In this April 17, 2019, document photo the evaluation by U.S. Army officials, the control tower is seen v the razor wire within the Camp vi detention basic in Guantanamo just Naval Base, Cuba. (Alex Brandon/AP)
WASHINGTON — A once-secret unit within the Guantanamo bay detention center that had actually fallen into disrepair has been closed and also the prisoners relocated to one more facility ~ above the American base in Cuba, the U.S. Armed forces said Sunday.

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The prisoners at Camp 7 were moved to a facility adjacent to wherein the various other detainees on the base are held as part of what U.S. Southerly Command claimed in a declare was an effort to “increase operational efficiency and effectiveness.”

Miami-based southern Command, which monitor the detention center at the southeastern leaf of Cuba, did no say how many prisoners to be moved. Officials have previously said about 14 men were held in Camp 7. There space 40 prisoners at Guantanamo.

Southern Command stated the Camp 7 prisoners were moved to Camp 5 “safely and also without incident,” yet did not say as soon as the deliver occurred. Camp 5, i beg your pardon was largely empty, is beside Camp 6, where the other detainees are held.

Camp 7 opened in December 2006 for prisoners previously hosted in a network of clandestine CIA detention facilities, often referred to as “black sites,” whereby they were subjected to brutal interrogation techniques. The armed forces ran the under an commitment with CIA, and Southern Command said intelligence agencies were associated with the transfer.


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The military long refused to also acknowledge the place of Camp 7 ~ above the base and has never permitted journalists to view the inside of the facility. Officials had said the unit, i beg your pardon was never ever designed to be permanent, had structural issues and needed to be replaced, but the Pentagon dropped plans to seek money because that the construction.

Among those held at Camp 7 were the five prisoners charged v war crimes for their alleged roles planning and also providing logistical support for the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

President Joe Biden has said that intends to close Guantanamo, however that would require approval from congress to relocate some prisoners to the U.S. Because that trial or imprisonment.


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