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Mention eating raw egg to someone, and also they will most likely think of two things: food poisoning and bodybuilding. The are afraid of contracting a bout that salmonella poisoning stop many people from eating them raw. However, a good many people global consume raw eggs regularly and also safely.

Raw and undercooked eggs are safe come eat when you practice good food hygiene. They are actually less complicated to digest than cooked eggs. Eggs room packed with healthy protein, a range of vitamins and also minerals (A, D, B2, B6, B9, B12, iron and zinc), and the crucial omega 3 and 6 fat acids, making lock a great food in a healthy diet. Countless foods and also dressings room made v raw or undercooked eggs. The is quite most likely you have often safely consumed them raw without also realizing it!

Cooking v Raw Eggs

Many dishes about the people feature them in sauces, condiments, or as component of the main dish. Protein bio-availability is greater in cooking eggs than in raw,1 plus nutrition in eggs is far better when hens deserve to roam freely and also forage for their food. Egg are great sources of selenium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, riboflavin, and also omega 3 and 6 fat acids.

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Total Fat















Sweet Dishes

raw cookie and cake doughice cream or sorbet made v egg yolkunbaked cheesecake v egg whiteseggnogtiramisu (Italy)chiboust cream—used together a pastry filling (France)mousse—chocolate or other dessert mousses made with whipped egg whites

Condiments and also Sauces

mayonnaiseaioli—garlic mayonnaise (Spain)sauce béarnaise and also hollandaise (France)

Main Dishes

poached, soft-boiled, or sunny-side-up eggsCaesar salad v soft-poached eggspasta carbonara through lightly cooked eggsteak tartare with a life egg yolktamago gohan—an egg sauce mixed right into rice (Japan)sukiyaki—meat is dipped in beaten life egg prior to eaten (Japan)shakshuka—poached eggs and also tomato sauce (Israel)bimbibap—rice with sautéed vegetables and also meat, topped v a life egg (Korea)

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Risk of Salmonella Contamination

The many common form of egg air pollution is through the bacteria Salmonella Enteritidis, which causes food poisoning (diarrhea, vomiting, ab cramps and fever). Many civilization exposed come the bacteria carry out not construct symptoms, yet exposure can be dangerous because that immune-compromised people (pregnant, elderly, infirm).