FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE) – air pollution can get bad this time that year in the Valley.

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Still conditions and also cooler temperatures help trap pollution close to the ground, including fireplace smoke. Seasonal hardwood burning limitations go into result Valley-wide November 1.

The san Joaquin sink Air Pollution manage District has the government to restrict hardwood burning in-home fireplaces to registered gadgets only or not enable it at all.

Through a time that year when temperature inversions in the Valley aid trap pollutants prefer a fireplace in ~ ground-level, the mountain Joaquin sink Air Pollution control District restricts residential wood burning through their “Check before you burn” program.

Valley Air ar outreach and communications manager pagan Heinks says, “We have diminished the amount of particulate issue in the winter season significantly — by tons of emission during that winter season. Because the public understands and has been checking before they burn with us and also recognizing that when you produce pollution in your residence you space sharing that contamination with your neighbors in your ar which way if they open up their window they are breathing in the pollution. The ask is really to recognize the affect on those roughly you when you irradiate a fire.”

Air quality monitoring data reflects the restrictions are working.

source: REPORT top top 2020-2021 WINTER RESIDENTIAL WOODSMOKE reduction STRATEGY

Valley winters supplied to have an ext unhealthy days than great days.

The trend began to reverse in 2003 — that’s once district hardwood burning restrictions went from voluntary come mandatory.

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Rules were tightened again in 2008 and also updated again in 2014 as soon as a “registered gadgets only” group was added.

Heinks says, “The rule applies to out burning also which method if you have a fire in your backyard in a fire pit or chimenea the is using fuel as combustion and not propane or organic gas girlfriend are likewise subject come the rules.”

The air ar is giving thousands in incentives to those upgrading their wood-burning fireplace to organic gas. Information around the Burn Cleaner routine is easily accessible at