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Weather Discussion: one more mild work is ~ above tap Friday, then some changes for the weekend. While colder Saturday through a high that 52, it"s a good day for raking the pipeline or yard work, together rain will move in Sunday. Sunday morning to mid-afternoon the rain will certainly be light and scattered and it will revolve a little warmer with a high that 62. Climate we"ll check out some more widespread showers build right end our area in the so late afternoon-evening however then on slide Southeast and also out the the area during the evening. This is a sharp cold front that will an outcome in much chillier weather Monday.

Morning Drive: 46  largely clear, chilly and also dry. Wind: S 5 mph

Friday: High 70. clear skies. Still warm. Wind: W 5-10 mph

Saturday: low 40/High 53. Greatly sunny skies and cooler.

Sunday: low 41/High 64.  largely cloudy. 70% chance of rain.

Monday: short 33/High 41.  Sunny, breezy and sharply cooler 

Tuesday: low 30/High 42.  Mostly cloudy with a 20% opportunity of rain.

Wednesday: low 30/High 46.

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greatly cloudy with a 20% possibility of rain. 

Thursday: short 33/High 53. greatly cloudy. 



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