My finest friend in high college loved driving while barefoot. Blaming either the Texas heat or the heels she declared could obtain stuck under the gas pedal, she always opted to drive without any kind of shoes. Driving barefoot to be a habit that seemed much more quirky 보다 rebellious. Fred Flintstone drive barefoot. For this reason did SpongeBob Squarepants. No one ever told us not to drive barefoot throughout driver’s ed, and the lack of footwear no seem to affect her driving skills.

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Is it illegal to drive barefoot?

Was driving if barefoot illegal? My girlfriend admitted that she no know. No wanting come take any chances through the Texas Highway Patrol, she always drove with a pair of sandals under her seat in instance she gained pulled over. ~ all, no one wants to take defensive driving! as it turns out, she no alone—driving barefoot seems to be a guilty pleasure common by countless despite the confusion approximately its legality.

The only thing i think about while driving barefoot

— Tim great (
Tgood129) august 15, 2017

It'll be hard for my to offer up pair of shoes sha. Due to the fact that the only times I'm everrrr barefoot room in my bed, in the shower, when driving. EVER

— cones (
getalifeaisha) august 1, 2017

Are over there state laws that require drivers to undertake shoes?

So, will certainly barefoot driving gain you a big, fat ticket? will they make you take a protective driving course? There appear to it is in no state laws that require drivers to stay shoes.

Driving when barefoot is legit in all 50 states, follow to the society for Barefoot Living.

Some states also go as far as to recommend driving barefoot end wearing precarious high heels, unreliable flip-flops, or hefty footwear the could include extra press to the gas pedal.

“It actually is legitimate to drive barefoot or through flip-flops,” Officer Raymus Payton at the Westminster California Highway Patrol office called the Orange county Register. “I’ve traction over rather a few people, and also I’ve viewed some pretty amazing shoes—like an extremely high heels or platforms—and they’d more than likely be much better off steering barefoot 보다 in those shoes.”

It’s additionally legal to drive with flip-flops—but be careful.

Michigan State Police also lists illegal barefoot driving as a peak traffic urban legend on their website.

“There is nothing in the Michigan car Code that prohibits barefoot driving. Careless or reckless driving would certainly really be a stretch, as an argument could be made that a barefoot person has an ext control over the pedals,” writes the Michigan State Police.

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Why you should still be mindful while steering barefoot

Although kicking your shoes turn off behind the wheel may make you feeling carefree, you must still it is in on guard. If a barefoot driver gets right into an accident or is pulled over by a less-than-understanding cop, their lack of shoes won’t help their case. The website traffic cop could still mention you because that negligent driving if you obtain into an accident while driving barefoot.

“So back to journey barefoot is not, in and also of itself, against the law, if your failure to wear miscellaneous on your feet when driving is the reason of one accident, the absence of a legislation prohibiting barefoot driving will certainly not it is in a defense,” writes personal injury attorney Zach Parry. “Whether girlfriend drive with our without your shoes on, be careful, and never drive in a means that poses undue risks to yourself or others.”