not. Unlike plenty of carriers, Allegiant’s system enables you to one of two people pre-select a seat and also incur an additional fee or have actually a chair assigned come you at check-in without a fee. Additionally, the various seats have various values assigned come them. Because that example, a window seat in ~ the prior of the aircraft with extra legroom might be close to $30 while a middle seat toward the ago of the airplane might only be $12 or so.

Now, you might be questioning why you’d pay to book a seat every the means in the earlier of the plane. Well, if she traveling v a group and looking for a ar to sit together, that might be your just option on a fast-filling flight. In fact, Allegiant advises the parties wishing to sit together should choose their seat in advancement as there space no assures this will take place if the computer system assigns you a totally free seat.

When I very first flew the airline, ns did wonder if the seats that were assigned immediately included several of the “premier” ones at the front. Together someone who all yet refuses to go to a movie without having a booked seat, I have actually yet to find out for sure. But, if the empty seat we had next to us on the way to vegas is any kind of indication, it seems that they nothing hand the end such vital real heritage willingly.

Luggage and also priority access

Another large difference between most major carriers and Allegiant wait is that, v the latter, girlfriend will must pay come travel through a carry-on item. That said, castle do permit you to travel through a “personal item” — such together a backpack, purse, or (my personal favorite) a messenger bag — as long as friend stow that under her seat. In various other words, if you want to be able to store your item in the overhead, you’ll must pay up. Naturally, over there are likewise fees in ar for checked luggage together well.

The bag fees the Allegiant dues can also vary based on a variety of factors. They recommend that prices are much lower once you pay your luggage fees in advance, rather than wait till you’re in ~ the airport. These fees can additionally depend on wherein you’re flying to. In my most recent test situation (to Vegas), a carry-on would cost $25 each way, while every item of checked luggage would include $30 come the fare every way. Apparently, every of these fees would go increase to much more than $100 if done at the airport.

Speaking that luggage, perhaps the most stressful component of flying because that me is worrying about finding overhead bin space. Heck, i presume that’s a big part the the reason why constant travelers pine because that elite status and also the ideal to plank the airplane early. With Allegiant, such status have the right to be purchased for just a couple of dollars. In my case, ns was many recently may be to acquisition priority access boarding — which it s okay you top top the aircraft after the typical pre-board — for $8.99 every way. Significantly that’s up from the $6.49 ns paid top top that very first flight come Florida.

Wait — but since Allegiant is charging for carry-ons, i will not ~ they recognize how numerous bags were coming top top board and ensure over there was sufficient space? Probably. However, that’s no to say the the open up bin room you look for will it is in located all over near your assigned seat. Thus, in stimulate to stop a scenario where I can need come swim upstream to retrieve mine bag ~ landing, I’ll admit that I’ve always ponied up because that priority.

Selecting a boarding pass option

Yet an additional question the will impact your final flight price is exactly how will friend be check in? If you arrangement to publish your boarding pass at home or usage their mobile option, you will certainly not have to pay any added fees. However, if you’d choose to have actually an agent print a boarding pass for you when you arrive at the airport, this will expense you one extra $5. For me the selection was easy and I had actually no difficulties using the Allegiant app and my mobile boarding pass.

Trip Flex, an altering fees, and checking out

Finally, Allegiant offers a company called pilgrimage Flex that enables you to change your trip plans without incurring change fees. Because that my flight, this alternative would have been $26 — although this counts on her flight, through my many recent pilgrimage displaying a $68 pilgrimage Flex cost. There is no it, transforms would result in a $75 per passenger, per method fee. Personally, I’ve declined this option each time yet those who are afraid a adjust may be necessary can find the useful. Additionally keep in mind that, in follow to commonwealth law, you are able to readjust or cancel your booking approximately 24 hrs after you do it there is no incurring a penalty (as long as your trip is more than 7 days far from the moment you book).

As you’d suppose the last step of booking her Allegiant expedition is entering your credit card information. If she in the market for a brand-new credit card, you can additionally save a couple of dollars by signing up for their Allegiant map — although beware the $59 yearly fee. Otherwise just get in your existing credit card info, accept the terms and also conditions, and clip “purchase mine trip” come seal her booking. I’ve actually provided my American refer Platinum to publication flights so i earned 5x member Rewards points.

