Generated an ext than $400 million within simply 18 months after launching their website.A tailor-made Instagram brand v over 20M total followers on three various accounts. The worth of Fashion Nova’s social media exposure is an ext than the of H&M and also Zara combined.Partners with an ext than 3,000 high-profile celebrities and top Instagram influencers favor Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and also Amber Rose.

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Sure, you surprised by these numbers, but are you really all the shocked?

If the answer is no, this will certainly shake friend to her core…

Last year, Google released its 2018 Year in find report, which proved that Fashion Nova is the most Googled fashion brand the 2018.


While her go-to budget fashion fave stands at the height of the list, timeless classic giants like Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Givenchy adhered to in second, third, and also fourth place for search. Brands prefer Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Moschino ranked in the remaining top 10 spots.

That defines why Fashion Nova gets a huge variety of website traffic: 15M monthly visits every month — much higher than these luxe names I pointed out above.


Best of all…

Fashion Nova achieves the optimal spot by not doing any traditional marketing choose others.

It method that “There to be no runway show, no interviews, no press releases, no placements in magazines, and also nothing with traditional marketing projects or SEO tactics.” — said Richard Saghian, Founder & CEO of the fashion blockbuster.

To figure out specifically how Fashion Nova has grown so rapid that castle beat the end fashion’s biggest luxe names, I totally decoded their organization & marketing strategy in this blog post.

It’s the many strategic and detailed analysis you’ve ever before found around Fashion Nova on the Internet.

Now, sit tight, sip her coffee nice and also slow because you’re walking to find out the finest strategies native the most Googled fashion brand in the world.

Table that Content

Who (or What) is Fashion Nova? The “One Thing” Strategy: The strategy behind all techniques at Fashion Nova. Influencer Marketing Pyramid: just how influencers bring Fashion Nova’s famous growth. Over-priced fashion is dead. That time because that ultra-fast fashion.

Who (or What) is Fashion Nova?

I believe I don’t have to say much about this.

Because Fashion Nova is the viral clothes brand and a social media phenomenon the you can’t prevent hearing around in the past couple of years — and for great reason.

Fashion Nova has been based in Los Angeles, CA since 2006. With only 5 physical shop scattered throughout Southern California, its worldwide insane popularity is the an outcome of its work with high-profile influencers and also its speed at transporting trend-led pieces.

Currently, the brand has over 20 million Instagram followers and also an exponentially farming rate the 600% year end year.

The brand makes bona fide apparel, accessories and beauty service that’s attracted women with body measurements that don’t always fit within standard sizing.

Its target audience is women v shapes prefer Belcalis Almanzar, also known together Cardi B, or Blac Chyna — who have actually bulbous hips, ring butts and spindle-like waists.


Fashion Nova’s apparel is revealing, tight, barely-there streetwear and club attire — but the agency is not.

Richard Saghian — the millionaire Founder behind the fashion empire — largely avoids the spotlight as lot as he can. He hardly ever does interviews. The partly since being interviewed renders him uncomfortable.

He even dismisses the idea the a portrait picture for the very small variety of interviews he accepted to join.

Till now, over there are only two memorable things about him we’ve found on the Internet:

The other memorable thing…Saghian as soon as boasted that: “Fashion Nova is the fastest-growing women’s apparel company in the world.”

And i think he has a point around that.

The “One Thing” Strategy: The strategy behind all tactics at Fashion Nova

Let’s define the strategy first.

“One Thing” strategy: you can accomplish anything if you emphasis on ONE point at a time.

At some allude in life, friend & I, have the right to all relate to a situation that ours desires are constantly changing. We pursue brand-new things before we achieve old goals.

We’re managing an invisible pressure that is constantly trying to confused us. Rather of concentrating on one thing at a time, we collection multiple goals, and think we have the right to multitask ourselves to achieving them.” – Darius Foroux.

The important component here is: the matters much less with the number that goals you set, and also matters much more with the way you choose to execute those goals. Yes, you can attain a most things… yet just no at the exact same time.

