Elizabeth Vargas is an American television journalist, screenwriter, and newscaster. She is ideal known together a co-anchor of the American Broadcasting firm (ABC) news programs World News Tonight (2000-2014) and 20/20 (2004-2017). Elizabeth is ambitious, outspoken, and ready to kick turn off the next chapter of her life through a tiny fun in the OC. She is the writer the 20/20 (2008) and producer that The Untold story (2019). She is likewise best recognized for gift married come Grammy award-winning singer Marc Cohn.

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Elizabeth Vargas Net Worth

American journalist Elizabeth Vargas has actually an approximated net precious of $6 million and also a value of $750 thousand.

She started her broadcasting career working for WOMU-TV when she to be at University during the 1980s. She functioned for WBBM-TV in Chicago for 4 years. Later on she functioned for NBC News in 1993, serving as a correspondent and also sub anchor.

She served as a newsreader for Good Morning America in the year 1996. She then came to be the weekend anchor because that World News tonight (2000-2014).

In November 2003, Vargas became the anchor that WNT Sunday. Till late 2017, She organized multiple specials on ABC and co-anchored 20/20 (2004-2017). After ~ working two decades at ABC, she retired in December that 2017.

She has appeared in TV series like 20/20 (1978), Scandal (2013), Designated Survivor (2016), Life and Graves in 2017. She appeared in the TV collection Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood (2008), Inside Edition (2015), The Nineties (2017), The 2000s (2018), Trial by Media (2020), and Entertainment Tonight (2015-2021).

She is the writer the 20/20 (2008) and producer of The Untold story (2019).

She has actually nominated for an Emmy award for her 20/20 investigation into the wrongful conviction the Betty Tyson in 1998. She has actually won an Emmy award for she coverage the the Elián González story in 1999. 

Who to be Elizabeth Vargas Married To?

Elizabeth Vargas to be married come Marc Cohn before getting divorce in 2014.

Elizabeth Vargas and Marc Cohn got married top top 20 July 2002. Marc is a singer and also songwriter. That was previously married and also had two children, Max and also Emily.


They had an affair while Vargas remained in rehab in 1999. After dating for 3 years, the pair got married in 2002.

The duo welcomed their first child, Zachary Raphael Cohn, ~ above 31 January 2003 and also was blessed with a 2nd child, Samuel Wyatt Cohn, on 16 respectable 2006.

In November 2013, Vargas had moved come rehab for the therapy of alcoholism. She had actually an alcohol addiction, and also she revealed herself together an alcoholic on 24 January 2014.

It to be rumored that her then-husband, Marc started an affair v a shared friend, Ruth Zukerman, when Elizabeth remained in rehab. Marc and Ruth were spotted when they dined in ~ a restaurant close to Flywheel’s Flatiron studio, just after Vargas left rehab. While she reverted from rehab, she acquired to recognize that her husband has planned to divorce her.

She had relapsed 3 times and was doing an additional stint in rehab as soon as Cohn hired a divorce lawyer without telling her around the separation plan.

He refuse the rumor of having an affair through Ruth and also said the they had long-standing worries exist in their relationship. As reported through DailyMail, Marc said that that has constantly supported Elizabeth in the past and will continue to be, nevertheless of the long-standing issues in your relationship. 

Elizabeth told human being that;

"I watch at that interview and I look at stunned. Ns feel because that that variation of me because I know looking at myself that you’re around to walk home and also find the end your husband wants a divorce."

She additionally said that

“We both love our children and also we will certainly be in every other’s stays for the rest of ours lives since of these two remarkable boys. I think us both focus on that.”

 After being together for 12 years, the pair got divorce in 2014 and also agreed to their sons' share custody.

Who Is Elizabeth Vargas? Parents

American tv journalist Elizabeth Vargas was born top top 6 September 1962 in Paterson, new Jersey. 58 year old Elizabeth to be born Elizabeth ann Vargas.

Her parents have Swedish, Irish, and also German ancestry. Her father, Rafael Vargas, is a Puerto Rican and also has functioned as a colonel in the U.S. Army. Her mother, anne Vargas, is one Irish-American.

She sought her Bachelor's degree in journalism indigenous the college of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, USA, in 1984.

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Concerning her physical appearance, Vargas stands in ~ the elevation of 5 feet and 6 inch (1.68m).