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– There space no regulations in purchase a bulletproof vest, and also because of the a handful of gun shop workers News 6 speak to won"t even sell them.

"I examine everyone out, yeah, yet generally if he"s attract a badge, has actually a gun and also a uniform on, he"s most likely an officer," Steve Pocius said.

Pocius stated he"s to be doing this because that 30 years and also limits who he sell to. At his shop, it"s policy to only sell bulletproof vests to officials in energetic duty.

"To my expertise there"s no law that vests are limited in purchasing. Should a poor guy have a vest? Of food not, yet he shouldn"t have a total either," the said.

Detectives believe Markeith Loyd is attract a bulletproof vest, however how go he get one?

Pocius claimed it"s no difficult, the officials come in all the time replacing equipment.

"Maybe he stole it. I had actually a man come in right here this week instead of a vest the someone stole his vest and he"s a protection guard," Pocius said.


In the Pulse shooting, shooter Omar Mateen was no wearing body armor. He in reality tried to purchase it but was denied.

Pocius called News 6 he deserve to spot a good sale indigenous a bad sale immediately.

"The male sized him up and said there was something monster here, and I think the wasn"t simply the vest. I think he to be going in there asking for instances of ammo, i m sorry is no illegal come do, but he simply had poor vibes around him," that said.

News 6 tried to buy a vest online. One keep told News 6 it needed the ideal documentation, that body armor is limited to public safety professionals, military and security officers. If on others, such together Amazon, News 6 acquired all the method to checkout there is no restrictions.


Pocius stated he wouldn"t market News 6 employee a vest, also knowing we"re no criminals, just so the doesn"t get into the dorn hands. He said vests deserve to be tracked ago to where they were purchased but doesn"t display where they"ve been.

"Most vests have serial number on them," Pocius said. "A gun have the right to be stolen 10 times prior to it"s used in a crime. Guns are regulated, and criminals tho have guns right? So exactly how are girlfriend going come regulate? A vest doesn"t kill you."

News 6 dug right into Florida statute: You deserve to buy, own and wear a bulletproof vest, however if you commit a crime while wearing one, you deserve to be convicted of a felony.

"I don"t think you"ll ever before see a regulation top top vests. In the industry, you need to monitor. It"s choose being a good bartender -- you understand when to cut the drink turn off or that to sell the drink to," that said.

OPD said it runs across criminals v bulletproof vests, yet they"re not always confiscated unless they supplied it come commit a crime.


As for buying them, it"s perfectly legal and up come the seller"s discretion.

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