America first knew the Rancics individually when Giuliana DePandi was an E! News host and Bill Rancic to be the an initial winner the Donald Trump"s "The Apprentice." Then, in 2007, we acquired our first look at them with each other as budding sweethearts, that later an unified as prominent business partners, and then one of Chicago"s most celebrated power couples.

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And while they"ve constantly been commonly acknowledged and appreciated because that their durable careers and also entrepreneurial ventures, fans began celebrating the pair for your fun-loving banter, magnetic chemistry, and also long-lasting relationship. A reality television series, Giuliana & Bill, following the newlyweds ensued, and journalists and also anchors alike turned your attention in the direction of the couple"s magnetic bond through questions regarding tips, tricks, and also secrets.

As the beaming couple always gleefully responds come this conversation, the answers have actually never veered: "At the end of the day, Bill and I actually prefer being together. We are husband and wife, but we"re ideal friends too," Giuliana admitted on the "Beyond speaking Podcast." "We prefer to hang out and be around each other, so that"s certainly a crucial to it, too. You"ve gained to really reap spending a many time together." 

Here"s a look within Giuliana and also Bill"s at sight sweet journey to residential bliss.

Bill Rancic was Giuliana's celeb crush

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In 2004, a young and also tenacious businessman strolled onto America"s television displays for NBC"s "The Apprentice." The positive was invoice Rancic, a Chicago indigenous who was running a cigar firm out the his garage. "It was a cigar of the month club wherein we"d send the end cigars to her home," invoice told E! News. "So throughout the vacation times I would go out and also go on some neighborhood shows to try to promote, you know what a good gift it would certainly make because that Christmas."

While Bill had actually his eyes on the chance to occupational under Donald trump himself, E! News co-anchor, Giuliana DePandi, gushed come Larry King that she had actually her eyes on him. "And I"d tuned in choose millions did that first night, and I"m not kidding, the very first time I saw him ... I told my friend i go, "Oh mine God, that guy"s remarkable ... Something about that guy" ... It was love at very first sight because that me."

When the 2 later found themselves in ~ the exact same NBC party, Giuliana told us Weekly, "I freaked out." point is, it was Giuliana"s now ex-boyfriend who presented her to her future hubby. "He came approximately me, and he said, "I"d like to present you to mine girlfriend, yet I"m fear the two of you would certainly run turn off together," bill added. No Giuliana nor invoice were solitary at the time, for this reason the 2 went their separate ways.

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Years after your initial introduction, we got our very first glimpse the romantic sparks in between the two once Guiliana DePandi, the resourceful reporter the she is, sideswiped a colleague"s assignment as soon as she discovered out it involved Bill Rancic. "So as soon as the chance at E! News concerned go interview invoice Rancic — he was doing some job-related at the boys and also girls club," DePandi blushed to Larry King. "They were going come hand the assignment out to part young reporter, I claimed "No, no, no, no, no, I"m walk to execute this interview.""

During DePandi"s conversation through Rancic, she wasted no time catching up top top his romantic situation. "What"s your life like, as far as romance and also love, have actually you...?" DePandi pried, catching Rancic off-guard and also blushing increase a storm, "It"s "bout yours? Let"s revolve this around." DePandi didn"t hesitate. Having recently penned a date self-help book, "Think prefer A Guy," she used a guideline from she book: "Sound busy. Don"t tell that you"re sit in your car twirling your hair in traffic."

 "Okay, honest, I"m very busy," DePandi defined to Rancic. "I job-related a lot, so i haven"t found any type of time." invoice agreed, stating that dating have the right to be tough with a busy occupational schedule, and teased her around all the California surfers she must go after. "No," she smiled. "I choose a businessman." friend clever thing, you.

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Speaking v Scoopla, invoice Rancic protected his unconventional date approach, explaining he"s the youngest the four kids with 3 older sisters. This shame him to it is in deliberate and careful to no come off as a creep once asking a mrs out. "So in ~ the finish of the interview, i asked her ... "Hey Giuliana would choose to go jogging sometime?" and also she looked in ~ me a little strange, and she said, "How around dinner instead?" ns said, "That sounds favor a much far better idea."" Giuliana added that sweat in Spandex there is no a lick of assembly is just not she first-date M.O. "I need a many makeup. I need dim lighting, sushi, alcohol, let"s be honest," she said. 

