Emmy and also Peabody compensation winner Hoda Kotb began working on this particular day in 2007. She’s as associated with the morning present as any type of anchor it’s had in that is 69-year history. Kotb is no leaving the program any time soon, yet that hasn’t quit tabloids from endlessly claiming otherwise. Right here are part stories Gossip Cop busted around Kotb leaving Today.

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Emmy and Peabody award winner Hoda Kotb started working ~ above Today in 2007. She as associated with the morning display as any kind of anchor it’s had in the 69-year history. Kotb is not leaving the program any kind of time soon, however that hasn’t quit tabloids from endlessly claiming otherwise. Below are part stories Gossip Cop busted around Kotb leave Today.

Kaite Couric ‘Our For’ Kotb’s Job

In February 2018, the National Enquirer claimed former Today host Katie Couric was trying come “regain her former morning display glory” and also was “determined to replace” Kotb as the face of Today. This story came about because Couric was pegged to spearhead NBC’s Olympics coverage, and also this job was a method to “ she foot in the door.” an insider claimed the Olympics job meant Couric had a “clear shoot at instead of Hoda and also regaining her location as optimal dog.

This story to be wrong top top so numerous levels. Neither Couric nor Kotb occupational alone, for this reason there to be no reason that Couric return to Today would call for that Kotb leave. Furthermore, Kotb it s her was likewise doing Olympic coverage for the network, which is miscellaneous the tabloid yes, really should have actually mentioned. A rep because that Couric told Gossip Cop this story to be “not also remotely true.”

Kotb’s Days are Numbered

Back in may 2018, the National Enquirer claimed Kotb can be fired due to “slumping ratings.” A tipster claimed Kotb instead of disgraced previous anchor Matt Lauer a “big mistake” that would be “fixed” immediately. The network was apparently “considering reinstating” Lauer. One insider on Today assured Gossip Cop this report was absurd and also untrue. The ratings went increase after Kotb took the task from Lauer, no down, for this reason firing she made no sense at all. Now, virtually two year later, Kotb still hosts Today, so plainly this story to be bogus.

Bullied turn off By Savannah Guthrie and also Jenna shrub Hager

According to the Enquirer, Kotb had actually grown “disillusioned” through Today after being “bullied” by her co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and also Jenna shrub Hager. The two had actually teamed up and “managed to do Hoda feeling marginalized and also less crucial with every broadcast.” Kotb was feeling “isolated and overlooked” top top her own show and also was considering leaving because that good.

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Gossip Cop busted this story by mentioning that everyone involved is a professional, and also a cursory glance in ~ their various social media pages would show loads of supportive messages. Kotb is a stalwart on Today and also isn’t gaining the “Mean Girls treatment.” Kotb, Guthrie, and also Hager all get along swimmingly, so us busted the story.

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