Four periods after start her cohosting insignificant on The Talk, Eve is walking far from the CBS daytime show.

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This Monday, the 41-year-old rapper, whose complete name is Eve Jihan Jeffers Cooper, announced her decision to leaving The speak at the finish of 2020. If calling right into the display from London, whereby she and also her husband of 6 years, Maximillion Cooper, live part-time, night expressed gratitude for having actually the opportunity to cohost the display remotely the past few months.

"I’ve to be so grateful that I’m able come stay below in London and also do the show. But I can’t see, because that me, the foreseeable future of traveling ago at the moment, and have determined at the finish of December, this will more than likely be my last time top top the present in this capacity as a host," night shared.

She then went on to joke the she "wished she hated" among her Talk cohosts — a.k.a. Sheryl Underwood, Sharon Osbourne or Carrie Ann Inaba — but since she doesn"t, the decision to leave is "one that the hardest in the world."

"I have had the many beautiful experience," night gushed to she costars around her time on the show. "I’ve grown together a woman, together a person. I’ve stated it once, I’ll to speak it again: I never ever thought the being top top a talk present would it is in this lot of an opening of mine spirit, soul, personality, everything. Sit onstage through all you women has actually been the best thing ever. Ns truly love you."


Why is night leaving The Talk in ~ the end of 2020?

Eve"s exit comes less than 2 months ~ Marie Osmond exited the daytime present after one season. Earlier then, unconfirmed rumors swirled that behind-the-scenes drama between Sharon, Marie and also Sheryl brought about Marie"s "ousting," in spite of CBS citing Marie"s various other projects together the reason.

But by the sound that things, night is walking away from her cohosting gig sans any kind of drama. Her factor for leaving? She desires to spend more time through her husband and focus on farming their family (Max has four youngsters from a ahead marriage).

Eve has talked candidly about her and also her husband"s infertility struggles on The Talk. Back in might 2019, the award-winning artist gained real around her feelings of inadequacy and also shame end the pair"s challenges.

"As a woman, you just think things happen naturally and also I felt prefer I to be damaged," eve said. "I felt favor I to be broken. I felt like, "Oh well, possibly I’m not good enough.""

Despite your struggles, eve told Sheryl the she and her husband space "working ~ above it" again. In the while though, Eve will be savoring every Talk memory made till her exit at the end of the year — especially the ones do on her date of birth episode next Tuesday.

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"Oh yeah, that"s right, I"m not leaving prior to my birthday!"Eve told her cohosts."I am not leaving yet."

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