Well, what"s a smitten queen to do? Schedule a dinner at Malibu"s many quaint and also unassuming Nobu. "I didn"t know California in ~ all, and I thought she was trying to take it me to a location off the win path due to the fact that she to be embarrassed," bill told us Weekly. "Little did I recognize it to be paparazzi heaven, and also she to be walking me right into the shark tank." turns out, the pair to be scheduling their next three months together over dinner. "We had our phones out, and also we to be like, "In July, i gotta walk here, probably you can accomplish me,"" invoice recalled per abc News. "And this was in March two hours into the very first date," invoice added. "It was the craziest thing ever."

Eight months later, invoice Rancic go to great lengths to plan a romantic evening, only to be rudely interrupted by a pesky champagne glass. "I had a helicopter waiting and told her us were going come look at the Christmas lights, i m sorry Chicago is known for, ” bill recalled to alphabet News. "We acquired up there and also were drinking champagne and had Michael Bublé playing in the background, then we flew end Michigan Avenue. That"s when I acquired down top top one knee." however Bill had actually a run-in with his champagne glass top top the way down, smashing the thing, rattling an already nervous Bill. But he forged on and also proposed. "It"s a little bit like sensory overload — friend know, girlfriend are beginning a new life. It"s pretty exciting. Ns was thrilled. I had actually no question. "Life with each other is walk to be an adventure, just like tonight," ns told her. That was it. She said, "Yes.""

The point is, the Chicago night skies was dim just to Giuliana Rancic"s liking, i m sorry prevented she from evaluating her future husband"s taste in diamonds. "It was yes, really dark in the helicopter, and of course I said yes and also everything, but it wasn"t until really the next morning ... I entered the bathroom and not also thinking I"m like, "Oh mine God, and also I realized how gorgeous was," Giuliana described to She Knows. Atta boy, Bill!

Upon the engagement congratulatory phase, bill Rancic common that he got a contact from charming Casanova himself, Donald Trump, via abc News. "Bill, congratulations. An excellent girl, ns love she on E!, she"s great," trump card said. "Get a prenup." for this reason unexpected! invoice boldly do the contact to his fiancée to share Trump"s romantic, unsolicited advice. To Bill"s surprise, Giuliana Rancic i agree the prenup was a an excellent idea.

But Giuliana isn"t simply some interchangeably nice face. Negotiations between the lover"s legal teams went ago and forth a couple of weeks prior to Bill"s lawyer notified him that Giuliana"s people insisted on adding a cheating clause. "If you get caught cheating, Giuliana wants 110 percent of her net worth," Bill"s lawyer added. "Not 100. 110." invoice went along with the proposal, knowing he isn"t a cheater. Two weeks prior to the wedding, bill asked Giuliana why she quiet hadn"t signed the prenup. "Didn"t ns tell you? mine lawyer called me come tell friend Italian girl don"t sign prenups," Giuliana replied. Invoice later uncovered out the Giuliana"s "legal team" was her older brother, who"d never ever once opened up a law textbook.

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In 2007, Bill and also Giuliana Rancic tied the node off the Italian island the Capri. According to People, the bride wore a white strapless Monique Lhuillier dress, if Papa DePandi custom-tailored Bill"s tuxedo from DePandi"s menswear save in Maryland. The timeless Catholic ceremony included 190 guests, minus Bill"s former boss, Donald Trump, due to scheduling issues. That being said, the style Network remained in attendance to catch the celebration, therefore Trump was able to view the awareness on television together with the rest of America, which was a hit!

TV big-wig Ted Harbert, that was the head that E! News and also Style Network in ~ the time argued Bill and Giuliana start a reality show based upon their marriage. "And the an initial thing was no way, Ted," Giuliana told Larry King. "We"re not flipping tables over, us don"t curse each various other out. Us don"t have drama in ours lives." but Harper propose a new spin on traditional reality TV. "Maybe we might do other with choose a confident couple, a optimistic reality show. And also no one believed it would ever last," Giuliana said, recalling higher-ups not believing world would clock a truth show around a healthy, love marriage. However according come The Hollywood Reporter, ratings verified otherwise. "Everyone who watches our present loves love," bill said. "Whether it"s something that they watch in their own relationships, something the they aspire to have one day."

Even after ~ marriage, Giuliana and also Bill Rancic ongoing to split their time between Los Angeles and also Chicago, i beg your pardon understandably appeared to cause a wisp of tension. "We make it work," invoice told Larry King, when Giuliana satellite noticeably quiet. Bill has long championed Chicago as a prized city, citing it as "a hard-working town" v "good values, good morals." the told King he want to raise a family where his parents, childhood friends, and also businesses are.

