A list documenting purported familial ties in between news media personnel and the Obama administration was regularly shared as proof that the news device was rigged in the President"s favor.

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Published15 July 2016

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A list shows documents that several significant news media executives had actually ties to the Obama administration.

What"s False

Some that the familial links recorded in this list no much longer exist, and such links don"t in us demonstrate bias in news reporting.

The list extensively reproduced via social media and also email in 2016 purportedly documented several prominent media numbers who had familial ties to the Obama administration. Back the perform may have actually been greatly accurate at the moment it very first appeared, numerous of the persons figured out in the have readjusted job positions due to the fact that then:

YOU had actually A HUNCH THE NEWS mechanism WAS RIGGED and YOU COULDN’T placed YOUR FINGER top top IT, HUH?


ABC News executive, management producer Ian Cameron is married come Susan Rice, nationwide Security Adviser.CBS president David Rhodes is the brothers of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy national Security adviser for strategy Communications.ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse push Secretary Jay CarneyABC News and also Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married come Katie Hogan,Obama’s Deputy press SecretaryABC president Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s distinct Adviser Elizabeth SherwoodCNN chairman Virginia Moseley is married to previous Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

And now you know why the is no surprised the media is in Obama’s pocket. Think there might be a small bias in the news? This may also explain the cover increase of Hillary’s private server and emails,

Benghazi, Obamacare’s soaring costs, $20 trillion U.S. Debt. Etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

Isn’t it exciting that every place you look at in Obama’s management people to fill positions because of who they know, no what they recognize or how competent they room — and you wonder why our nation has so countless problems.

OUTDATED: Ian Cameron (ABC News) and also Susan Rice (National protection Advisor).

Ian Cameron and also Susan Rice to be married in 1992. Return Rice (a previous U.S. Ambassador come the united Nations) is quiet the U.S. Nationwide Security Advisor for the Obama administration, Cameron stepped under from his place with alphabet News in 2010.

TRUE: David Rhodes (CBS President) and also Ben Rhodes (National protection Adviser for Strategic Communications).

David Rhodes came to be the youngest network news chairman in background when he was tapped to head CBS News in 2011, having actually previously served as Vice chairman of News at Fox News and the head of tv operations for Bloomberg. His brother, Ben Rhodes, started working as a speech writer because that Barack Obama in 2007 and is currently Deputy national Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting.

OUTDATED: Claire Shipman (ABC News correspondent) married come Jay Carney (White house Press Secretary).

Claire Shipman is a correspondent for the ABC regime Good Morning America. Jay Carney took end from Robert Gibbs as White home Press Secretary for the Obama management in 2011, however he resigned from that position in June 2014 and now functions for online retailer Amazon together the an elderly vice chairman of an international Corporate Affairs.

OUTDATED: Matthew Jaffe (ABC News and also Univision) married come Katie Hogan (Obama’s Deputy press Secretary).

Matthew Jaffe operated as a reporter for abc News and also the Spanish language broadcast tv network Univision throughout the 2012 presidential campaign, yet he has due to the fact that moved on and is currently the manager of interactions at the college of Chicago institute of Politics. Katie Hogan joined Barack Obama’s political procedure in February 2007 (the week prior to the main kick-off the his first campaign because that the White House), serving as a traveling push assistant, a White house press wrangler, and also deputy press secretary. But she, too, has because left her place in the Obama administation, stepping down in 2016 to become the brand-new chief of arranging for Action, a non-profit group that grew out that Barack Obama’s reelection campaign.

TRUE: Ben Sherwood (ABC President) and also Elizabeth Sherwood (Obama’s one-of-a-kind Adviser)

Ben Sherwood has been affiliated through network news for almost three decades, serving as a producer of alphabet News’ Primetime, a producer of NBC’s Nightly News v Tom Brokaw, executive, management producer the ABC’s good Morning America, and also President of abc News in new York. Sherwood no longer holds that last position, having actually moved increase in January 2015 to come to be the president of Disney-ABC television Group and Co-Chairman that Disney Media Networks. Ben Sherwood’s sister, Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, has served as the unique Assistant to the chairman and an elderly Director because that European Affairs, as the Coordinator because that Defense Policy, Countering weapons of mass Destruction, and Arms Control, and (currently) together the United claims Deputy Secretary of energy for the Obama administration.

OUTDATED: Virginia Moseley (CNN President) married come Tom Nides (Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary).

Virginia Moseley stop a prominent position at CNN, but she is no the network’s president: she is at this time the cable news network’s Washington Deputy office Chief and Vice President. Cutting board Nides was one of two U.S. Deputy Secretaries of State (for Management and Resources) under Secretary the State Hillary Clinton from 2011 come 2013, however he has due to the fact that rejoined the Morgan Stanley worldwide financial services firm as a vice Chairman.

Although item such together this one have criticized the Obama administration for having an “incestuous” relationship with the media, they do not necessarily prove that the “media is in Obama’s pocket.” In June 2013, the Washington Post  published an article defending how news media run honestly also when that is members have actually ties to politicians:

Conservatives have suggested that this relationships might play a duty in how the media covering Obama, especially in their supposedly timid approach to reporting on the White House’s taking care of of the terrorist attacks last year on American infrastructure in Benghazi, Libya. The nationwide Review virtual recently asserted that together ties lot to expert incest: “The inbreeding among Obama’s court and also its press corps is an ext like among those ‘I’m my own grandpaw’ deals,” wrote NRO’s note Steyn in a posting titled “Band of Brothers.”

Such insinuations do media types bristle. Castle take exemption to the notion that complex judgments about the news — regularly made by rather within an company — have actually anything to carry out with an individual favoritism or familial relationships. The critics, they say, can’t allude to any kind of direct evidence that such relationship have influenced the quantity or tone of your news coverage.

“There is zero evidence, zero, that has had any affect on our coverage,” claims Jeffrey Schneider, alphabet News’s chef spokesman. Schneider points the end that abc was the very first mainstream news organization to report that administration officials had transformed the White House’s talk points about Benghazi 12 time after the attack. 

The Post article also highlighted that news outlets are aware of this potential conflicts and also employ several approaches for mitigating them:

ABC, because that example, states that Sherwood no get associated with any kind of stories managing arms control, his sister’s specialty. NPR said Shapiro avoids any kind of story in which a member that the White home counsel’s office participates, such as a current background briefing on Benghazi. And also CNN said Moseley, who previously was v ABC News, recuses herself from functioning on any story around the Benghazi investigation, even though her husband left the State department in February. (Nides, a Clinton confidant, remained in charge the the State Department’s inner operations till February.)

ABC claims Shipman, a previous White home reporter, quit covering politics in late 2008 after she husband, Carney, left Time newspaper to end up being press secretary because that Vice President-elect Joe Biden. She’s now the an elderly national correspondent because that “Good Morning, America.” Shipman generally covers softer topics for “GMA,” such as diet and fitness. Yet the ban on national politics isn’t total; in April, Shipman filed a report ~ above the “buzz” about former secretary that state Clinton’s 2016 presidential ambitions.

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Published15 July 2016

Farhi, Paul. “Media, Administration deal with Conflicts.” The Washington Post. 12 June 2013.