“Allegiant Extra”

Something i noticed when booking a trip to ras Vegas ago in very early 2020 (pre-pandemic) to be an option called “Allegiant Extra.” Incidentally, this alternative was only being available on mine return flight, no my outbound. Looking further into it, it appears that Allegiant Extra is a attribute the firm has been testing out but has only equipped a couple of of your crafts to assistance it.

So, v that preamble, what is Allegiant Extra? the could virtually be defined as a new class of business for the airline. Allegiant Extra seats occupy the first few rows that the aircraft and also apparently function at the very least 6” of added legroom. Plus, booking Allegiant Extra entitles you come priority boarding, a totally free in-flight beverage, and dedicated overhead bin space.

While I’m sure prices vary similar to with countless other Allegiant fees, on mine flight, the price for Allegiant Extra was approximately $48 every person. Because that comparison, my common row 6 chair on my outbound trip was $22. And also although I’m no 100% certain if the priority boarding that comes with Extra is the exact same as Priority Access, you deserve to probably element the $8.99 girlfriend would have actually paid because that that company into your consideration of whether this makes sense for you.

Since seeing Allegiant Extra available on that one trip that ns later had to cancel, I’ve no yet to view it pop ago up. But, if I see it again, okay be very interested to try it out.

Allways Rewards

In summer 2021, Allegiant presented its own commitment program dubbed Allways Rewards. Unlike many airline programs the reward girlfriend in mile or market elite status, Allways Rewards (yes, with two ‘l’s prefer “Allegiant”) bills itself as the first air carrier loyalty program geared towards recreation travelers. Certain enough, the regime is pretty simple to participate in and also benefit from.

Here’s how it works: because that every dollar you invest on Allegiant.com, you’ll knife 1 point. This price is double to 2 points every dollar invested on Allegiant itineraries over $500 booked ~ above the site. This points are attributed to her account in ~ 72 hours of the perfect of her trip. Then, they can be redeemed at a price of 1¢ per allude on future Allegiant bookings. What’s nice is that these redemptions start at just $1 and also you can select how plenty of of your points you desire to use.

I actually had a possibility to shot an Allways Rewards redemption already as Allegiant gifted me through 2,000 upon the program’s launch because that being a ahead flyer. So, as soon as I walk to book my flight to ras Vegas, I had actually $20 I could use toward my total. Back I chosen to use all $20, i could additionally easily change the quantity I want to redeem. Meanwhile, because I spent just over $500 on our flights, I have to earn 1,000 (redeemable for $10) as soon as we finish our trip.

On the note, one more thing that renders Allways Rewards a bit different from other constant flyer programs is that the human buying the ticket earns the points together opposed come them applying to every passenger. That functions well for us as we’re maybe to essentially pool ours rewards and redeem them with each other whereas, with various other programs choose SkyMiles, us may finish up needing to book rewards flights separately. The course, I’m mindful that this will actually it is in a limit in some cases — but offers you the impetus to it is in the friend that pays for the booking upfront, i guess.

All in all, i think Allways Rewards is a an excellent addition and also will it is in a program that anyone who flies the airline an ext than as soon as will be able to benefit from. 

When it involves Allegiant Air, the differences from significant carriers don’t protect against with the booking process. In fact, some of the many noticeable distinctions come as soon as you come at the airport and also board her flight.

Boarding process

Admittedly ns still haven’t become too fine versed in Allegiant’s boarding procedure considering the I’ve sprung for priority access each time (#BusinessTripWriteoff). That said it appears that they use boarding teams like many other airlines. When flying come Sanford, passenger would simply line up when their boarding group was referred to as but, returning from Sanford, they had actually a few lines already set up because that each group.

The seats

Allegiant’s fleet is outfitted v leather seat that, come me, appeared to it is in a little thinner top top padding than many airline seats i’ve experienced. Meanwhile, the legroom in my standard seat seemed around normal and posed no issue. However, it should be noted that ns am not a big man — neither in load or height — so, unfortunately, I’m no really the right person to totally assess the comfortability the Allegiant’s seats. Still, because that my less than three-hour flight, i was content.

