Many human being turn come the classic combination of chicken soup, saltines, and ginger ale as soon as sick. It"s easy, comforting, and practically universally taken to make you feel better. Drink ginger ale seems choose a no-brainer, due to the fact that ginger has actually been proven to mitigate nausea (via Healthline) and also the soda water replaces fluids lost during *ahem* cradle distress. 

But according to Dr. Gina Sam when speaking come Marie Claire, ginger ale can actually make her stomach pains worse. The issue, she says, lies in the street or fabricated sugars had in the soda, i beg your pardon "feed the poor bacteria in her GI tract, causing an ext bloating, gas, and also indigestion." The Atlantic agrees, reporting that ginger might not even assist if you have actually a stomach bug, and also is an ext beneficial if her nausea is caused by pregnancy, movement sickness, the results of anesthesia, or chemotherapy. 

Taste the Home take away an problem with well-known soda brand Canada dry specifically, mentioning that ginger isn"t even listed in the ingredients, back we have the right to likely assume it is one of the "natural flavors." supposedly there was also a lawsuit filed against parent company Keurig Dr. Pepper in 2019 because that false advertising, top them to adjust the label language claiming your ginger ale is do from "real ginger" and offer up to $40 in the United says for anyone v proof of acquisition going ago to 2013, according to the National Post.

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As an different to ginger ale, Dr. Sam argues that you add fresh ginger to warm water or decaf tea once feeling under the weather. PopSugar similarly recommends ginger tea, stating that even ginger beer, i beg your pardon is make from fermented ginger, still includes the sugar and also carbonation which bring about bloating and discomfort. Taste the Home offers the alternate of ginger chews if you"re no interested in do tea, claiming lock can produce near immediate relief. Over at Health Essentials for the Cleveland Clinic, a non-profit scholastic medical facility based out of Ohio, Dr.

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Matthew Goldman suggests taking ginger in the powdered form, or also eating low-calorie ginger snaps. Who says cookies can"t be healthy?

And in instance you"re wondering, 7Up doesn"t acquire the task done when it pertains to an uncomfortable stomach, either.