Imagine this… You’ve booked your flightand space on your method to the airport. Everything seems fine till you acquire there and every one of a sudden something goes fully wrong. You’ve just done something friend shouldn’t execute in one airport and you finish up stuck in that tiny room make the efforts to explain what just happened.

For plenty of years unpredictable instances have arisen in airports all throughout the country, they’ve even made TV shows around it.

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Things friend Shouldn’t execute in an Airport

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points You Shouldn’t perform in one Airport2. Perform not Wear your Sunglasses Inside

At some allude or another, someone will decide the they would make the failure of act something lock shouldn’t have actually done in one airport.

If you’ve ever before seen the movie, “Meet The Parents”, then you would understand that that wouldn’t be such a an excellent idea to act the end in an airport. You may reason yourself to end up in a jail cell with a big guy called Bubba and we wouldn’t desire that now, would certainly we?

Questions come ask yourself prior to going come the Airport

You could want come ask yourself these questions very first before going into an airport.

carry out I have anything suspicious in mine suitcase?are mine liquids the ideal sizeAm i wearing the appropriate attire?You also have to be extra cautious in how you use your words.

Things have changed over the years, people are more sensitive in ~ airports because of instances in the past. Friend think come yourself, “well the wouldn’t happen to me, what have the right to I possibly carry out to cause a difficulty in an airport?” Well here it is:

#1 carry out not say the word bomb, explore, bang or “in mine shoe.”

This would more than likely be at the peak of the perform of things you need to not perform in an airport. This would definitely get girlfriend kicked turn off the plane faster 보다 you can say the word “bomb” ever before again. No one wants to hear the word bomb, specifically in an airport. Not only will you regret saying it, you’ll entice unwanted attention and who knows where that will certainly take you!

Don’t draw attention to her shoes

Note indigenous Deb: my dad walk this as soon as when i was very young. I was going to Colorado to train for number skating in ~ the Broadmoore arena in Colorado Springs.It was back in the days whereby there to be still figures in figure skating and when practicing, we provided a huge metal scribe to draw our circles.

Think the the old compasses that you used in great school. The ones v the pointy end and then her pencil fit into the other end as her twirled that around. Fine that’s what i had. Once it was every folded up, the did look prefer a gun.

Dad made a joke the it was a gun. Deserve to you imagine the today? We’d it is in locked up!

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2. Carry out not Wear your Sunglasses Inside

People can get the not correct idea and also think the you room a fleeing fugitive trying come hide your identity. There’s nothing worse than being a victim of a mistaken identity, it deserve to take forever for them to establish they have the dorn person.


You can even gain arrested and miss your flight, all since you want to look cool. Ns guess attract a wig along with the sunglasses would certainly be worse, however who’s come say I’m wrong. Remember, you have the right to look cool elsewhere, airports aren’t the place.

Note native Deb: ns have had this happen. Ns wear prescription glasses and also many times I will certainly wear prescription sunglasses. I am quite close to sighted and also can’t check out at all without mine glasses. If I have actually my prescription sunglasses on, ns don’t think of acquisition them off when approaching the counter since it is the only way I can see. Ns have had actually a stern talking to as soon as when going up to clear immigration v my sunglasses. The only taken place once, and also now ns am really careful, no to wear my prescription glasses.

#3 execute Not Reach right into Your Jacket directly After setting off the metal Detector

Even if you’re not the form to carry a weapon, if lock think you do, then you’re better off throwing yourself on the ground and putting her hands increase or you could get shot! It would be a shame to end up through a pistol wound or taser to the neck because that pulling the end a piece of chewing gum.


Dave and Deb: This, I never ever would have actually thought of, yet what a good point.

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#4 do not Carry bulk Packages the Tea pipeline in her Bag

I understand grandmas love those tea leaves, (and so perform Dave and also Deb!) but it might get you kicked the end of the airport or also arrested. You may also have to wait hours before they also clear you come leave. To prevent all the humiliation it can be finest if you leaving those tea bags in ~ home, friend can get some much more when you’re travelling.


Note from Dave: our old neighbour offered to walk to Jamaica twice a year. One time he came home with coffee for everyone in the building and also all his friends. He finished up offering us our coffee in ziplock bags since the public representative went with it with a fine-tooth comb.

He was infuriated and also couldn’t know why they destroyed all his coffee. Us were prefer duh, friend don’t lug copious amounts of coffee house from Jamaica without looking suspicious.

#5 carry out Not play the Sniffer Dog

Many of this dogs room trained come sniff out drugs and bombs and that consists of the bad guys that carry them. They’re not precisely the ‘making friends’ type!

If you do, you might come to be dragged about the airport in an ext ways than one. You might even finish up acquiring a one way ticket come the emergency room rather of her intended destination.


Making your airport suffer one you will never wish to have again and also an ashamed story to tell her friends!

Note from Dave and Deb: We experienced a really cute dog sniffing for fruits and also vegetables in Australia. It was so tempting to provide it a tiny pat yet we refrained. This one probably wouldn’t have actually dragged us about the airport, but I had actually a emotion we would certainly be arrested or something. We never ever interact with dogs, officials, security or anybody uneven they an initial talk to us. Yep, I’m probably paranoid, however I prefer to obtain though the airport with as little drama as possible.

Although the is not constantly likely, it can definitely be a possibility. Cases like this can take place in an plane if you’re no careful. What girlfriend do, speak or wear could land friend on the next Airport TV show and also not in a an excellent way! There’s a lot of things people should not carry out in an airport, yet for part strange reason, it happens anyway.

If friend do any kind of of these climate don’t say we didn’t warning you!


Do girlfriend have any funny (or terrifying) story that have actually happened to you in an airport? We’d love to hear!

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