Eventually, Giuliana packed her bags and also took one because that the team. "I quit doing it prefer three years ago, and people think there"s choose drama behind ... And there really wasn"t," she shared throughout an figure on "On Air through Ryan Seacrest" around leaving E! News for she family. "I simply wanted to step away because that a little and relocate to Chicago whereby Bill is from, and be near our family and friends." but Giuliana described she was optimistic around the future. "When i left, I had to to speak there was a small piece of me that wondered, "Hmm, ns wonder if I"ll ever before be ago here.""

Three years later, that inquiry was answered, as the network invited the E! News vet back. "Being unable to do three years... I had time to really watch as a viewer watches," Giuliana explained her interesting E! News return to Us Weekly. "I have had actually just so many concepts ... Specifically for the past year that just different ways we might be law stuff."

In 2011, Giuliana Rancic was diagnosed v breast cancer ~ a fertility doctor required a mammogram during routine IVF treatments. V no family background of cancer, Giuliana described her shock to Elmhurst College. "It felt choose the floor disappeared, and I was just falling. My good amazing life adjusted just favor that." throughout such a traumatic event, bill Rancic told Parade that he concentrated on continuing to be level-headed and presenting Giuliana with the facts as soon as it pertained to decisions on relocating forward. Giuliana recalled bill saying, ""I don"t treatment what friend look like, I just need you about for the following 50 years." and also that right there was the positivity and encouragement I required to move on and decide on my following surgery."

Giuliana had a successful twin mastectomy and has been cancer-free ever since. Relocated from the experience, Giuliana and also Bill were motivated to lend their fist to cancer-related reasons including FAB-U-WISH, which sponsor wishes prefer makeovers, new wardrobes, vacations, and home makeovers to women in therapy for breast cancer. Additionally, invoice partners with Astellas Oncology on its yearly C3 Prize, a challenge that accumulation innovative ideas outside medicine in cancer care. "When Giuliana perfect treatment, we both vowed that us would carry out all we have the right to to make treatment easier for those following in ours footsteps," bill told CBS News.

However big the level that compatibility or how infatuated two people claim come be with each other, there room bound to be grounds for annoyance. Giuliana Rancic admitted come Larry King that she feels beat when it concerns Bill Rancic"s animosity in the direction of the bath towel rack. The "Live native the Red Carpet" hold said bill dries off external of the shower, leaving behind a wet toilet floor, then shuns the towel rack, tossing his damp towel aimlessly into the air. In a fast turn that events, Giuliana likewise claimed that Bill"s a small too perfect. "He always has to it is in so perfect," Giuliana teased. "I"d like him to it is in a little much more flawed."

Bill also had a few vital observations that his wife handy. "She"s messy together hell," he claimed with a smile. "I mean her auto — I speak to her auto "the dirty diaper." the is — it"s not normal, Larry." but Bill wasn"t done. "She collects things. She has twelve strollers. She"s top top the borderline of being a hoarder." but Giuliana sees points differently, explain to it is in a collector, not a hoarder, per HuffPost. She fondness because that tangibles to be addressed top top the couple"s truth show, "Giuliana & Bill," for which she gets hypnotized in hopes of turning her habits around. "Currently, you have some very solid emotional attachments come collecting certain things," Tom the hypnotist called her. "All I desire to carry out is eliminate the habit."

Bill and also Giuliana Rancic have actually been together for end a te — a milestone in Hollywood, indeed. But past that, your chemistry is undeniably palpable to others approximately them. Even if it is they"re boasting around each other"s triumphs throughout an interview or teasing each various other over witty banter watched on their fact show, civilization have taken notice of Bill and also Giuliana"s whirlwind romance.

Well investigators, rejoice! because in 2010, the power pair went and also co-wrote a tell-all about what makes their partnership successful, comment the age-old conundrum: relationship — what the frick? In the forward of, "I Do, currently What: Secrets, Stories, and also Advice from a Madly-in-Love Couple," Giuliana wrote, "Our marital success trunk from tiny but far-ranging efforts we"ve made to enhance our connection ... The result is a bond developed on a foundation of mutual values that allow our marriage to thrive." Oh! Why didn"t us think of that?

The initiatives Giuliana describes are adjustments, prefer the phone call rule. "The minute we come home, all our phones go in there," Bill described to People. "That way, we"re no texting or emailing civilization at work. We"re communicating with each other. That was tough at first, yet we got used come it." Speaking v Closer Weekly, Bill included the bottom heat is make their partnership a priority. "I think we have actually one rule, and also that"s family first. Us don"t deteriorate and also don"t break the rule."

