The average homeowner security $2,200 to construct a 10x10 foot deck, $6,160 to construct a 14x20 deck, and also $8,800 to develop a 20x20 deck. The expense to develop a deck through pressure-treated wood, hardwood, or composite is about $25 every square foot, for both materials and also installation. The final price depends on the products used, size, level built on, and any extra options. Get free estimates indigenous deck contractors near you.

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New Deck environment Cost

The average homeowner safety $2,200 to build a 10x10 foot deck, $6,160 to construct a 14x20 deck, and also $8,800 to construct a 20x20 deck. The expense to build a deck through pressure-treated wood, hardwood, or composite is around $25 per square foot, because that both materials and installation. The last price of her deck depends on the products used, size, level built on, and also any extra choices like built-in seating or stairs.


Cost To develop A Deck
National median Cost$6,280
Minimum Cost$1,200
Maximum Cost$14,000
Average Range$3,600to$8,400

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Average Deck cost Per Square Foot

The average cost to build a deck is $25 every square foot with most homeowners spending between $4,380 to $10,080 total. An entry level deck with an easy materials costs $15 every square foot, while a deck constructed with premium materials prices $35 per square foot.


Deck price Per Square FootDeck QualityCost every Square Foot
Basic Materials$15
Average Materials$25
Premium Materials$35

Cost To develop A Deck by Size

Here space the most usual deck sizes and also the average price to build based on a range from straightforward to premium materials:

Average Deck price By SizeDeck SizeSquare FeetAverage Cost
8x1080$1,200 – $2,800
10x10100$1,500 – $3,500
10x12120$1,800 – $4,200
12x12144$2,160 – $5,040
12x20240$3,600 – $8,400
14x20280$4,200 – $9,800
16x16256$3,840 – $8,960
20x20400$6,000 – $14,000


Labor price To develop a Deck

The labor expense to develop is deck renders up the mass of the price at in between $8 and also $22 every square foot depending upon the size, products used, level built on, problems of the area, and any extra choices like integrated seating or stairs.


Cost Of lumber To develop A Deck

For the most typical woods supplied in decking, you deserve to expect lumber expenses to variety from $6 come $8 every square foot. For premium hardwoods and composite materials, you have the right to expect come pay anywhere from $20 to $35 per square foot.

Cost To build A Deck Yourself

Building a 10x10 foot ground-level deck yourself would certainly cost around $700 for the products versus paying a professional about $2,200 total. You could use pressure-treated lumber to build a 16x16 foot deck for $1,500 or hire a contractor to carry out the job for girlfriend for around $6,400.


Using premium products for her DIY deck such together Trex, Ipe, or Tigerwood to develop a 16x16 foot deck yourself would run about $5,100. To rental a deck builder instead would expense a full of about $13,620 because that both labor and also materials.


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Material costs To build A Deck

Material costs to develop a deck variety from $6 come $8 per square foot on average. The three most renowned materials because that the building of the end decks in the US are pressure-treated wood, hardwood, and recycled composite.


Deck Material cost EstimatorDeck MaterialCost every Square Foot
Bamboo$3 – $4
Cedar$4 – $8
Pressure-Treated Wood$5 – $8
Redwood$7 – $8
Tigerwood$6 – $15
Ipe$10 – $15
Composite Decking$10 – $15
Trex Decking$8 – $20

The expense of materials detailed is an typical from throughout the country, and depending on wherein you live, you might experience slightly an ext or slightly much less per square foot for your project.


Pressure cure Deck Cost

On average, a press treated hardwood deck prices $6 per square foot because that materials, or between $12 and $18 per square foot installed. Pressure-treated hardwood (PT) is supplied on nearly 75% of every decks in the us today. Chemically treated under pressure, the is fabricated to do the wood an ext resistant come mold, insects, and rot.


