COUNTRY musician Garth Brooks has talked openly about his political affiliations come the media.

Brooks is collection to perform at President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration ~ above January 20 alongside pop star Lady Gaga and also singer Jennifer Lopez.

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US nation singer Garth Brooks has actually announced the will do at Joe Biden's inaugurationCredit: AFP or licensors

Is Garth Brooks a Republican or Democrat?

Fans have actually speculated about country star Garth Brooks' politics leanings because that years.

The Oklahoma aboriginal is a Republican and even joked about his politics affiliations as he revealed that will do at Democrat Biden's inauguration.

Brooks jokingly claimed he'd be the "the only Republican at the ceremony" top top January 20.

But in spite of his affiliation through the GOP, the country singer claimed his performance at Biden's inauguration won't be "a politics statement".


Garth Brooks identifies as a Republican however will carry out at Joe Biden's inaugurationCredit: AP:Associated Press

Brooks told reporters during a virtual push conference ~ above January 18: “It’s no Republican or Democrat.

"It’s a leader because that whom ns am the civilian that the greatest nation on the planet.

"Our job is to job-related as tough as we can for every one of us to have a better future than we had before."

Is Garth Brooks performing at the inauguration?

Gath Brooks embraced to do at Biden and also Harris' inauguration ~ above January 20.

The country music superstar said during a virtual push conference ~ above January 18: “This is a great day in ours household.

“This is not a politics statement. This is a statement of unity.”

"I've played for every president there is, due to the fact that Carter, through the exception of Reagan. This is one honor for me to acquire to serve." h

He added: "It's one of the points that, if my household is around, no matter who the president-elect is, it's an honor to be asked."

Garth Brooks attends "Garth Brooks: The road I'm On" story celebration in ~ The Bowery HotelCredit: Getty Images

Imminent first Lady Jill Biden invite Brooks to perform as the was among the performers at Barack Obama’s inauguration.

He was invite to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration in 2016 but he turned down the market citing a scheduling conflict.

Brooks will sign up with superstars Lady Gaga and also Jennifer Lopez top top the inauguration lineup.


Country music star Garth Brooks performs at the 48th ACM Awards in las VegasCredit: Reuters

Lopez is one of the country's most influential Latin artists.

She and also Shakira do headlines in 2020 as soon as they were the very first Latina duo to execute at the Super bowl Halftime Show.

Lady Gaga additionally previously worked with President-elect Joe Biden while he to be vice president.


US President-elect Joe Biden delivers remarks on his setup to carry out Covid-19 vaccines in ~ The Queen theatre in Wilmington, DelawareCredit: AFP or licensors

She operated with the Obama-Biden Administration, top top Biden’s 'It’s top top Us' campaign to deal with sexual attack on university campuses.

Both Gaga and JLo have been fervent pendant of the President-elect because he came to be the democratic nominee.

Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks attend the 2019 iHeartRadio Music AwardsCredit: Getty - Contributor

What is Garth Brooks' network worth?

Brooks is worth a whopping $400million according to CelebrityNetWorth.

By 2000, Brooks to be reportedly one of the many successful recording artists in the world.

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Brooks is married to fellow recording star and also television organize Trisha Yearwood that is precious $40million follow to Cheat Sheet.


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