Disney Channel’s well-known Boy Meets human being spinoff, Girl Meets World, has been canceled after 3 seasons.

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The news, announced Wednesday night by the show’s writers’ room Twitter account, come as small surprise offered that the collection starring return favoritesBen SavageandDanielle Fishel had wrapped its 3rd season with the cast posting farewell messages on society media.

The comedy focused on Cory and Topanga’s tween daughter Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and also her finest friend, Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), together they navigate the ups and downs of farming up.August Maturo,Peyton MeyerandCorey Fogelmanisalso starred.

“It is with incredible pride in ours work and complete sadness that points end, that ns report come this exorbitant audience the our present is over,” the writers’ account tweeted in a collection of posts. “I just officially got the call, and would choose to say thanks to this audience because that its significant love and also loyalty. Please watch our January episodes. Us leave friend with three incredible souvenirs that a present we couldn’t be more proud of. As I look ago I can tell you with absolute certainty — We offered you ours best.”

The series finale will certainly air Jan. 20.

“We space proud that for end 70 episodes, Michael Jacobs, April Kelly and also the talented an imaginative team, cast and also crew entertained viewers with an authentic and also heartfelt look in ~ navigating adolescence,” Disney Channel stated in a explain plugging the Jan. 20 series finale, fittingly title “Girl Meets Goodbye” in i beg your pardon the Matthews family contemplates a life-changing decision.

Repeats the the collection will continue to be on Disney Channel’s digital platform and also VOD. The collection earned two Emmy nominations for impressive children’s program in the three-season run.

Star Blanchard weighed in on the cancellationwith a heartfelt letter to fans. Click right here to check out that.

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