Pressure-treated wood is generally made from low-grade fir or jaw that has tendency to warp and also crack over the lengthy haul, and also that creates the ongoing require for a rigid maintain schedule.When pressure-treated timber meets water, any kind of metal provided in the construction of the deck prefer aluminum flashing, galvanized nails and screws, fasteners, joists, and also deck hangers will start to corrode. If left without being repaired will reason dangerous structural instability in her deck.If you elect to have actually pressure-treated wood offered in your deck, you are signing up because that a constant maintenance schedule that includes sanding, sealing, and also staining.


Wood Deck Costs

The materials expense to develop a deck with natural wood is in between $3 and $15 every square foot with many homeowners spending $6 to $8 per square foot on average. Wood decks are beautiful and a top-choice for homeowners, however, they require much more maintenance such as staining and sealing regularly. Right here are the most common woods used for decking:

Cedar – at $4 come $8 per square foot, cedar is normally resistant to weathering, insects, and rot. It needs yearly maintain of sanding, sealing, and also staining.Bamboo – Bamboo is the cheapest material used in decking at an average cost of $3 every square foot. Favor cedar, it requires yearly maintenance to save it healthy.Redwood – Redwood decking costs $7 per square foot and is the most usual wood supplied in deck building. Without constant maintenance, the can develop mold and also get damaged through the sun.Ipe – Ipe is a Brazilian hardwood the costs between $10 and $15 every square foot ~ above average. It frequently lasts end 40 years and also resistant come mold. However, it"s by much the most expensive wood to use.Tigerwood – Tigerwood is among the many expensive hardwoods supplied in decking in ~ an average expense of $6 – $15 every square foot. Favor Ipe, it lasts longer than 25 years, and special tools are required to drill holes right into for installation.


Redwood Deck Cost

The many common type of natural wood used in deck building is the redwood from California. A redwood deck costs in between $15 and also $21 every square foot installed, and around $7 every square foot for simply the materials. Redwood is just a little an ext per square foot than pressure-treated wood.


You stop all the downside of infused copper and the corrosion.It is just under fifty percent the expense of recycle composite lumber.Redwood is great for either paint or staining.It is naturally resistant to pests and also fire.It does not warp easily and also is lengthy lasting.



If your redwood deck isn’t kept regularly v staining and sealing, that can develop mold and also get damaged by the sun.

Cedar Decking Cost

Cedar decking costs in between $4 and also $8 per square foot for the materials depending upon the grade selected. Cedar is a herbal softwood that"s available as treated or untreated. Many of the moment cedar planks room left untreated because of its natural resistance come weathering and rot.


Cedar is just one of the many cost-effective materials used in decking.Naturally resistant to weathering, rot, and also wood-destroying insects such as termites.Cedar is simple to stain, seal, and will not warp indigenous aging.


Cedar boards room not as strong as various other hardwoods which create scratches and also dents easily.Requires routinely yearly maintenance of sanding, staining, and sealing.

Ipe Decking Cost

Ipe, likewise know together Ironwood, is a Brazilian hardwood the costs between $10 and $15 every square foot on average.


Ipe has actually a life expectations of end 40 years.Ipe is three times harder 보다 oak and won"t scrape or dent like various other kinds of wood.Ipe requires small maintenance, various other than applying oil yearly.


It requires special tools to drill holes into the wood and also installIpe can expense as lot as three times as much as traditional pressure-treated wood.

Composite Decking Cost

The average cost of composite decking ranges from $23 to $38 per square foot installed, and between $10 and also $15 per square foot for simply the materials. Most homeowners spend in between $5,821 and also $10,826 to install a 12’ x 24’ composite deck through railings.

Recycled composite is fabricated to look choose real wood, and it"s farming in popular deck structure material. It’s make from recycled plastic v two that the most common choices including polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride or PVC.


It is normally one of the most expensive options.Will require very little maintenanceNever splinters or rotsHas no chemicals in that that will certainly corrode steel fastenersAvailable in a range of colorsDoes not have to be stained or sealedSome composites are easily accessible as “hollow core” planks which allow for either electrical or audio cable to it is in run v the core.



If the product it s okay dinged, the is not as basic to restore to its former glory as hardwood is since it cannot be sanded.In really high temperatures, it might be a warmer surface underfoot when compared to wood.

