I have actually none left...! Yesterday the pharmacy was closed and today they were closed also becuz of snowstorm so ns couldn"t contact in because that a refill.. Ns took the last one yesterday but have nobody left because that today. Ns should have actually them by tomorrow tho

It will certainly be fine. Simply don"t go lengthy without them. If you have any type of children"s Vitamins/flintstones by possibility you can take one of those instead.

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Totally fine, I"ve actually missed rather a couple of throughout mine pregnancy due to nausea. My physician took me off mine critical week since she thinks it was bring about my vomiting/nausea (haven"t thrown up since!!) at this point significant development is done so because that me the negative aspects were much outweighing the optimistic ones. I just am surveillance my diet carefully trying to obtain extra vitamins/nutrients the way.


Definitely okay. Women have actually been having babies long before vitamins were invented. The being said, i take mine faithfully and also have missed just a grasp of times.

Wow! i was reasoning prenatal course not Vitamin haha!

I have only bring away a prenatal Vitamin in my first trimester in all 3 pregnancies.

All youngsters are healthy, and grew an excellent and no one had any concerns.


I take them once I remember, this is my 3rd baby.. As long as you have actually a balanced diet, they are unnecessary, folic acid and iron space the essential things, and quite a few prenatals don"t also contain them.. I take those daily, and the prenatal as soon as I think that it..



Hi mamas,So I’ve had actually an emotionally 48 hours so this is the long and short of it and also I’m just wondering if anyone have the right to relate and also assure me this is exactly how it was an alleged to go-Jan 8 (36 weeks) began presenting high BP, blood job-related fine and no protein...
I"m in little bit of a sticky case rn and also am worried around the baby.I had a surgical procedure on my left ovary two months before I obtained pregnant. At 6 weeks, I just made the reduced off to check out the technician to take it a pic the my baby to make certain baby to be in...

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