I will also say that a hidden benefit of Allegiant no equipping its seat with features like charging ports method there’s far less clutter under the seats. This not only allows my bag to much better fit but, in turn, likewise affords me a much better space v which to stretch my legs. In every honesty, this is other I actually prefer about Allegiant over some various other planes I’ve been on — return be sure to carry an external charger if you desire to for sure your maker is powered up for her flight.

Food and beverage

If you’re among those travelers that can’t wait to hit seafaring altitude so you can gain your free tomato juice, I have actually some negative news because that you concerning Allegiant. When the airline does sell a number of snack and beverage choices while onboard, each of these come at a price. For example, cans of Coke go for $2 a pop (pun intended). Each of these purchases should be made v a credit transaction card as they perform not accept cash. In short, if you desire to munch or sip during your flight, you can want to pack some snacks and fill a water bottle prior to boarding.

In-flight crew

To it is in honest, I’ve had nothing yet positive interactions with the gate and also in-flight crew while traveling through Allegiant. In fact, top top my flight home native Orlando that first time, one passenger had some medical worries arise and the crew proceeded to take an excellent care of her, managing the whole thing really professionally. On various other flights i have taken since, I’ve found the crew to it is in equally as personable and also pleasant.

I suspect that part passengers who aren’t prepared to pay for water or no happy through where they have to stick their luggage might take it the end on this crew members. If it is the case, the a real shame considering what lovely world the employees of the airline seem come be. When I’m certain everyone has poor days and also there space some crew members that are much better than others, ns personally have actually nothing come complain about in this category.

Like ns said, I’ve now flown ~ above Allegiant a few times. As a result, i’ve come throughout a few “pro” tips to be aware of that could save you one of two people time or hassle:

1) If you going to pay for a seat and also carry-on, begin with heat 6

Look, i’m the form of person who likes to sit together close as possible to the former of the plane so i can acquire the hell off ASAP. Sadly, this instinct is often jeopardized by the fact that I take trip with an additional bag I’ll need to access during the flight. In other words, the bulkhead (row one) is ruled out together there’s no chair in prior of you to location such personal items.

That’s why, one flight ago from L.A., ns snagged a seat in row three. The difficulty here was that, as shortly as ns boarded, i noticed the overhead was currently closed. It turns out the the first two bins on every side of the plane are reserved for emergency supplies as well as the luggage the passengers in the previously mentioned bulkhead carry on.

Obviously this wouldn’t be a big deal other than that it means trying come fight the group to grab my bag behind us. That’s why, on our following trip come Vegas, i made certain to select seats no closer 보다 row six, as this is whereby the an initial available overhead bin was located. This arrangement worked like a charm and also helped facilitate my score of exiting the plane as quickly as possible upon landing.

By the way, that looks like this trick might soon be irregularity if Allegiant Extra continues to roll out, so remain tuned.

2) don’t forget to enter your known traveler number

Booking my an initial flight top top Allegiant since joining an international Entry, i realized ~ the reality that ns hadn’t gone into my known traveler number (KTN). Leave this piece of details off the my reservation would median I i will not ~ be able to accessibility the TSA Pre✓ line at the airport. After ~ panicking for a moment, ns headed earlier to the Allegiant site to shot to correct the mistake… only to worry much more once as I couldn’t find where ns was to go into this info.

Eventually, i did find that i could include my KTN by going to the “Who will Be Traveling?” display screen (step two), next to where the “Special Assistance” and “Pets/Service Animal” tabs are. Additionally, you deserve to save your KTN to your Allegiant account profile so the it will certainly be automatically applied to future entries.

Hopefully you have the right to properly save your KTN to her reservation and, if girlfriend do, a TSA Pre✓ logo will show up on her mobile boarding pass. If it doesn’t you might want to double check the you gone into it effectively or call the airline. Remember: TSA is unlikely to allow you with the Pre✓ queue uneven your actual reservation shows you’re a member.