Trex Decking Cost

A typical 24’ x 12’ deck developed with Trex decking costs between $4,244 and $10,826 for materials and also installation. Trex decking products cost between $8 to $20 per square foot top top average.


Trex board are normally resistant come fading and staining, as well as mildew, mold, and even termites. Also, Trex boards won’t warp, rot, crack, split, or splinter.Trex uses a 25-year guarantee on the product and its capability to remain stain and also fade-free.There is no have to treat her deck because that insects, stain, seal, or to waterproof it.



Trex boards can not be refinished or recolored.Like many composite solutions for decks, products are an ext expensive.

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Additional Decking choices & construction Costs

Decks deserve to be customized to your specific preferences. Here"s an average break down of expenses to include bells and also whistles to your deck:

Decking choices & CostsDeck FeatureAverage Cost
Portable Heaters$100 – $500
Fire Pit$200, practice built: $2,700 – $6,000
Outdoor Fireplace$1,500 – $6,500
Railing$26/linear foot
Privacy Screen$20 every panel
Custom Screened In Deck$600 – $3,500
Patio Enclosures$8,112 – $18,748
Flooring$2.50/sqft – $14/sqft
Stain and Seal$0.40/sqft
Pre-manufactured Seating$350 – $1,100
Custom Seating$2,000 – $5,000
Stairs & Steps$210 – $290
Planter Boxes$120 each
Hot Tub$4,000 – $15,000
Sauna$3,000 – $10,000
Outdoor Shower$800 – $1,000 ($4,000 v privacy enclosure)
Outdoor Kitchen w/ Sink$1500 and also up
Roofing / Pergola Framing$0.70 – $1.30/sqft
Cover$1,000 manual, $1,700 motorized
Deck Skirting$30/sqft
Deck painting cost$2 to $5 every square foot

Cost To construct Deck Stairs

Adding stairway to her deck expenses $150 more top top average depending on the variety of steps required. A rough rule of ignorance to calculate your final price is $40 per step. The enhancement of some steps will make a nice transition from the garden onto the deck. Depending upon the size of the yard, one collection may be sufficient, although friend may choose to add the steps on either next of the deck.

Cost To develop Deck StairsNumber of StepsAverage Cost
2 Steps$110 – $165
3 Steps$100 – $140
4 Steps$140 – $190


The variance in expense depends on even if it is you want an open up vertical an are between each step or if you’d instead close that up through a equivalent riser. Also, concrete footing because that each set of measures for support (excluding excavation) is $50.

Cost To install Deck Railing

Depending top top the material used in building your deck, the average expense to download deck railing is $20 per direct foot. Usually a railing will not be on all four sides the the deck because one that the political parties of the deck will certainly be follow me the house. For a 42”-high handrail, one 2’ x 4’ horizontal optimal rail, and also one 2’ x 6’ put on the sheet directly below the height rail, prices with balusters are:

Deck Railing CostDeck Railing MaterialAverage Cost
Pine, pressure treated$15 per linear foot
Redwood, choose heart$19 per straight foot
Recycled composite lumber$36 per linear foot

Deck Fireplace & Fire Pit Cost

To include a fireplace or a fire pit to your deck, you can expect to spend between $200 and also $500 because that a store-bought heater, or between $2,700 and also $6,500 because that a custom integrated solution. There are many alternatives to pick from, consisting of the following:

Deck Fireplace & Fire Pit CostHeating SolutionAverage Cost
Tall Butane Heaters$100 – $500
Fire Pit$200+
Custom Fire Pit$2,700 – $6,000
Outdoor Fireplace$1,500+
Custom out Fireplace$6,500+
Fireplace options start v a small, wood-fired, self-enclosed metal structure with metal-mesh next panels that enable the warm to escape on all 4 sides.At about $1,000 for a firebox–which is choose an at home fireplace and also only permits the warm out through the front.From between $1,400 and $6,500 for commodities typically an installed in a tall, vertical structure similar to an internal fireplace complete with its own chimney. These assets are also easily accessible as wood-burning or gas-fired fireplaces.

