So you’re going on an adventure or a trip somewhere and need your hair feather its best.

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You’re walk to need to pack some hair gel, hair wax, hair mouse, or a pomade of some sort.

It’s a usual scenario, but can you lug hair gelatin on a plane?

Let’s uncover out.

TSA Hair gelatin Rules

The transportation security management are in fee of stopping dangerous objects from acquiring on to planes.


Is her hair gelatin dangerous? No of course not.

But in stimulate to limit the possibilities of a poor actor (and ns don’t average Nicolas Cage) getting huge quantities the flammables onboard liquids top top planes are restricted.

And it’s not just liquids. Gels, pastes, creams, or something ‘spreadable’ are minimal too.

This method that her little tub of hair gel gets captured up in the search for aviation safety.

You can carry hair gelatin on a airplane in your bring on luggage however it should be in a container the is smaller than 3.4 oz or 100ml. All liquids, gels, and also pastes need to go in your solitary quart-size clean plastic bag.

This is the bag that will contain all her liquid toiletries or cosmetics in 100 ml party or containers.

If girlfriend don’t have actually a small 3 oz hair gelatin you deserve to buy empty reusable travel dimension bottles and fill castle up. This is a an extremely economical method to travel in the long run since mini travel bottles that hair gel will certainly be high-quality bought native the drugstore. To conserve money you need to buy a big container of hair gel and transfer some product into a tiny squeezable bottle for her trip.


Security staff constantly have the right to refuse any item. Her hair gel need to be fine if the is in a small travel-size container yet the ultimate decision is constantly taken by the transportation security administration at the security checkpoint.

If 100ml the hair wax isn’t going to be enough for friend can bring as much hair product as you desire in your checked luggage.

Keep in mental that checked bags periodically go absent and items have been recognized to disappear from checked baggage.

If her hair products are vital then it’s far better to keep them close come you during your flight.

Tommy gained pretty annoyed when the TSA confirm baggage screening team messed v his pill and hair gel and had a rant around it ~ above Twitter:


The 3.4 oz limit is strict. Girlfriend can’t absent up in ~ the protection checkpoint v a 4 oz hair paste and also expect that the TSA will certainly make an exception. Very sewing this passenger checked v the TSA prior to her trip.

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The Verdict

Travel-size party or containers of hair gel, wax, mousse, paste, or pomade room fine in her carry-on bag. Lock do should comply with the liquids rule. That means putting them in a plastic sandwich bag or similar.

If you are packing hair gel in your hand luggage make certain to remember to fill shampoo and also conditioner too so you can wash it the end your hair! similar rules apply!