There are much more than 500,000 car accidents every year in Texas. And also most of these are an easy distracted steering mistakes that are totally preventable.

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That’s why arguably THE most vital thing you have the right to do behind the wheel is store your hands at 10 and 2 and also your eyes on the road. Always.

What Is Distracted Driving?

The state of Texas specifies distracted driving together “any activity that take away your attention away native driving. Distractions can incorporate anything from texting and also talking on a cell phone phone to eating and drinking, placing on makeup, shaving, reading, programming a navigation system, city hall a video and also adjusting the radio.”

Though most distractions are legal, they still existing a hazard and also should be minimized or avoided anytime possible. But in Texas, state law is concentrated mainly on the threat of text massage while driving, when leaving other develops of distracted steering unchecked.

The Texas room of transport advises, “The safest policy is to drive now and use your cell phone call later. If you need to make a phone speak to or send a text, pull over. Otherwise wait until you reach your destination to use the phone.”


Currently, every state in the US has actually a regulation that prohibits some kind of cell phone usageexceptMontana and also Arizona. But once 2021 roll around and also Arizona"s regulation comes right into effect, Montana will certainly be the just state left.

Does Distracted steering in Texas increase Insurance Rates?


In Texas, a distracted driving quote doesn"t include points versus your driving record, for this reason it"s feasible that your auto insurance company won"t even know that the infraction. But distracted driving regularly leads to relocating violations or accidents, and if either wake up in conjunction v distracted driving, you can expect your insurance rates to go up.

The quantity of your price hike will rely on which insurance agency you use and also your all at once driving history. In Texas, distracted steering citations reason rates to walk up an mean of around $175 a year. So you really need to ask yourself whether that text blog post was yes, really worth it.

Additionally, if you had been enjoy it a for sure driver discount, you can say goodbye to the lower rates the affords you. Distracted control will nearly certainly disqualify friend from receiving this discount, and also this can reason your rate increase to be even an ext painful.

What If ns Drive into an additional State?

Distracted driving regulations vary by state, and when you cross the state heat you are forced to follow your laws. Claiming ignorance that the law will not acquire you the end of a citation, therefore be certain to check on the present laws for any states you may be travel through before you take it your next road trip.

The claims that re-superstructure a border v Texas have similar laws when it concerns distracted driving, so possibilities are good that if you cross the border, preserving your existing cell phone habits will keep you the end of hot water.

But if you take it a long road pilgrimage to the West coastline or new England, you deserve to expect to journey through says where the use of handheld tools is prohibited.

In this case, you’d be well advised to invest in hands-free technology, leaving the cabinet phone task to her passengers, or just leave her phone in the gloves box until you"ve pulled over and parked her car.


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What Is Texas doing To protect against Distracted Driving?

State lawmakers are aware of the hazards created by handheld cell phones, however passing laws can take time. State senator Judith Zaffrini is a driving pressure when it pertains to the i of common-sense distracted control laws. Her Senate invoice 43 is at this time being considered and also if that passes, it will make the usage of handheld tools while control illegal statewide.

In the meantime, Texas actively supports projects designed to education the public about the risks of distracted driving. These campaigns include:

Talk, Text, Crash #EndTheStreakTX heads Up, Texas

Each that these campaigns is funded by the state and also focuses on safety measures chauffeurs can require to minimize the number of accidents caused by distractions.

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So What can You Do?

Quite simply, just put the phone away — also if that means in the gloves compartment. The fines themselves are absolutely not worth it, allow alone the much more serious consequences to you and also others ~ above the road. Let’s all just obtain where we’re walking safely and also save the texting till you obtain home.