civilization are placing ice cubes in their vaginas to "keep the tight". Picture: Getty Images, popular music

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by Jazmin Duribe


I'll never ever look in ~ a Slushie in the same method again...

We were warned to prevent putting ice lollies in our vaginas throughout the UK heatwave critical year, yet obviously several of us didn't listen. Apparently, lockdown boredom has actually really tipped some ladies over the edge since people top top TikTok have now resorted to, erm, putting ice cubes in your vaginas. Yep, a fast search on tik of "ice cube" or "ice cube challenge" will bring up many clips of civilization actually law this.

According to tik science, inserting an ice cube in your vagina has a number of benefits. It have the right to make her vagina tighter, freeze off warts choose some sort of at-home cryotherapy treatment and also even cure depression and also anxiety. It is likewise said come actually just feel rather nice.

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So, what actually does occur when you put an ice cream cube increase there? Well, Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, a gynaecologist, is out here dispelling the ice cream cube an obstacle myths top top the platform.

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In a video, she said: "I think ice cubes room great… for drinks and smoothies, that type of thing. Let's simply stop and also think before we perform crazy stuff."

Dr Lincoln entered further detail around why we absolutely should not be taking component in the difficulty in one interview through Buzzfeed. She said: "The issue is friend think of that child in A Christmas Story who grounding his tongue come the flagpole. It deserve to stick to the breakable skin of the vagina. It can cause an ice cream burn, and once the ice cream cube is in reality removed, it can reason injury."

If the weren't off-putting enough, there's more. Due to the fact that water has a various pH level come the vagina, placing water increase there could disrupt the natural pH levels and cause an infection. She added: "Don't carry out it due to the fact that you think it's gonna cure her bacterial vaginosis or make your vagina tighter."

And ice cubes in the bedroom? absolutely fine. Ice cream or temperature pat is frequently used as component of foreplay, just, um, don't placed them inside yourself please. Dr Lincoln continued: "Usually we recommend that externally."