While that won"t be fairly a winter wonderland, NYC might be getting its very first snowfall the the season tomorrow, Wednesday, December 8.

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The national Weather service is expecting much less than an customs of the white ingredient to autumn in the late morning to early on afternoon with no accumulation expected. It"s possible, though, that NYC will remain dry and not get any kind of snow if precipitation remains to the south, NWS says.

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"While scattered rain and also snow showers continue to be possible, the ideal chances will be throughout eastern locations of LI and also CT," that Tweeted this morning.

Our favorite regional weather account says just "moodflakes" will loss if any kind of at all:

There’s a factor we haven’t speak much about snow tomorrow - due to the fact that we don’t think there will be any! probably some #moodflakes if we’re lucky. Pic.twitter.com/sIk5QcIpvb

— brand-new York subway Weather (
nymetrowx) December 7, 2021

What space moodflakes? The lowest amount the snowfall:

Say hello to our NYC snow Meter. We’re at a really minimal Level 1 with tomorrow. #Moodflakes and also so on and also so forth. Pic.twitter.com/57VGQqt0KX

— brand-new York metro Weather (
nymetrowx) November 29, 2021

The high tomorrow about when it"s supposed to snow in NYC will certainly be 39 degrees, which is not exactly conducive to the production of snow.

So, save an eye out yet don"t get your snow boots out just yet. Follow to the Old Farmer"s Almanac, it"ll come quickly enough—it hasdubbed this upcoming winter the "Season that Shivers" with the expectation that NYC will have actually a "cold and snowy" winter. So, buckle up, NYC! It"s gonna gain chilly soon.

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