3) You might only need one priority access

As i’ve noted, my main an inspiration for to buy priority accessibility (P.A.) is to ensure the my carry-on is located in the bin above my seat. Despite this gift the goal, I’ve finished up buying P.A. Because that my wife and also myself on every of our flights. Climate it developed to me that, in theory, only among us requirements this upgrade together they can take the carry-on, stow it, and also take their seat while waiting for the other.

Of course, this either method sticking mine wife with the bag or ditching she at the gate. In other words, her mileage may vary v this arrangement (how lot is the $18 yes, really worth to you?). Still, if you’re travel in a group and not anyone is pass their own carry-on, it’s absolutely worth considering just how plenty of P.A. Upgrades you yes, really need.


My hold-up and compensation story

At this point, i’ve taken number of flights through Allegiant and had mainly positive experiences. However, ~ above a recent trip to ras Vegas, I obtained to check out a little bit of what happens as soon as things go wrong and also how the airline handle it.

We were set to fly from SGF to las at around 8:30 p.m. One night in January. When I woke up that morning, I experienced that our trip had to be delayed by around an hour. Obviously that wasn’t a large deal but, a couple of hours later, us got an additional alert the our aircraft would currently depart at 2:30 a.m. The adhering to morning. Being curious, i did some tracking and also saw the the aircraft that was set to come our way was an ext or less on time leaving Tulsa for ras Vegas so i wasn’t certain why it to be going to it is in on the ground at McCarran for so long.

To your credit, this notice came several hours ahead that the bumped departure, which expected we weren’t waiting at the door while they relocated the time back further and further. However, normally in these situations, it is advised that you come at the door at her original exit time together the airline can pull the moment up there is no notice. That said, continuing my tracking, I could see the our inbound aircraft still hadn’t departed. We ended up getting to the airport fine ahead of the 2:30 a.m. Departure yet we would have been cut it close if our aircraft really walk miraculously leave on time. 

Since our tiny airport isn’t used to together late departures, the TSA employee were required to stay late together well. It was from castle that us heard the hold-up was as result of a crewing issue — although no one from Allegiant ever available an explanation (I likewise never asked, because that the record). In fact, no one of the crew ever before really even acknowledged the reality that leaving in the middle of the night was not the arrangement nor was there ever really a verbal apology. This to win me as a bit odd but, really, what would certainly a “sorry” yes, really do?

As it transforms out, Allegiant actually did end up apologizing in an additional way: by giving us compensation. ~ awakening native what would certainly probably best be described as a nap (since we acquired to our hotel at approximately 5 a.m.), I checked my inbox to uncover that the airline had actually sent me 2 $50 vouchers — one because that my ticket and one because that my wife’s — an excellent for one year. I was honestly rather shocked through this gesture, especially due to the fact that our basic fare because that the trip was just slightly an ext than that amount.

We actually just booked an additional trip to las Vegas via Allegiant and, sure enough, the vouchers worked. At inspect out, every I required to execute was copy and paste the password for each and also the $50 came right off. So, while that sucked missing out on a night in ~ our hotel room (although i was sure glad to have it ready when we come in the morning), I need to say that I assumed Allegiant did a decent project of make it as much as us.


Given Allegiant’s minimal flight schedule, what happens if your flight needs to it is in canceled? my dad had actually the misfortune of finding the end a couple of months back when the weather in his destination and also departure urban led the airline to nix the flight. Unlike many airlines that could rebook you because that the following flight, the next flight in this case wasn’t for number of days — leading him to make other arrangements.

In the end, they finished up getting a cash refund for the flight plus $100 per human in future trip credits for Allegiant. Unfortunately, the bonus still didn’t cover the extra expense linked with booking the on a different airline for a trip home the following day. So, while paris Allegiant is convenient once it works, be aware that cancelations carry out happen. Therefore, it might be good to have a backup arrangement should weather (or various other problems) begin to look prefer an issue.

