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Rob Gronkowski hasn"t played due to the fact that Week 3 that the 2021 NFL season. The won"t go back to the field in main 6 either.

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The Buccaneers have currently ruled Gronkowski the end for your "Thursday Night Football" game against the Eagles. The marks the third consecutive video game that Gronkowski will miss as a an outcome of one injury he suffered against the Rams.

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Gronkowski got hurt after he was hit difficult while do a catch versus Los Angeles. He went to the locker room after the play.

He would at some point return to the game, but it"s remarkable that he did. His injuries were of a an especially brutal variety.

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What is plunder Gronkowski"s injury?

Gronkowski told Fox Sports" Jay Glazer the he had actually suffered "four cracked ribs, one damaged rib and a punctured lung" on that play against the Rams. Despite all that, the Bucs chosen not to placed him on IR.

In fact, the Buccaneers thought that Gronkowski may be able to suit approximately play against his previous team, the Patriots, in week 4. That"s part of why the team chosen not to put him on hurt reserve.

"We held out hope every week that Gronk would certainly be ready," a team resource told ESPN. "He"s a different breed."

Gronkowski never ever made quite sufficient progress to play. As such, the team hosted him the end for the team"s success over the Patriots and also he missed the team"s week 5 success over the Dolphins as well.

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How lengthy is plunder Gronkowski out?

Gronkowski has now missed three games, the minimum required amount to miss out on for players on IR, yet it doesn"t seem like he"ll miss plenty of more.

Bucs coach Bruce Arians claimed that Gronkowski was "very close" to return at Monday"s media availability. The then stated Gronk was making "really great progress" the complying with day. However, the Bucs evidently didn"t feeling comfortable sufficient to play the on a short week, and that"s why they rule him out.

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It seems choose Gronkowski should have actually a good chance to return to the Bucs" lineup in mainly 7 given Arians" current comments. His standing will be affected by each other watching as soon as the Buccaneers return to practice after their short time off complying with Thursday"s game.