Bill and also Giuliana Rancic had son Edward duke through gestational surrogacy in 2012. And also while they told Closer Weekly that they renders weekly family members resolutions and activities – like game nights and also cooking dinner with each other — the parental admitted the their marriage comes first. "We definitely put our marriage first," Giuliana described the couple"s theory to Larry King. "I think that for Duke, that will ultimately benefit him the most to see united state happy, in love, to recognize that mommy and daddy love every other and also adore every other, and are going to it is in together, makes him feel safe."

Bill agreed v his wife, including that successful ventures start with a hard infrastructure. "You gained to have actually a good foundation." speaking with Splash News, Giuliana playfully admitted to offering Bill twice the amount because that attention. "When ns work, it offers it 100%, and also when I"m with Duke, I offer that 100%. And also Bill, I offer 200%," come which the happy husband replied, "Good answer."

And it seems the loving pair knows what they"re talking about! "It"s all about Duke," invoice told E!. "Everywhere that goes, world say he"s the happiest baby they"ve ever met. And also he"s always smiling, he"s always laughing, he loves giving people hugs."

In a plot twist the shocks no one, Bill and also Giuliana Rancic spend all of their day time together, too! The power couple teamed up as business partners for number of companies, mainly RPM Restaurants, offer up steak, Italian cuisine, and seafood. "We love working together," Giuliana shared on the "Beyond speak Podcast." "And in reality every business opportunity the comes our way as individuals, we think come ourselves, "Hmm, could Bill add value come this?" and Bill wonders if i can include value ... It"s a method for us to spend even an ext time together."

Bill agreed, speaking v Us Weekly, "We have fun together, that"s it. Ns mean, we do every little thing together. We don"t do his and her vacations ... We genuinely prefer each other, which i think is nice important. Friend love every other, yeah, but we love security time v each other."

Their formula is certainly working, and also as bill told open up Table, they"ve attracted some pretty huge names, too. "Barack Obama come in because that his boys" night out," he revealed, with Giuliana adding, "It to be cool. Lady Gaga come in, and Michelle Obama came in with friends ... It"s to be a lot of fun." With organization booming, the pair have actually a linked net worth of $30 million, per Celebrity network Worth – proving to it is in a power couple both personally and professionally. 

Giuliana and also Bill Rancic room busy people. Exterior their line of restaurants, bill is a motivational speak on the finesse the business, an author, and is associated in actual estate developments, when Giuliana has emerged her HSN clothes line "G by Giuliana," her Fountain of truth skincare products, Giuliana Prosecco, and has went back to E! News.

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But what execute these 2 do once they"re not making that rain? "Walk up and also down Michigan avenue in Chicago," Giuliana said LA take trip Magazine. "I love the energy of the city, and also the architecture, variety of restaurants, and good shopping Chicago has to offer." invoice chimed in recall everyone the he"s quiet a Chicago native. "Chicago is mine hometown, for this reason whenever I have time off, I also love to be in the city, and nothing beats a five-mile operation on the lakefront." Giuliana confessed even their date nights space low-key. "Our day night is, "Let"s obtain in bed early, clock TV, obtain a party of wine." That"s just how we connect," Giuliana called the Splash newspaper (via Radar).

Of course, son battle each other obtains a most their attention as well. "We are lucky we began a little later," Bill explained to Splash Magazine. "If we had actually a child in our 20s ... Ns wouldn"t have been may be to enjoy it as much, due to the fact that I would have actually been working all of the time. Now, we invest a the majority of time through Duke."

The E! News collection "Giuliana and also Bill" to be a fight from the beginning, as the couple took an innovative approach to fact TV. "It provides being married cool," invoice told the Los Angeles Times. "There is no flipping tables or cursing at each other. It"s an extremely positive." as executive producers, the pair was adamant around not cutting anything from the show. "We knew it was all or nothing," Giuliana told "Either show this real side or don"t present anything."

Bill told an excellent Morning America (via ABC News) that fans always approach them, explaining how the show has motivated positivity in their own lives. "We can"t survive an airport without someone comes up and saying, "Thank you. Mine wife ultimately got a mammogram.""

After welcoming TV crews and viewers right into their stays for 7 seasons, Giuliana and also Bill chose to call it quits in 2104. "We needed to pull earlier a tiny bit just due to the fact that our son is four ... I don"t recognize if ns would"ve wanted to present cameras at his preschool or him going through specific milestones," Giuliana said HuffPost. Yet Giuliana has actually admitted to flirting with the idea of bringing the show back. "I need to say, a lot of of people ask us about it, and we"re therefore proud that it. Ns wonder if there"s a variation of it that battle each other is a small older," Giuliana called "On Air with Ryan Seacrest." "Maybe we will need to revisit it."