Viewers to be left surprised once George Stephanopoulos stopped showing up on ‘Good Morning America’ at the beginning of 2021. Quite a renowned figure at the network, George’s lack was instantly noticed, and fans to be anxious to understand the factor behind the same. With a similar kind of incident in April of 2020 and also numerous controversies bordering the television host, we determined to jump in and find out if George Stephanopoulos is undoubtedly leaving ‘Good Morning America.’ Let’s dive in!

Is George Stephanopoulos Leaving an excellent Morning America?

George Robert Stephanopoulos is no leaving and also will remain on together a co-host for ‘Good Morning America.’ at the start of 2020, pan were involved when George all of sudden stopped appearing on the TV show. Over there were additionally rumors that he can have left the display for good. However, in April 2020, it to be revealed that George and also his wife, Ali Wentworth, had been diagnosed with COVID-19 and were recovering at home. His lack from ‘GMA’ was placed down come him contracting the virus, and soon George went back to the TV display screens much to the happiness of fans.

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Image Credit: good Morning America/YouTube

George Stephanopoulos had quite one illustrious job in journalism before coming to be the co-anchor because that ‘GMA’ in 2009. Thus, people were even more surprised when background seemed prefer repeating itself, and also George unexpectedly stopped appearing in ‘GMA’ and ‘This Week’ in ~ the beginning of 2021. Prior to his absence, the television hold had also stopped being energetic on society media, further leaving fans in the dark.

However, news about George’s continuous feud with David Muir wafted the end of the network as the two supposedly were at odds over the title of “chief-anchor.” Additionally, reports even claimed that George had threatened to sign up with a rival network in the irradiate of together altercations. However, a transaction was quickly reached, and George reportedly got a contract extension and also pay bang in 2021. Sources additionally claimed he would lead ABC’s break news coverage.


In august 2021, reports declared that George Stephanopoulos and co-host Robin Roberts had a autumn over different opinions about how ABC taken on sexual attack allegations versus Michael Corn. However, the matter was seemingly worked out before blow up, and also George preserved his position on ‘GMA.’ Moreover, while gift a part of ‘GMA,’ George’s new contract likewise led abc to beginning his very own production agency — George Stephanopoulos Productions — with which he will take on assorted projects through his wife.

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George’s contract likewise paved the way for him come host four prime-time specials top top the network each year. Additionally, in October 2021, George Stephanopoulos Productions announced two long-form unscripted documentaries, both of i beg your pardon are supposed to relax this year. Thus, recent developments along through George’s new contract confirmed that the esteemed hold is no leaving ‘Good Morning America’ at any time soon.