Safety incidents

If girlfriend Google news stories about Allegiant, amid stories about the brand-new stadium bearing their name coming to las Vegas, you may likewise come across reports regarding various incidents. Perhaps most notably, the safety concerns in an illustration of CBS’s 60 Minutes. This segment reported that the airline had actually experienced 100 occurrences including aborted takeoffs, unscheduled landings, and in-flight engine issues in between January 2016 and also October 2017. Regardless of these troubles, the airline has actually never skilled a deadly crash in its close to 20-year history. 

Obviously security is extremely necessary when it comes to air travel. Thus, these reports have rightfully pertained to some flyers. It appears that Allegiant has continued to occupational through these problems as they likewise expand your operations. Many importantly, the agency has currently retired every one of the old MD-80 planes that presented the majority of these issues and now paris an all-Airbus fleet (at the time of the 60 minute segment, 30% of your planes were MD-80s). The FAA has likewise taken on greater oversight of the company as Allegiant is now the country 11th biggest carrier.

Thankfully, I’ve never encountered any kind of of this maintenance issues with Allegiant and also I to be obviously comfortable flying through them. Still it is necessary to make keep in mind of these reports.

Ranking Allegiant top top stats

As ns noted, Allegiant has been growing in the moment I’ve to be flying v them. With the airline currently publicly reporting their operational performance statistics, lock were contained in The wall surface Street Journal’s ranking that “the best and also worst” residential carriers this year. Overall, Allegiant placed fourth behind Delta, Alaska, and Southwest. The airline likewise had the finest record concerning mishandled bags and also was second in regards to canceled flights, and also two-hour tarmac delays. And while you can assume a budget airline that charges for whatever including a glass that water might get hit with complaints, their sixth-place location still put them ahead of Spirit, Frontier, and American. Oddly though, the transport does apparently have actually a lot of involuntary bumping, with only American having actually a worse record.

To be honest, I’m no 100% sure what to make of these specific rankings however it is exciting to see just how Allegiant compare in specific measurable ways. That course, while “complaints” might partially quantify customer experience, it’s tough to take right into account components such as seat comfort or even expense when determining what renders an airline the “best.” Still, ns think a fourth-place ranking is pretty strong for the transport overall.

Benefits for energetic duty military and also veterans

Ever since I post my initial review that Allegiant, among the comment I’ve received most often is around how the airline honors members of our military. As component of a program referred to as Allegiant Honors, U.S. Active and reserve duty military and also military veterans of the seven uniformed solutions are available several complimentary benefits, together as complimentary carry-on and checked luggage (with limitations). Additionally, qualifying organization members will certainly enjoy beforehand boarding and can make changes/cancellations to your itineraries there is no a fee. To learn more about these good benefits and also more, be certain to visit the Allegiant Honors page.

Overall I need to say the my experiences flying Allegiant have been rather positive. Also with the added fees and also upgrades I permit myself come splurge on, my complete costs have actually regularly come in at less than half of what I’d invest on various other airlines. Plus, while i don’t mind layovers ~ above the whole, having actually a direct flight is a breath of fresh air.

Since i’ve been monitoring Allegiant’s trip prices, I’ve viewed tickets native Springfield come Sanford going for as tiny as $63 every way! with flights from here to L.A. Starting at $78, I’ve also wondered if it may also be precious arranging one itinerary wherein Allegiant takes me come LAX prior to boarding a trip with a various carrier come Asia or wherever.

As much as travel on a budget airline, because I’m not huge on eat or drinking while in flight and don’t really have actually leg room requirements, over there was really nothing for me to dislike around my flights. In my initial review, i did note there was some noticeable wear and tear together with some dinge ~ above the airplane I took to Sanford. However, I’ve due to the fact that learned the that model aircraft was one of those enlarge ones that have because been decommissioned. Thus, during my flights to L.A. And Vegas, i haven’t noticed any such issues, through both planes looking clean and also welcoming.

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To conclude, i’ve really enjoyed flying Allegiant Air for this reason far. That said I will likely keep to buy the very same upgrades i have indulged in formerly — back I might forgo a carry-on if i’m taking one more short trip. On the various other hand, the nice to recognize that some of these add-on fees deserve to be passed end if ns so choose. For that reason, I’d recommend checking out Allegiant the following time you need to fly.