Stream the Or Skip It: "The Ms. Pat Show" top top BET+, which Is sort Of choose If "Roseanne" to be Uncensored

The fallout from Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet on Tuesday has actually been rather a thing to behold, a chain of events unlike any kind of we’ve seen in TV history. After tweeting a racist insult around former chairman Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, alphabet canceled the Roseanne revival, Barr’s talent company dropped her as a client, and also Hulu and also plenty the cable networks pulled the present from your lineups (you can, however, tho stream the classic seasons ~ above Amazon’s prime Video).

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Through all of this, fans of the sitcom have done what they constantly do as soon as a present they love gets the ax: they host out hope the it’ll get picked up by one more network. It’s happened plenty of times in the past, many recently v Brooklyn Nine-Nine jumping native Fox to NBC and Last man Standing moving from abc to Fox. That last example, a right-leaning sitcom with an outspoken conservative in the command getting restored by Fox, has caused numerous to think that Roseanne is moving to Fox.

That’s no happening. Roseanne is not moving to Fox, also though there are human being that have actually tried to begin Twitter projects to to convince Fox to choose up the show. Barr herself has actually responded to those campaigns, usually saying “thanks yet no thanks.”

Barr, who frequently tweets the end disproven information and peddles conspiracy theories, has even discovered herself the topic of conspiracy theories around Roseanne obtaining picked up by Fox.


If you’re wonder if Netflix could pick increase Roseanne the same way they fix up shows prefer Arrested Development and Longmire, i wouldn’t organize out hope. Netflix used the conversation neighboring the cancelation to promote its very own show, One Day at a Time, touting it as being a an ext than decent replacement for those missing Roseanne.

OneDayAtATime is a sitcom around a tight-knit, working course family that tackles exceptionally topical social problems in a smart and innovative way. Ya know, if she suddenly in search of a display like that…

— Netflix united state (
There’s even less chance of Roseanne proceeding elsewhere due to the fact that ABC, at least as that a couple of days ago, to be still interested in doing business with pretty lot everyone else on Roseanne. Whether or no they’ll rush a totally new and separate show starring john Goodman and also Laurie Metcalf right into production remains unclear (and additionally super risky, together the fall TV season is just a few months away).

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So yeah, the looks prefer Roseanne is legit canceled, as in the isdone done, together in the is over. Fox isn’t choose it up, Netflix is throwing the shade at it, and also ABC might figure the end a means to put the remainder of the actors to work on a totally different show. That looks prefer if you want some unfiltered Roseanne, Twitter is the only location to find it.