Eric Stonestreet requirements no introduction. In the course of 11 seasons, the Modern Family gibbs redefined our concepts of what marriage can entail. When his character, Cam, might have remained in a permanent relationship v the ideal husband ever before Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), the actor’s really life and also his love story are much different.

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Cam and also Mitch were among the most relatable couples on television. Your hilarious crashes and obscure adventures resonated with countless viewers. They likewise operated through a loose, laid-back understanding of what parenting requires — it's hard to select which is the weirdest ar they ever before left Lily in ~ by accident, but the launderette ("The Wedding") and the soft drink device ("The so late Show") are strong contenders because that the title.

Regardless, they did offer genuine, somewhat slanted, and also 100 percent hilarious portrayals the the ups and also downs of what a relationship involves.

Now, earlier to Eric's partnership in actual life. Yet convenient it would certainly be to assume the the gibbs shares numerous traits through his on-screen character, the genuine story concerning his love life is a far exit from his on-screen tendencies.

Here's a failure of all of the recognized details.


Does Eric Stonestreet have a wife or girlfriend? He just got involved to his longtime love, Lindsay Schweitzer!

In 2017, Eric started dating Lindsay Schweitzer, a nurse he met throughout a big Slick charity event in Kansas City in 2016. Although the pair have usually been reasonably tight-lipped concerning the details of their relationship, they common the happy news ~ above Aug. 22, 2021, the they are ultimately engaged.

Taking come Instagram, Eric shared a couple of images of the 2 embracing captioned with "She said, 'She’d have actually her human being call my people,'" utilizing his signature humor and wit come convey the the two room engaged.

The article was flooded v comments from supportive fans, friends, and family members, all plainly ecstatic come hear the news.

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The likes of Hillary Scott, Vernon Davis, Michael Bublé, Zachary Levi, will certainly Sasso, and even ex-lover Bethenny Frankel were amongst the famed names in the comments under the joyful post. Bethenny, who has actually been a longtime supporter of Eric and his work, shared her excitement by creating "YES" in every caps under the photos.

Eric previously gushed around Lindsay in 2017, informing Ellen DeGeneres at the moment that date a nurse helps once you space a self-proclaimed hypochondriac. "She calms me — she calms mine nerves," that explained, every People. "I’m a really high-strung person."

A source told the outlet about the same time, "They are very happy to have actually met each other. They’re enjoy it spending time together."

Congratulations to Eric and also Lindsay on your engagement!

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