Source: Darius Foroux

It’s a time-tested strategy it is been mutual by many successful people. And this time the proven through the Founder the Fashion Nova as soon as again.

Richard Saghian uses the “One Thing” strategy come every area the his business. From the circulation channel, marketing strategy, to business’s goal and mission, etc.

1. Focus on one distribution channel

Saghian insurance claims Fashion Nova’s physical shop have come to be tourist destinations in California. Yet he has actually no desire to open up up a huge flashy flagship store on Melrose or everywhere else for the matter.

At the Burbank Town facility Mall, the Fashion Nova store, i m sorry is about 3,000 square feet, isn’t picturesque or fancily decorated — think a lower-budget Rainbow or H&M because that instance. But that doesn’t seem to issue with Saghian in ~ all.

I had a goal of opened 100 stores across the U.S. Once I first started the business, yet the effort it takes to launch a store is far harder than it is to rise revenue online,” stated Saghian.

He added, “Why open up up more stores once I can literally open up up to more countries — with less effort?

So rather of structure out flashy brick-and-mortar stores, he and also his team specialized their energy on building the brand’s society media presence — especially top top Instagram.

By updating their feed every 30 minutes and also executing influencer marketing fluently, Fashion Nova i do not care the Instagram blockbuster the every eCommerce brand dreams of.


Richard Saghian establish the power of Instagram really early on.

Celebrities like Kehlani, Kylie Jenner and also Cardi B have readjusted the method customers react through advertisements and also sponsored articles with an really feeling.

Their detailed strategy around how they use Instagram and influencer marketing to acquire the many traction will certainly be revealed in the next component of this story. And also it’s gonna it is in good.

2. Emphasis on one score at a time

Folks said: “Profits are the only organization of business.”

But Saghian said differently.

A most my competitors have groups that occupational on a budget all day and are obsessed with profit margins,” claimed Saghian. “I don’t desire to focus on that ideal now. I believe that as lengthy as we emphasis on offering the finest product in ~ the ideal price and getting it to our client fast, we will proceed to grow.”

He common that the only emphasis of the firm right currently is “getting as many world onto the platform together possible.” No matter the cost.

Keep reading, I’ll define why he dubbed his company a ‘platform’ in the later component of this blog post. It’s one of his an enig sauces to operation a madness successful clothes brand.

3. An essential takeaway

You deserve to have many goals, many strategies, however just select ONE point to emphasis at a time.

You can’t develop an digital store, promote it via social media, magazines, emails, billboards or trade shows, etc. At the exact same time — especially once you’re just starting out and having a short budget. However you can test all those points in a service lifetime. As lengthy as friend don’t take it it also slow.

The an essential is: If you witnessed something works for your business, remain true to it. Store doing it and also develop the as much as friend can.

Just like exactly how Poo~Pourri uses the hilarious and also magical layout for their before-to-go-toilet sprays since 2013. Or exactly how Levi’s takes the sustainability element into every campaign they run and also make that the main core value for their brand in… a century — as I’ve mentioned in our previous expansion stories.

Remember: nothing be afraid to set goals and also aim for great things. Just accomplish one point after another.

Influencer Marketing Pyramid: exactly how influencers bring Fashion Nova’s viral growth

In 2018, Fashion Nova to be Instagram’s top-performing brand in influencer marketing based upon Earned-Media value (EMV), follow to InfluencerDB.

On the EMV chart, the brand stands first at $125.2 million, brands such together Zara and also H&M come afterward at 59.5m and also 39.1m.


Celebrity and mega influencer endorsements room one key factor to their success, and the brand is popular for your close participation with high-profile celebs like Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, and also Amber Rose.

Besides that, they’re additionally joining hands with thousands of micro-influencers and NovaBabes (it’s what Fashion Nova called their fans) to complete their marketing strategy.

1. Close partnerships through mega influencers

Fashion Nova has actually built an entire empire approximately a large network the influencers. Very couple of brands are able to do the same.

