June 16, 2021 - 10:24 BST Gemma solid confidence Hill and also husband Tim McGraw storage happy household news v Tim share photos on Instagram

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw had every factor to memory this week. The couple, who have actually been married because 1996, room the proud parents to three daughters - and also it was their middle child Maggie who put a large smile ~ above their encounters this week.

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Tim, 54, required to Instagram come share 4 photos that 22-year-old Maggie and also revealed the reason for the family"s festivities.

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"We are so extremely proud of our Maggie May!!!!"he wrote. "She graduated from her Masters program at Stanford university this weekend and also what a celebration!!!

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"I have actually such admiration because that her work-related ethic, her fierce love of she family and especially her passion to do the human being a much better place..... Go acquire em my sweet girl!!!! Proud Pop!"

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Proud dad Tim commemorated Maggie"s accomplishment on Instagram

Maggie"s success was conveniently applauded by Tim"s followers and also famous friends. "WOOHOO!! so happy because that you, Maggie!"wrote Reese Witherspoon, if Rita Wilson added: "Fear the Tree! Congratulations Maggie! You"ve operated so hard!!!"Gwyneth Paltrow simply wrote "WOW!"along with a red love love emoji.

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Country stars Faith, 53, and Tim have actually one the the music industry"s most enduring love stories. They fell for every other as soon as she was an opening act on his Spontaneous burning tour in 1996, and also by October that same year, they were married.

Faith and also Tim have actually been married because 1996

Shortly afterwards, lock announced they to be expecting their very first child together, daughter Gracie. The pair are currently the proud parents to three girls: Gracie, 24, Maggie, 22, and Audrey, 19.

In one interview with men"s lifestyle website Leo in March, Tim spoke about being the only guy in the house.

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The couple share three daughters together

"Well, i am outnumbered! My home is full of estrogen,"he said. "I cry in ~ Hallmark commercials. But here is what the fact of the issue is. You know, I’ve get an impression up v all sisters and also my mom. I didn"t really have actually a dad roughly much, and also when i did have one around, they weren"t the best function models.

"My daughters and also my wife and also having a house complete of females -and gift the sort of guy"s man that ns am, approximately doing the points I favor to execute -sometimes ns think myself more macho 보다 I am for sure. Yet they have actually made me such a better man. They make me see points in a various way. They teach me so much more about life, about how to it is in a man."