Fox newscaster and also Outnumbered host Harris Faulkner has been functioning for the conservative network because 2005 and also has garnered quite the complying with for herself end the years. ~ a current shake-up in ~ Fox, it looks as though Harris is going come be enduring some shifts in ~ her renowned programming which include bringing top top a brand-new host! Here's what us know.

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Former White home press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has been tapped to join Harris ~ above Outnumbered, a relocate made as component of the collection of enormous shake-ups the network implemented due to the fact that President Biden take it office. The Harvard grad acquired a cult-like following among conservatives during Trump's term and also is currently looking to interpret her politics prowess into daytime television.

Kayleigh's began her new role top top Outnumbered on April 6, 2021.

In January that 2021, Fox announced it to be revamping the daytime lineup — and that was probably a little of one understatement. Martha MacCallum’s The Story moved from 7 p.m. To 3 p.m., invoice Hemmer and Dana Perino took over America's Newsroom, and also Sandra Smith relocated to a brand-new show (America Reports), whereby she is currently joined by former White home correspondent john Roberts. Obviously, that's a many changes, but they're no the only ones.

Harris's anchoring duties also readjusted up a bit. She has always hosted Outnumbered beginning at noon however is now anchor the 11 a.m. Slot through a brand-new show —The Faulkner emphasis  — in addition to Outnumbered. The transforms went into effect starting on Monday, Jan. 18, 2021.

Back in June the 2020, Harris Faulkner called out previous President Donald Trump for posting a bigoted tweet.

Harris doesn't just comment on the headlines; she has actually made them number of times throughout her career. Earlier in June the 2020, she did for this reason after she called out Donald Trump because that posting a racist and also highly mental tweet.

During an to exclude, interview, the journalist asserted that previous President Trump had failed to recognize the broader-scale ramifications of the phrase, "when the looting starts, the shoot starts." 

"So, that's an expression I've heard over the years," previous President trump said, according to the interview transcript obtainable on

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"Do you understand where it come from?" Harris asked. 

"I think the market of Philadelphia <...>" went former President Trump's wavering response.  


"No. It comes from 1967. Ns was around 18 months old at the time <...> but it to be from the chief of police in Miami. He to be cracking down, and also he intended what that said. And he said, 'I don’t even care if it renders it look like brutality I’m going to crack down, when the looting starts, the shooting starts.' the frightened a lot of world when girlfriend tweeted that," Harris pointed out. 

Former chairman Trump tried to clarify his position, insisting the the phrase can be attributed come Frank Rizzo, one ex-police officer who offered as the mayor of Philadelphia in between 1972 and 1980.

"Well, it likewise comes from a really tough mayor, who might have to be police commissioner at the time, yet I think market of Philadelphia named Frank Rizzo," previous President trumped asserted. 


Somewhat confusingly, he went on to safeguard himself by saying the the phrase has two separate meanings. 

"It means two things – really different things. One is, if there's looting, there's more than likely going to be shooting, and also that's not as a threat, that's really simply a fact, since that's what happens. And also the various other is, if there’s looting, there's going to be shooting. They're an extremely different meanings," former President trump reasoned. 


Harris got a good deal that applause from viewers, with many on Twitter thanking the journalist for exposing the president's reluctance to attend to the historical context bordering his incendiary tweet.  

"What about Harris Faulkner? She is the just one I've really seen ask really an excellent questions, none of which room bias or ridiculous. They space straight to the point, really professional. Ns personally wish us had much more reporters favor her," tweeted one person. 

realDonaldTrump. She so far outclasses Trumpy that he hasn't acquired a chance! Trump has actually nothing come boast around here -- he's done NOTHING!" composed somebody else. 

Harris has actually earned high praise for her huge journalistic specialization on countless occasions in the past. In a recently published exclusive through People, she also shed light on why gyeongju injustice and the spread of the coronavirus space affecting day-to-day people. 

"I <...> think us hyperventilate out of panic due to the fact that we understand that human being are in the streets, shoulder-to-shoulder, some of them yelling and coughing and also sneezing from chemistry thrown in the air together the rioters don't disperse <...>" she said. 

"Then you have actually 40 million world out of work and also they hyperventilate due to the fact that they're losing their homes <...> so once you look at that, you think we require to collectively take a moment and also breathe easy, however there's no time," she added. 

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