It’s a an overwhelming thing come coordinate and execute well. Because getting handfuls of society influencers to all work toward the very same goal, through the same general branding style, is no straightforward feat.


Fashion Nova’s partnering with a network that 3000–5000 society media influencers who have actually a big following ~ above Instagram.

These influencers produce content on society media the looks no various than the content they would otherwise post on a day-to-day basis.

The only exemption is they are wearing a piece of Nova’s clothes, and also sometimes — in the subtitle – lock are offering their own distinct discount code (which Fashion Nova can use to monitor conversions).


Fashion Nova as watched on Kylie Jenner


Cardi B blended a $40 pair of jeans from Fashion Nova with her Versace blouse

And if you companion with a mega influencer whose family is additionally full the celebs favor Kylie Jenner, the society media exposure is occasionally doubled without…no extra work:

Kylie’s brother, Rob, loves poking funny at his sister


That’s the extra sales thrust to Fashion Nova in a few days after ~ a single promotion photograph was post on Kylie’s Instagram. Saghian told The reduced in 2017: “A short article from Kylie’s web page is much better than any type of Super bowl ad.”

Let’s imagine…with 3,000 influencers — including Cardi B, Blac Chyna, Kourtney Kardashian and also Nicki Minaj — create around 6,000 piece of content around the brand each month, it’s not surprising the Fashion Nova come to be a social media phenomenon and also the #1 popular brand ~ above Instagram.

Quick question: have the right to you clues a pattern among those photos take away by Fashion Nova’s influencers?

Those celebrities room not featured in skilled photoshoots, rather they room paid to take it unprofessional picture or also mirror selfies — with their very own smartphone or camera — to develop an authentic feeling of style.

This method works to make the advertisement show up natural and genuine, even when the celebrity has actually been paid a an excellent sum that money for your post.

When Fashion Nova reposts a celebrities’ advertisement picture on their own page, the number of likes is raised up to roughly 80K top top a solitary post.


Fashion Nova as watched on Valérie Cossette

And you understand what…celebrities favor Cardi B were paid $20,000 per month to wear Fashion Nova and promote that to she 46 million-and-counting-followers.

But wait…You’re thinking: “I don’t have actually thousands that dollars to occupational with A-list influencers prefer that!

Good news: you don’t have to spend a substantial sum that money on influencer marketing. In fact, a pertinent influencer marketing strategy is to think about the influencer market as…a pyramid. Similar to how Fashion Nova does.

2. A failure of Fashion Nova’s use of influencer marketing

They use a model referred to as Influencer Marketing Pyramid.

Much favor Maslow’s power structure of needs, the Influencer Marketing Pyramid is a motivational concept in marketing comprising a four-tier version of influencer marketing, often defined as ordered levels within a pyramid.

The Pyramid divides consumers into four various levels. From height to bottom, the passion and interest because that a object decrease, when the dimension of the audience increases.


Source: InfluencerDB

This design helps specify a methodology and also an design to target your content and media efforts.

To much better illustrate the model, I breakdown Fashion Nova’s influencer marketing strategy right into a pyramid favor this:


Fashion Nova’s 4 levels of influence:

The shortest level — I understand IT: This is the largest team of the pyramid. This level assembles all Fashion Nova’s followers and consumers that buy fashion because that the benefits of needing to get dressed, however without any type of actual attention in the fashion pieces they buy. They carry out hardly monitor Fashion Nova’s trends and their format revolves an ext around “I should buy something” than “I want to buy this piece”.Level 2 — I prefer IT: This group consists of thousands of #NovaBabe — who’re superfans that the brand. NovaBabes room consciously mindful of your interest with the brand, spend time consuming it and might even see it together their hobby. They’re proactively posting pictures around them wearing Nova’s items on social media because that a opportunity to gain featured top top the page.


Before we jump to the two greatest levels the the pyramid, permit me describe this allude further. Since it’s yes, really worth noticing.

Instagram opens up a new era that young men and also women — the generation who needs to it is in seen, heard and validated — go to show off their best sides come the world.

