Is it Illegal come Wear a Bulletproof Vest?

A U.S. LawShield member to be arrested for the possession of human body armor. Ultimately, the member to be released native custody and no charges to be filed. One concern we’ve got is: is the illegal come wear a bulletproof vest? If you’re no a judge felon, the price is yes.

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Is body Armor Legal: federal law

Body armor is questioned in one location in the United states Code: 18 U.S.C. § 931. Ar 931 contains only one barred on the purchase, ownership, or possession of human body armor. The regulation states the anyone who has been judge of a violent felony (or that state equivalent) cannot purchase, own, or possess human body armor. The law then carves the end an exception:

If the defendant has actually written certification that it is important for the safe performance of lawful business activity and The use and possession the the defendant are limited to the organization activity

This method that if you space not a felon judge of a violent crime (or if friend are but fit into the exception), the is legal under the federal regulation to purchase, own, and possess human body armor.

Can you Buy a Bulletproof Vest: State law

What walk Texas law say around body armor? Essentially, the very same thing as federal law.

The purchase, ownership, and also possession of human body armor usually is legit in Texas. However, Texas Penal code § 46.041 prohibits the possession of body armor through anyone convicted of a felony (violent or non-violent).

To recap, if you’re a convicted felon, it’s illegal under state legislation to possess human body armor. If you to be convicted of a violent felony, the illegal to purchase, own, or possess human body armor under federal law. If nobody of the above apply to you, climate you room within your civil liberties to possess whatever body armor girlfriend so choose.

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Why then did our member gain arrested? due to the fact that the officer didn’t know what you simply read! in ~ the finish of the job our legal mechanism is collection up such that you walk to jail for your ignorance the the law, and also you go to jail because that the officer’s ignorance of the law. Together you deserve to see, it’s very hard to remain out the jail.

If you ever have any type of questions concerning the legality of any weapon or armor, you can call your independent routine attorney for an ext information. But, what carry out we know? We"re just "practicing." Arm yourself through knowledge!

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