8 healthy and balanced hot drink

Enjoying a warming drink have the right to be a great way come relax, as long as you stop those packed through sugar and also fat. Rosalie Starling argues eight heart-healthy options.

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1. New ginger tea


Warming, spicy ginger tea has a long background of use for stomach ache and also nausea. To make it fresh, grate or slice a tiny piece the peeled ginger root. Pour boiled water over it and also leave to brew for around 10 minutes. Alternatively, you have the right to buy teabags in most supermarkets.

2. Fruit tea


If you an intricate something fruity, flavoursome fruit tea is a good low-calorie option. There space dozens of different teabags and loose tea blends available. Inspect the labels and choose one that doesn’t contain sugar. And avoid teas that contain liquorice, which have the right to increase your blood pressure.

3. Fresh mint tea

Mint tea is short in calories, a great palate cleanser and has traditionally been supplied to assist digestion. Wash and tear up a grasp of mint leaves, include to a small teapot and top up with boiling water. Protect against Moroccan mint tea in restaurants, together it have the right to be loaded v sugar.

4. Hot chocolate


A little hot chocolate from a high street coffee shop deserve to contain nearly five teaspoons (20g) the sugar. These extra calorie can cause weight gain, raising your danger of love disease. If it’s made v full-fat milk and also topped with whipped cream, this will add an ext calories, and it will certainly be high in saturation fat, which could influence your cholesterol levels. For a heart-healthy version, mix unsweetened cocoa powder with warm low-fat milk and also low-calorie sweetener, if needed.

5. Coffee

Coffee in moderation is fine, but a big latte do with totality milk can contain virtually 300 calories. If milky coffees space your thing, walk for a smaller size and choose a ‘skinny’ version with low-fat milk come cut ago on calories and saturated fat. Protect against flavoured drinks, such as vanilla or gingerbread lattes, which often contain sugary syrup. Want a small extra flavour? Sprinkle floor cinnamon on her cappuccino for sweetness without the extra calories.

6. Warm lemon


Squeeze fresh lemon juice right into a mug, add an extra part of lemon, and top up v boiling water. Hot water and lemon provides a good alternative to sugar-laden drink such together lemonade, but shot to have it through a meal as the mountain in lemon juice deserve to be damaging come teeth.

7. Environment-friendly tea


Its health and wellness benefits are often exaggerated, and also it go contain caffeine (it’s do from the same plant as black color tea). Yet green tea is tho a healthier alternative to drinks that room high in sugar and fat. Matcha lattes meanwhile, do from powdered green tea and also milk, regularly contain covert sugar. Do your own latte with warm low-fat milk whisked with pure matcha powder. Add low-calorie sweetener, if needed.

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8. Chai


Chai is a tea made by imminent black tea with a mixture of fragrant Indian spices. It’s widely accessible as loose tea or teabags. Chai is a perfect low-calorie alternative for winter – yet watch the end for coffee shop chai lattes – part high street execution contain practically 30g of sugar. To do a healthy and balanced version, include boiling water come a chai teabag and also top increase with warmth low-fat milk to keep the saturated fat down.