And Fashion Nova’s success lies in that.

It lies in the brand’s willingness to provide their fans — the possibility to re-superstructure posts, acquire attention & validation from millions of people around the world.

They encourage their followers to take it provocative mirror selfies to showcase the clothing, i m sorry is not a method used by numerous fashion brands such together Zara and H&M.

By this way, Fashion Nova has gained its own group of highly loyal brand ambassadors and also advertisers literally…for free.

Photos that #NovaBabe


Level 3 — I LOVE IT: Assembles those influencers that depict fashion together their favorite hobby and their best passion. These influencers wear Fashion Nova to isolation themselves indigenous others and also have substantial taste and expertise in the topic. They invest a details amount of time & initiative to encourage Fashion Nova. They have the right to be both macro influencers who have paid and micro influencers — who get complimentary items indigenous Fashion Nova on a weekly/ monthly basis — to perform this.


Level 4 — I LIVE IT: ~ above the highest level, Fashion Nova find the absolute professionals in a topic, who live and breathe Nova’s style and also best highlight their visual. And you may guess, Fashion Nova join hands v the American Rapper Cardi B even prior to she becomes a signed artist. Today Cardi B is taken into consideration as among the driving forces for Fashion Nova’s paid and also organic mentions. It is estimated that every of her short articles delivers approximately $128,198 earn Media value for the brand.


We to be doing well before Cardi, but she definitely gave us some legitimacy,” said Saghian, Fashion Nova’s Founder & CEO. “She is just one of our favorite partners because when she talks about Fashion Nova, she speaks from the heart.”

Cardi B provides a signature statement through Fashion Nova. She constantly states that she choose the low-budget Fashion Nova over designer brands due to the fact that it fits so well v her human body measurements.

It turned the end that this budget plan lifestyle satellite well v her audience and also Fashion Nova also transformed right into a marketing campaign with Cardi B’s famed quote:

I might buy designer but that #FashionNova fit.


See the full video here

The quote shows up in the text of Cardi’s brand-new song at that time — She Bad.

And right after that, Kylie post a photo of she wearing a Fashion Nova’s black color jumper ~ above Instagram — with Cardi B’s lyrics in a caption:


3. An essential takeaway

It is not necessary that the influencers with the biggest follower base will be most reliable for a brand’s promotion.

Sometimes micro-influencers can provide brands a much better promotional boost, as compared to the huge names.

Multiple number of strategically put micro-influencers can carry out a decent amount of essential brand and also media value, upon consolidation.

You may not know: “Marketers have actually noticed that once an account is over a specific size, however, fewer world bother to communicate questioning the value of a multimillion military of fans.The proportion of likes and comments to followers peaks when an account reaches about 1,000 followers.” – Sidney Pierucci

Get more than 100,000 followers, then engagement starts come flatten out. The audience simply isn’t crawl to interact with a large celebrity compared to communicate with who they deserve to relate to an ext closely.

Remember: start small, then scale.

Over-priced fashion is dead. It’s time for ultra-fast fashion.

Saghian when said: “Over-priced fashion is dead.”

And he has actually a suggest when saying that.

Fashion Nova verified it right once it beats out all luxe names favor Versace, Gucci, Dior, D&G and Louis Vuitton to come to be the many Googled fashion brand in the world.

Mostly since retail is dying, killed off by eCommerce and a post-recession preference for experiences over things.

Young men and also women are currently both into quick or even ultra-fast fashion choose Fashion Nova. Why? they’re super basic to get. And also how straightforward it is? To describe this, stop talk around Fashion Nova’s organization model first.

The Platform business Model

There are two renowned models in the company world today: Pipeline and Platform.

Pipeline is the one that dominant since most fashion brands are using that model to run their business.They create stuff, push them out and also sell them come customers. The core worth is produced by the product itself and also it represents because that the entirety company.

For example: We see pipes everywhere. TV, Radios and also Blogs space pipes spewing out contents at us. Our education system is a pipe where teachers push out their understanding to children.

