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link in the flesh space reacting with oxygen, through the aid of enzymes, to produce brown pigments dubbed melanin. The brown component of one avocado could look unappetizing and also can taste bitter, yet it"s still safe to eat. You"d have to leave an avocado out for a few days before it spoiled indigenous oxidation. Following is a transcript the the video.

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If one avocado is brown top top the inside, it might not watch pretty and also might taste bitter. It"s still safe to eat, yet the less browning there is, the better.

Narrator: would certainly you eat this avocado? How about this one? They"re in reality the same, just one"s to be sitting out for a few hours. And also sure, one doesn"t look as good, but that doesn"t average you should simply throw it out. In 1989, the median American ate about one lb of avocados a year. Through 2017, the amount had actually increased sevenfold.

But as much as we like to eat them, the battle with browning avocados is real. Some world might shot to stop it by placing the avocado pit in the bowl, yet it does not job-related that way. Just like with apples, bananas, and also potatoes, the flesh of one avocado browns as soon as it"s exposed to oxygen in the air. It"s a procedure called oxidation, and also it happens once the oxygen reacts with compounds called polyphenols v the assist of enzymes called polyphenol oxidase. This damages the tissue of the flesh, in the process turning it brown. However the brown color is no a sign that it"s spoiling. You"d have to leave it the end for a few days before it spoiled from oxidation. The brown shade is in reality from a nontoxic chemical dubbed melanin. It mirrors up in every little thing from fruit come the iris in your eyes.

Needless to say, the bowl of brown avocado won"t hurt you. However, the more oxidation that takes place, the more tissues that damages. For example, bruising or chilling an avocado for also long deserve to lead to far-ranging oxidation, i m sorry actually loss so much tissue the it transforms the texture and flavor of the fruit so that it"s mushy and also bitter. Yet a small browning won"t make a difference. To prove it, we did an experiment. Us served eco-friendly avocados and avocados the were left come brown because that a few hours.

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Normal Avocado:

Gina Echevarria: "Okay, tastes prefer a common avocado, i think."

Abby Tang: "I don"t prefer that one. I don"t recognize why. I just like, it tastes a small bad."

Clancy Morgan: "Pretty solid taste, I would say. Pretty solid avocado, earthy taste. But yeah, the tastes an extremely ripe."

Echevarria: "Yeah, pretty typical avocado."

Tang: "It tastes choose a regular avocado yet rotten. Why go you feed me a rotten avocado?"

Brown Avocado:

Echevarria: "I feel prefer that one in reality tastes a tiny bit better."

Morgan: "Oh. Oof."

Tang: "This one doesn"t taste rotten, for this reason that"s good."

Morgan: "Okay, that is much an ext ripe, supervisor mushy."

Echevarria: "The other one sort of simply tasted prefer wet paper, and also this one actually tasted prefer something."

Tang: "This one"s fine, I favor it enough. It"s an avocado. They taste the same other than one taste older."

Cameraperson: "And that"s the an initial one?"

Tang: "The very first one taste older. The was, like, sour. And also the 2nd one tasted prefer a constant avocado."

Narrator: How fast your avocado browns counts on the environment, like how much oxygen is in the air, what the temperature is, and how acidic the is. Warmer temperatures advice the chemistry reaction, turning your avocado brown faster. However if you squirt some citrus on the top, the acidity stays clear of oxidation, and you deserve to keep it looking fresher because that longer. Either way, also though us couldn"t agree top top which taste better, both to be perfectly edible. So next time you have some old avocado, don"t just throw it out. And also if the unsightly brown ruins you"re appetite, just give it a rapid stir, and voila.