Will the NBC soap death off the character? Recast? have everybody simply receive occasional messages from her?

“Addie, the a girl. You have a perfect baby girl.”

With those native Days of our Lives’ Dr. Tom Horton presented Addie Williams to she daughter top top January 14, 1974. Shortly thereafter, Julie’s mom and her babydaddy Doug arrived at the perfect name for their brand-new arrival. He to be marveling in ~ his mam — her courage, her trust…

“But most of all,” that continued, “well… your hope.”

Was he suggesting that word together their newborn’s name? Indeed, that was. And also why wouldn’t he? as Doug said Addie, “It’s something you’ve had actually all follow me for the 3 of us.”

“I can’t think of a much more beautiful name,” she sighed. “Our small girl — Hope.”

“Which we’ll never ever lose,” he added.

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No, “you’ll never shed Hope now, Doug,” Addie agreed. (You have the right to watch the totality sweet scene play out below.)

That was Then, This Is Now

As longtime viewers room well aware, Addie no live long enough to check out her expect grow. Despite the mother-to-be eschewed therapy for leukemia so that she could bring her infant to term, she died not long after the kid was born when she thrust the tot’s infant carriage out of the means of an oncoming car.

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Now, that course, Days of ours Lives is confronted with one more impossible scenario: how will it address the fact that Kristian Alfonso has left the function that she play off and on since 1983 and also has expressed her intention never to return.

Exit Strategy

After the actress’ last illustration aired, the audience was educated that Hope had actually left Salem in search of Ciara, the daughter she just can’t believe is the rarest of every soap-opera deads — girlfriend know, dead-dead. The detective’s hunting for hints can theoretically only go on for so long. 

“As my dad said,” headwriter Ron Carlivati recently told silverlakestyle.com.com, “’Where precisely is she looking for Ciara?’

“In the letter she left behind, expect didn’t really give any kind of indication of as soon as or if she’d it is in back,” he added. “And we know she’s talked to Shawn a few times, however she’s been really vague regarding where she’s in ~ or if she’s found any much more information. So nobody really knows what’s walk on v Hope.”

They Wouldn’t… Would They?

If Alfonso isn’t coming ago — and she’s said unequivocally that neither is she returning to Days of our Lives no one is she joining any type of other soap — that leaves NBC’s daytime drama with three choices. 1. It could just leave her the end there, somewhere, browsing in perpetuity for Ciara.

But that doesn’t seem choose a great idea, considering exactly how willing “the deceased’s” portrayer Victoria Konefal is come pop earlier into Salem, either as a vision or as a… Well, friend must have actually read she wild idea for Ciara’s comeback, right?


Anyway, once Hope’s daughter one day winds up back in Salem v a pulse, over there will continue to be no reason for hope herself to it is in MIA. For this reason the show might instead 2. Death her off. Hey, we don’t desire that any much more than you do, however you have to fill your plot holes, people.

Plus, even if expect did fulfill her maker, yes no reason to think the it would be any an ext of a passing acquaintance than the time that she “perished” in a vat of acid in 1990. (Our timeline of the character’s history tells the totality bonkers tale.)

The Trickiest Proposition

And climate there’s choice No. 3: recast. If the show went this route, it might play out the Hope/Navy SEAL romance because that which that was claimed to be setup the stage as soon as Alfonso walked. And it would certainly be tough. Like, real challenging to expropriate anyone yet Alfonso together Hope.

But on the flip side, Cady McClain has actually been kicking ass and also taking names as Jennifer. No one also bats an eye anymore once Marci Miller take away a revolve as Abigail. And lest us forget, us did for the most component accept Robert Kelker-Kelly together Bo. (He even made our perform of daytime’s best-ever recasts.)

In other words, recasts can succeed.

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What do you think? can you ever before accept anyone but Alfonso together Hope? Sound turn off in the comments below, yet only after you’ve perused the listed below photo collection of soap vets who could conceivably take on the function and do it their own.