Patio Enclosures Cost

The average cost of a patio enclosure is $900 for a pre-built kit or between $8,112 and also $18,748 to enclose a deck or produce a tradition sunroom. At approximately $70 every square foot, you deserve to either partly enclose or fully enclose your deck.

Screened In Deck Cost

The average expense to develop a screened in porch on an present deck is about $4.50 every square foot. This would carry you come a full of $600 for a little porch with an easy materials approximately $3,510 for a large wrap-around porch with high-end materials.

As a budget alternative, girlfriend can additionally choose to download a privacy netting screen. This is obtainable to the customer in 15’ x 3’ lengths and is virtually 3 feet high. Generally, every panel will certainly run around $20, will still require deck short articles to tie to at each end, and also will typically be attached come a optimal rail with screws and washers v grommets.

Deck Flooring Costs

Once your deck is built, you can include flooring in ~ an average cost of in between $2.50 and $4.00 per square foot installed, and also even pay $1.00/SF extra to add diagonal sample decking. Prices listed below are based on a deck with 200 square feet that area.

Deck Flooring CostsFlooring TypeAverage Cost
Pine, 5/4” x 6” thick, pressure-treated deck flooring$2.50/sqft
Redwood, 2” x 8” thick, select heart deck flooring$4/sqft
Recycled, 5/4” x 6” thick, composite timber decking$8/sqft
Recycled composite hardwood decking 2” x 8” thick$14/sqft
Add because that stain v sealer finish$0.40/sqft

Additional price for diagonal sample decking

Deck Flooring TypeAverage Cost
Pine decking, press treated$0.40/sqft
Redwood decking$0.70/sqft
Recycled composite timber decking 5/4” x 6” thick$1.00/sqft
Recycled composite lumber decking 2” x 8” thick$1.90/sqft

Built-In Deck Seating

Depending on her desire to go upscale v some unique custom designed seating designed and also built by her installer, or to include your very own bench layout options, there will be something because that every budget.

On the lower end of the spectrum, you have the right to expect come pay:

$350 to $1,100 to include premanufactured, waterproof bench-style seating$2,000 to $5,000 or much more to have an L-shaped bench built and also installed


Deck Planter Boxes

The average expense to add deck planter crate is in between $80 and $150 each depending on the form of materials. Wide, narrow, rectangle-shaped planter box are obtainable in wood, metal, and also a selection of plastic composites. Taller, deeper planter crate which host less space also easily accessible for approximately 15% much less than the rectangle-shaped options.

From $80 for woodFrom $120 because that plasticFrom $150 because that metal

Cost To include Hot bath tub To Deck

The average price to install a hot bath tub to a deck is $4,000 and also $15,000 relying on the size, features, and model. Depending upon the number of people you want to accommodate in the hot tub; the variety of jets; how long you desire the product to last; the form of inside shell; and features prefer drink holders, fancy LED lighting, etc., friend will see a selection of prices:

Cost To add Hot bathtub To DeckHot bathtub TypeAverage Cost
Entry Level$2,000 – $4,000
Mid Level$5,000 – $8,000
High End$9,000 – $12,000
Luxury$13,000 – $15,000

For the hot bath tub installation, you have the right to simply set the hot bathtub right on peak of the deck, or, if you have a slightly raised portion of the deck, it have the right to be collection down right into a cutout. If the hot bathtub is going to be recessed, climate some kind of entry will need to be created to provide accessibility for any type of maintenance that the hot tub pumps or electrical setup could need.


Alternatively, structure an the end sauna expenses $5,500 come $34,000.

