We prefer to think of ourselves together law-abiding citizens right here in Virginia. However many civilization don’t know that there are several outdated and weird laws in Virginia. While some make sense (at the very least a little), many of the illegal things in Virginia will make friend wonder just how the issue ever ended up being a legal issue in the very first place. You’ll have a great laugh at some of the complying with weird laws in Virginia. Let’s simply say it’s a good thing a many these aren’t strictly enforced.

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During these uncertain times, you re welcome keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to her bucket perform to visit in ~ a later date.

Yep, you read that right. Kids are technically not claimed to walk trick-or-treating top top October 31st. An excellent luck explaining that to the small ones.

5. A woman that is no wearing a corset or being escorted through a guy after 6 p.m. Is technically bending the law.

Can girlfriend imagine just how much nosier website traffic would it is in if anyone honked the horn as they passed? This could also cause a little road rage.
That"s right, us take our cured meats really seriously in Virginia. Uneven it"s to be smoked and processed in ~ the Smithfield area, you could get fined for trying to label a generic ham as "Smithfield."

What are your thoughts on these weird laws in Virginia? have actually you ever broken any of the laws detailed above? execute you know of any much more weird laws that space still in existence? Or, maybe you know of some various other fun facts around Virginia? Share your thoughts through us!

These weird legislations in Virginia aren’t the just strange things around the state. Over there are numerous others! Click right here to read around the weirdest areas you deserve to possibly walk in the great state that Virginia.

What are some other strange things around Virginia?

When it pertains to strange things around Virginia, there are quite a few, such together it’s the birthplace the fraternities and…streaking. The very first fraternity came around in 1776, as soon as Phi Beta Kappa was established at the college of William and also Mary. Rumor has it that years later, in 1804, George william Crump to be the first American college student to be arrested for, girlfriend guessed it, streaking.

Are there any fun facts around Virginia?

There are several fun facts about Virginia, consisting of the reality that a fungus led to its foray into tobacco production. The initial settlers intended because that Virginia to it is in a silk colony. However, the inhabitants were required to move gears once a fungus eliminated all the trees that the silkworms fed on. Through the silkworms’ food source fully depleted, the settlers chose to tree tobacco. Prove to it is in a great decision, Virginia is just one of the nation’s height tobacco producers.

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What space some other illegal points in Virginia?

Surprisingly, the legislations mentioned over aren’t the just weird legislations in Virginia. There space several various other illegal things in Virginia the will have you scratching your head. For instance, the illegal to offer lettuce and peanut brittle ~ above Sundays. Over there are likewise a pair of Virginia cities v strange laws. One instance is Richmond, wherein it’s illegal to upper and lower reversal a coin to determine who pays because that coffee. Then there’s Virginia Beach, where an intoxicated passenger can be charged v DUI.