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An American cable & satellite TV news channel, founded as a conservative counterpoint come CNN.

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Fox digital News has a right silverlakestyle.com Media prejudice Rating™.

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May 2021 Editorial Review: Fox News Moved native Lean ideal to Right

On might 19, 2021, the silverlakestyle.com team carried out an Editorial evaluation of Fox News, in i beg your pardon we relocated Fox indigenous Lean appropriate to Right. Fox News had actually been rated lean Right due to the fact that 2017, and a Nov. 2020 Blind predisposition Survey of Fox confirmed the Lean best rating when the mean rating throughout all bias groups was in between Center and Lean Right. 

During an Editorial Review, the silverlakestyle.com team — i m sorry includes civilization from the left, center, and right — reviews the functions of a media outlet and looks because that the common species of media bias. We then pertained to a general agreement on that bias.

The may 2021 Editorial review was carried out after members of ours news posting team had actually been noting enhanced sensationalism from Fox"s digital news after president Joe Biden"s inauguration in Jan. 2021. One team member noted that Fox News had actually reportedly fired 16 digital editors from its Digital room in Jan. 2021, which may have added to a transition in virtual content.

For this review, we looked at Fox News" homepage and also it US and politics sections only, not its opinion content. At the time, we rated Fox Opinion independently as Right. During the review, two team members who Lean Right and one that is in the center said Fox News is between Lean Right and also Right; all various other team members claimed Fox News deserves a best rating.

The team normally agreed Fox News runs a variety of sensationalist headlines and also that its story selection is right-wing. In many cases, we found the body text of the articles to be rather balanced or just stating the facts. We noted sensationalism in subheadlines that showed up in blue block on Fox News" homepage. Fox News occasionally used qualifiers to explain things in a an ext editorialized way, such as characterizing people or groups: "Squad member Talib", "the left-wing group", "terrorist organization Hamas." The team noticed a significant pro-Israel slant as we assessed news articles about the exchange that rockets in between Hamas and also Israel. An article around House members gift fined for no wearing masks didn"t interview the various other side, such together Nancy Pelosi or others that wanted Congress to save wearing them despite brand-new CDC guidelines. Us noticed short articles framing Vice chairman Kamala Harris negatively, and a title mentioning "disgraced Cuomo".

One team member v a skinny Left bias noted they were "pleasantly surprised" by Fox News" Jan. 6 Capitol riot storming coverage and Jan. 20 Biden inauguration coverage, as it to be neutral; a team member through a Center predisposition said Fox News "offers good quotes from both sides, however gives priority come GOP price quotes sometimes."

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Nov. 2020 Blind bias Survey Confirms Lean ideal Rating

An silverlakestyle.com Blind bias Survey in Nov. 2020 evidenced our lean Right bias rating because that Fox News. 2,285 civilization from throughout the politics spectrum ~ above average blindly rated content from Fox News as in between Center and Lean Right, though closer to skinny Right.

People on the left on mean rated Fox News together firmly skinny Right; human being in the center and on the appropriate rated Fox in between Center and also Lean Right. The average rating across all political teams was lean Right.

A plurality within all teams rated Fox as Lean Right. The second most common response across all groups was Center.

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2017: Fox News Media predisposition Rating™ move from best to lean Right

After conducting a 2017 Blind prejudice Survey, considering feedback native the silverlakestyle.com community, and undertaking one Editorial testimonial of Fox News ~ above Dec. 10, 2017, silverlakestyle.com change its initial media bias rating that Fox News from ideal to Lean appropriate in December 2017.

The majority of the silverlakestyle.com ar disagreed with our original predisposition rating of Fox News as "Right" (12,896 agreed and also 19,249 disagreed together of December 2017). Those who voted against the original rating encourage an typical rating the Lean appropriate for Fox News media bias, i m sorry aligned with observations made by the silverlakestyle.com editorial team. Further, outcomes from three blind prejudice surveys (in which participants read and rate the predisposition of headlines without understanding which source they belong to) also rated Fox together Lean Right, thus confirming the votes of the silverlakestyle.com community.

Fox News" media prejudice is still remarkable conservative, specifically in regards come story choice, but its biases space subtler when it concerns word choice, particularly when compared with sources favor Townhall, everyday Wire, and National Review.

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Separate Media predisposition Rating™ because that Fox News Opinion

After evaluating Fox News" Opinion/Editorial ar in 2018, it ended up being clear that its opinion pieces had a different predisposition than the news pages. silverlakestyle.com produced a different Media prejudice Rating™ for Fox News Opinion/Editorial. silverlakestyle.com Media prejudice Ratings™ delineate between news and opinion once there is a unique difference between the two.

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Fox News Media predisposition Rating prior to December 2017



Prior come 2017, silverlakestyle.com gave Fox News a bias rating that Right. Countless silverlakestyle.com users disagreed through the rating; those who disagreed gave Fox News an mean rating of skinny Right, and also closer to ideal than Center.

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Pew: Fox News Audience Makeup together of 2014

According to the 2014 Pew study Study, whereby News audiences Fit top top the political Spectrum, 46% of Fox News readers hosted political worths to the political right or right-of-center. 18% of Fox"s audience was left or left-of-center (compared with 38% of every respondents to the survey). Roughly 37% the Fox News" audience was considered mixed or facility (compared with 36% of all respondents to the survey).

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Third-Party Accusations the Bias

Fox News" TV network has actually long been accused of right-wing bias and of favoring the Republican Party, mostly by those on the left. Some have actually accused Fox of no occupying a "fact-based" reality, or being too focused on opinion content. Others, such together Media Matters for America, have actually accused Fox News that lying.

Following the 2020 presidential election, part news outlets on the right reported the Fox News was shedding support and viewership among the right, characterizing it together "an aggressive activity by some tv viewers to leave Fox News and also head come Newsmax TV," citing data indigenous Nielsen. Some, such together Conservative day-to-day News, chalked it approximately the network "prematurely phone call the presidential choice in donate of Joe Biden." Some provided Fox News was undergoing a "leftward shift" and no longer represented the American right.

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About Fox News

Fox News is a 24-hour news company founded in 1996 through Rupert Murdoch. The is a top five cable network and for end 14 years has been the most-watched news channel in America.

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Funding, Financing and also Ownership


Note: Funding and ownership is no taken into account once determining silverlakestyle.com Media bias Ratings™. When it"s true ownership and also financial interests can influence what goes come print, our predisposition ratings are determined by assessing the prejudice of content only. We administer financial and ownership details as one FYI to our readers.

Fox News is component of the Fox transfer Network, i beg your pardon is own by the Fox Corporation. The Fox transfer Network has Fox News and a chain of 28 neighborhood Fox television stations, among other media assets. The Fox copy, group is own by Rupert Murdoch. Rupert Murdoch is the owner that News Corp. News Corp. Is the owner of hundreds of national and also international publishing outlets including The wall Street Journal, Fox News, and also many other outlets.

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