Outdoor Deck shower head Cost

Depending ~ above the kind of shower you desire to install–allowing you and your household to rinse off after making use of the hot bathtub or pool–and the street from the nearest water line, your costs will be:

$800–$1,000 for a nice wall-mounted shower with a small 3’ by 3’ timber floor$4,000 or more if you want to download one v a privacy enclosure–like an internal shower

Outdoor Kitchen on Deck Costs

If you just want a sink cabinet and counter area the you place your grill next to, friend are likely to spend:

$600–$900 for an entry-level, medium-sized, mid-priced sink$1,500 and also up for a bigger sink v an exquisite faucet$7,000–$17,000 if you want to walk all out and create a complete outdoor kitchen v a small fridge, respond to space, and cabinets

Cost To build Pergola or Roof over Deck

The average price to build a roof over her deck, or add pergola frame is in between $0.70 and also $1.30/sqft. Incorporate $40 to $50 for sustaining posts and concrete, and an additional $2.60 per square foot for flat asphalt roof covering. One more option is a hands-on deck sheathe which prices $500 to $1,500 or $1,700 and up for a motorized cover.

Cost To install Deck Skirting

The average expense to download deck skirting is in between $25 and $30 every square foot. Including a dress can complete out the look at of the deck from her walking surface ar down come the ground and also protect that room from big rodents.

Trellis - $25/sqftPrivacy fence style - $30/sqft

The perfect product will certainly look like a privacy fence–with tiny to no gap between the boards–or it will certainly be more like a trellis v the hardwood in one of two people a diamond or square configuration. A complete lack of gaps will rule out the an are becoming residence to rodents or snakes, when the trellis choice is more suited to being a intuitive addition.

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Cost come Repair, Rebuild Or replace Your Deck

With a organic wood deck, annual maintenance, repairs, and rebuilding is component of the game. With lots of upkeep, your timber decking can last 25 to 40 years prior to you should replace. However, not maintaining your deck dramatically reduces its lifetime down come 10 to 15 years.

Deck repair Costs

Plan ahead because that maintenance and also deck fix costs, to include:

Deck repair CostsMaintenance & RepairAverage Cost
Damaged deck boards$1,280
Loose deck stairs$150 – $300
Missing deck nails$5 – $10
Mold, mildew, and also rot$200 – $500
Damaged deck railing$400 – $500
Termite and pest treatment$100 – $300
Stain and also seal$3.50/square foot

Cost come Stain A Deck

The average price to sand, stain, and also seal a deck is $1 come $3 per square foot. If you only have actually a small area that requirements to be repaired, you can buy the sealant and also stain and also complete that part of the project in your own time.

Stain – accessible as one opaque or semi-opaque stain in acrylic latex, oil, or latex. Covers 400 square feet of timber surface and also costs $30–$45 every gallon.Wood finish – obtainable as a transparent or waterproofing finish. Covers 400 square feet of timber surface and also costs $16–$80 every gallon.


Cost to Seal A Deck

You must strive to reseal your deck annually. An median wood sealer costs about $20 every gallon and can easily be applied yourself.

Wood water clear sealer – consists 225–325 square feet the sanded wood and also 125 square feet for the initial coat on rough-sawn wood expenses $16–$18 per gallon.Wood preservative – consist of 100 to 300 square feet and also costs $24–$29 every gallon.

Deck remove Cost

On average, deck removal costs between $5 and also $10 every square foot depending on the size and condition the the old deck. If you have actually a multi-level, integrated seating, or railing, remove prices will increase. An median 12x12 deck that is composed of 144 square feet costs in between $720 and also $1,440 come remove.

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Estimating The price Of building Your Deck

If you’re worn down of walking out your ago door and having naught decent outside to be sure on, never mind organize a BBQ or gain a insignificant in the warm tub, a deck can satisfy your out living room needs.

Build one level, or include some elevated portions; stretch the the complete width that the earlier of the home or save on computer it to the area by the ago door. No matter how huge you go, make sure it meets your home advancement needs.

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Deck Size

The key thing you have to choose prior to you start is the dimension of the deck. Typical advice is to make a deck a minimum 12’ by 12’ to make it a useable room for an typical size family.

Many home contractors will incorporate an update of a little 10’ x 10’ deck, yet many human being either remorse going through one so little, or lock upgrade prior to the home and also deck space built.