Has Google Maps stopped working on her Android device? here are 7 things you can try to acquire it began again.

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Fix Google Maps worries on Android
Is Google Maps not working as it need to on your Android device? there are various reasons why this happens. It’s feasible the ar accuracy choice is disabled, you’re making use of an older version of the app, or you don’t have proper accessibility to the internet.

The Google Maps app itself may have actually issues, too. Cache files and other app data have the right to sometimes cause various issues with the app.

Luckily, there space several means to get roughly the Maps application issues on her Android phone. Here, we’ll present you exactly how to troubleshoot Google Maps because that Android.

1. Allow Location Accuracy

One that the worries you deserve to experience through Google Maps is the app not mirroring your precise location. This normally happens if you have the place accuracy option disabled on her Android device.

Once you rotate the option on, Maps should have the ability to pinpoint her correct and also accurate location.

To enhance your location accuracy:

Pull under from the top of her phone’s screen and also tap the cog symbol to open up Settings. Scroll under the setups screen and tap Location. ~ above the ar screen, tap Advanced and then tap Google location Accuracy. revolve the toggle at the optimal to the ON position.
Location settings on Android
Enable Google ar on Android

2. Turn Off the Wi-Fi-Only Option

If you’re suffering an problem where Google Maps won’t update your maps data, it’s possible you have turned on the Wi-Fi-only alternative in the app. Once this option is enabled, Maps will just download brand-new data when you’re associated to a Wi-Fi network. That won’t upgrade anything once you’re using mobile data.

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To deal with this issue, merely turn turn off the Wi-Fi-only choice in the Maps app on her Android device:

open up Google Maps on her Android device. Tap your profile icon at the top-right corner and also select Settings. ~ above the settings screen, revolve off the Wi-Fi Only option. nearby Settings and go back to the key Maps screen.
Google Maps setups on Android
Disable Wi-Fi only in Maps ~ above Android
This will now start to use your cell phone data, so make sure you"ve gained a large enough data allowance if you usage the application heavily.

3. Inspect Your web Connection

As girlfriend probably currently know, Google Maps needs access to the net to download and also update maps. If your maps don’t upgrade or you don’t acquire real-time data, chances are your phone has lost connection to the internet, or it"s also slow.

In this case, ensure there’s an energetic internet connection on her Android device.

To check if her phone has actually internet issues:

open up a web web browser like Google Chrome on her phone. shot to access any website. If the site loads just fine, your web is working. If the site falls short to load, there’s an problem with your web connection. In this case, shot rebooting her phone, or speak come your internet provider.
In Google Maps, your ar is displayed with a blue dot. If this dot’s beam is too wide, Maps is having actually a bit of an issue pinpointing her location.

To deal with this, recalibrate the Google Maps application on her phone. You deserve to do this as follows:

open up the Google Maps app on your Android device move your call in the direction that draws the number 8. Perform this a few times.

The blue dot’s beam should gain narrower as you recalibrate the app.

5. Clean Google Maps’ Cache and Data

One the the plenty of reasons Google Maps won’t duty is because of its cache and also system files. The Maps app stores certain temporary data on her Android device. While this usually accelerates performance, this data at some point gets too large and periodically starts causing concerns with the app.

In this case, you have the right to safely eliminate that data for the app and see if that renders Maps occupational again.

Note the clearing the cache and data doesn’t delete the yes, really Maps application on your device. Here’s exactly how to clean the Maps’ data:

open up the Settings application on your Android device. madness Apps & notifications in Settings. choose Maps in the apps list. If friend don’t watch it, tap See every apps. top top the Maps screen, madness the Storage & cache option. tap Clear cache and then tap Clear storage. beginning the Maps app and it must work now.

6. Update Google Maps

No matter the issue, girlfriend should always keep the Maps app up to date on your Android device. Older app versions often have many issues in them, which are rectified in newer versions. If you’re making use of an older variation of the Maps app, take into consideration updating the app.

An Android device usually immediately updates every the mounted apps, unless you have actually disabled the automatic upgrade option.

In which case, you can manually upgrade Maps as follows:

beginning Google Play store on your device. search for Google Maps and also tap the in the find results. ~ above the app’s page, insanity Update to update the app. open up the app when it’s totally updated.
In current times, many application developers have actually released lightweight versions of your apps. This apps consume under resources and also usually work much faster in comparison to their initial counterparts top top low-resource devices.

Google is no exception, and it has likewise released a light variation of the initial Google Maps app, which is dubbed Google Maps Go. With this app version, you have the right to still uncover directions to places but without having too plenty of resources being used on her phone.

When Google Maps doesn’t occupational on her Android device, the a good idea to move to the app’s lighter version referred to as Google Maps Go—especially if you have an enlarge or slow device.

The application works pretty much the same as the initial Maps app, and so over there aren"t any kind of app-specific things you require to learn here.

Download: Google Maps go (Free)

plenty of Ways come Resolve issues With Google Maps ~ above Android

Like any other app, Google Maps additionally experiences hiccups indigenous time to time. But, these problems shouldn’t save you from making use of the app. If girlfriend ever face an issue with Google Maps on her Android device, among the methods outlined above should aid you deal with the problem.

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