Unlike pipes, Platforms do not simply create and also push stuff out.

They allow users to create and also consume worth themselves. It has actually resulted in a facility relationship in which producers, consumers, and also the platform itself go into into a variable set of relationships.” (Parker, van Alstyne and Choudary, 2016 p.6).

Competition is no much longer only over who provides a better product, however increasingly over who builds a far better platform.


Source: Praxent

Saghian is making use of Platform to operation Fashion Nova.

Much like Facebook, Uber, Alibaba — the score of Fashion Nova is to create communities and also markets with network effects that allow consumers come interact and also transact.

Consider the situation at Fashion Nova: Network results occur as soon as Fashion Nova becomes an ext valuable as much more people purchase & use it.

Simply put, if you are wearing Fashion Nova and also no one rather of her friends or household is, Fashion Nova has very little value. As more of your friends and also family to buy & wear Nova’s items, the an ext valuable the brand becomes to yourself.

And to develop network results like that, you’ll require as many people to authorize up or go into the platform as possible. The more, the merrier.


Saghian executes this strategy by make the garments super basic to obtain with two necessary advantages:

1. On height of them, gift so cheap that everyone have the right to buy

Fashion Nova items are surprisingly affordable — compared to a item of designer clothes.

A pair of blue jeans costs about $40 ~ above Fashion Nova’s site. Shoes space priced between $30 and $55. Dresses have the right to be found for together low as $28, and no an ext than $50. Plus, there’s always a revenue or discount password to take benefit of.

This absent bottom prices the come along with its speedy fulfillment steady situate Fashion Nova amongst the likes of various other fast-fashion giants, such as Forever 21, H&M, Mango, and also Zara.


2. Deliver trends faster than fast-fashion brands

Saghian likes to say he’s turned fast fashion into ultra-fast fashion through Fashion Nova.

Note: “Fast fashion deserve to be identified as cheap, trendy clothing, that samples principles from the catwalk or celebrity society and transforms them into clothes in high street stores at breakneck speed.” — an excellent On You.

Over 600 brand-new items room released each week on its website.

It’s necessary to have actually a many styles since our customers write-up so lot online and also need brand-new clothes. We don’t want girls showing up to the club in the very same outfit. We require 50 different denim jackets. Not just one.” Saghian said WWD.


Fashion Nova’s ability to speed up the supply chain because of its access to end 1,000 manufacturers, many of which space located locally right in the Los Angeles area.

Saghian said WWD the it takes the agency just 48 hours to design and also manufacture a product.

After 48 hours, the items are ready to it is in shot top top models — who’re in the office from Monday to Friday to pose in the 600 items Fashion Nova releases each week.

This consistent newness keeps customers coming back frequently to Fashion Nova, since they don’t desire to miss out on a single trend.

The adversary works hard however Fashion Nova works harder”, review one famous tweet through screenshots that the brand’s products. That was liked by practically 96,000 civilization on Twitter.


Key takeaway

If friend haven’t invested at least the same initiative on the company model as on the product, you space only fifty percent prepared for the real world of organization today. It’s difficult to win by doing fifty percent the job, especially if that’s the easier half.

Defining one wisely, you gain 50% possibility to win.

It’s Fashion Nova’s expansion story. Now, that time because that yours.

Fashion Nova is defying a slump in fast-fashion sector by transforming it to ultra-fast fashion.

They’re release 600 brand-new looks every week and also harnessing an military of 3,000 Instagram influencers approximately the world.

The brand has actually perfectly enforcement the art of instant gratification for a very specific customer persona: young men and women. The generation that consumes contents on Instagram, know their angles and also follow fashion trends from celebrities favor the Kardashian – Jenners rather than fashion magazines or designer runways.

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Now, mine dear friend, using this Fashion Nova’s growth story together your inspiration, you deserve to make this year your ideal year ever, whatever your goal is. Who knows, maybe following year, her own service journey will certainly inspire us to write an additional eCommerce success story choose this.