Enrique Iglesias and also Anna Kournikova room one celebrity pair who even their best fans don’t understand too lot about. The pair started dating practically two decades earlier but since we listen so small about lock some have wondered over the year if they were also still together.

That question was answered once they ended up being parents in 2017. But fans have actually plenty of various other questions about the Spanish singer and retired tennis star. Right here are the answers to if they decided to acquire hitched and also how many children they have actually today.

Anna Kournikova and also Enrique Iglesias | john Parra/WireImage

When Iglesias and also Kournikova very first met

Kournikova and also Iglesias met earlier in 2001 when the Russian beauty remained in his music video clip for the track “Escape.” their chemistry then to be undeniable come anyone on set or the town hall the video clip and they began dating.

In 2002, they do their official debut together a couple when castle walked the carpet with each other at the MTV video Music Awards. However, castle did not attend many more red carpet events together after ~ that but were spotted native time come time on dinner dates and vacationing in the Caribbean.

Rumors of a an enig wedding shortly started swirling many thanks to some bling Kournikova to be sporting.

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Are they married now?

In 2004, rumors that the to sing sensation and then-tennis agree hit a heat pitch after ~ Kournikova was photographed ~ above the court because that the human being Team Tennis complement with a enormous diamond ring top top that finger.

While anyone was buzzing around a possible an enig ceremony in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, sources close to Kournikova denied that she and Iglesias had wed. However, reports that they stated “I do” continued to follow them for years till they each began expressing your views ~ above marriage.

In 2008, Kournikova declared she had actually no plans come marry her beau yet everything was still great between them. Iglesias likewise spoke about not emotion the have to tie the knot.

“I’ve never ever really thought marital relationship would do a difference,” that told Parade in 2012. “Maybe it’s because I come from divorced parents, however I don’t think you love somebody much more because of a piece of paper.”

The “Be v You” artist reiterated the again in 2018 and also said lock were no married.

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The truth is if Iglesias and also Kournikova ever did obtain walk down the aisle we’d more than likely never hear around it because they prefer to store what walk on in their partnership under wraps.