Jill Goodacre and also Harry Connick Jr. Attend‘Harry Connick Jr: A solemn event of Cole Porter’ Broadway opened night top top December 12, 2019 in new York City. Broadway World/ShutterstockForever love. Harry Connick Jr.

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opened up around his 25-year marriage to Jill Goodacre and revealed their an enig for success.

“I married my finest friend and also I married a woman that I look approximately infinitely,” Connick, 52, called Us Weekly exclusively on Thursday, December 12, on opening night the the Harry Connick Jr.: A celebration event of Cole Porter in new York City.

He added, “We have actually the exact same values therefore it’s straightforward for united state to try and send those on our children.”


Jill Goodacre and also Harry Connick Jr. Attend‘Harry Connick Jr: A celebration event of Cole Porter’ Broadway opened night on December 12, 2019 in brand-new York City. Broadway World/Shutterstock

The Hope Floats actor and also former model, 55, bound the knot in April 1994 four years after lock met and also two year after they acquired engaged. Lock share three daughters, Georgia, 23, Sara Kate, 22, and Charlotte, 17.

The new Orleans native frequently short articles photos of himself and his wife on society media, consisting of a snap in August that he captioned, “’…for you and also I have actually a guardian point of view on high through nothing come do’ #truelove.”

His love and support, the has continued throughout their two-decade romance, was placed to the check in October 2012 when Goodacre to be diagnosed through breast cancer.

“I mental what you said to me. I was working down there and also I was wait for the call and also you to be crying and you said, ‘I have actually it,’ and I lost it,” Connick claimed to Goodacre throughout the October 26, 2017 illustration of his present Harry. “It was the worst feeling of helplessness I’ve ever had.”

The actress admitted that the worst part of her five-year battle with cancer was having to tell the couple’s daughters about the diagnosis. “That was the worst the all. Having the girl sit on mine bed and also telling them, they to be so in shock, that was simply devastating,” she said. “They cling more to me an ext now and also it’s simply really sweet. They’ve to be so supportive, just amazing.”

The mother of three had actually two surgeries and also underwent radiation before entering remission. Through it all, the Will & Grace alum admitted he was “in awe” the his wife, especially due to the fact that her cancer fight brought increase sad memories because that him — his mother passed away of ovarian cancer when he was 13.

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“You were more than likely stronger than I was, ns think. You collection the ton for just how we to be going to resolve it,” he claimed on the show. “I am so in awe of your bravery.”

The year before the pair spoke out about Goodacre’s fight through breast cancer, theP.S. Ns Love You actor gushed to Us about his wife. “I love mine wife. There is no her ns wouldn’t be lot of anything,” he said in September 2016. “She rocks mine world.”


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